Life Of An Xbox 360 Kiosk In Japan

By Spencer . December 8, 2009 . 11:49am

Yodobashi Camera has a megastore in electronics haven Akihabara with an Xbox 360 kiosk inside their video game department. My Game News Flash examined the display over the year with a tongue firmly in cheek report.



In March 2009, a boot for Disaster Report 3, a PSP game from Irem, was put right in front of it.


image image

Wow, look at that crowd in September! What are all of those people doing there?



Ah, downloading Dragon Quest IX data from a DS Station.



Here’s the display in October, used to promote Halo 3: ODST… with a broken screen.



Later in October, the Xbox 360 area was pushed into a corner… behind books.


image image

A crowd showed up in November, but not to watch Dragon Ball: Raging Burst trailers. All of those kids are participating in a Beyblade tournament.



Now, in December the Xbox 360 booth has been replaced with a New Super Mario Bros. Wii display. Ouch.


The “report” is told jokingly, but it still has a point. Retailers in Japan don’t give the Xbox 360 much exposure. This is a change of pace from a few years ago when games like Lost Odyssey, Ace Combat 6 and Tales of Vesperia were on the market. Promotional materials used to advertise those games and the Xbox 360 were prominently positioned in places that weren’t occluded by Disaster Report 3.

  • ECM

    Xbox 360: the Rodney Dangerfield of game consoles.

  • Man I hope Cave finally start porting their games to the PS3. Maybe they’d get decent sales for once!

    • Or maybe the Japanese could give the poor 360 a chance. =( [Mainstream that is, there is already quite a niche crowd but we all know that doesn’t sell systems]

      • Aoshi00

        bastards… can’t they see that Dream Club >> DQIX, drunk girls singing karaoke ftw (I recently ordered a copy, lol..) Well, I would still be giving my 360 some love w/ Espgaluda II / Ketsui, which hopefully would be region free again since my US 360 is much quieter. Also Blue Dragon 2 (none of that DS crap…) and better yet Lost Odyssey 2, where are you :(? Such great RPGs…

    • Code

      Maan 100% agreed, I wish they’d port a bunch of shmups that 360 has gotten, to the PS3 T__T” rar, I want Senko no Ronde (played it recently and loved it) and more.

    • malek86

      That wouldn’t be advisable. Shmups can only sell so much, regardless of their platform. So you have to keep development costs as low as you can. And the 360 has gained kind of a niche following which is going to buy pretty much all the stuff like that.Also, I think Sony is partly blame too. I read that, for some reason, they didn’t allow Ketsui to be ported on PS3.

      • Code

        rar, I dunno if it’s any more advisable putting shmups, a fairly Japanese favored genre, on the least popular console in Japan either, especially when half the time it’s even questionable if they’ll make it to America with it’s much beefier 360 market. The only reason there’s a niche market for them on 360, is because they’ve made it that way, it could have been done with any console, it just happened to be 360 (I suppose it initially started because of 360 falling in the middle, being cheaper to print games, then PS3, but still having the enough power to play them, over the Wii).

        As far as development costs, I guess that all depends on how expensive it is to convert a 360 game into a PS3 game, versus branching out and tapping a second market. rar, plus it’d make it a world friendly for global shmup players, since it’d no longer be a question of, if a shmup will make it outside Japan, as PS3 being regional free would make importing them a snap >w<!

      • A point, you have one.

    • Kris

      I’d appreciate it!

  • ShinGundam

    Poor 360

  • maybe there is room just for one HD and one SD console =.=

    • Aoshi00

      I think sadly that is the case..

    • maxchain

      Who keeps putting all the shmups on the other one?!

  • Marcus70

    It’s a shame.Microsoft hasn’t announced even one exclusive JRPG for 2010, to help their own cause. I can think only one multiplatform JRPG title coming out there too, End of Eternity (by Sega).

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    It only makes sense that the X360 doesn’t get much exposure anymore, considering that there’s nothing to appeal to Japanese taste right now. Nothing you couldn’t get on PS3 at least. So why bother with the biggest Halo banner in the world and an enormous booth when even a small poster for some RPG (Dragon Quest, Pokemon, you name it) would get all the attention? It would be a waste of space.I don’t know if I’m just being Captain Obvious, but I think the X360 is a lost cause in Japan

  • holyPaladin

    Nice timeline story lol

  • Tokyo Guy

    Oh I can totally agree with this story, as well as tell everyone that it’s not just the Akihabara Yodobashi. Just about every major electronic retailer in Tokyo has done the same thing. Whereas the XBox sometimes had more idealistic retail space, after the stores redesign their layout, MS is always pushed aside to a small out of the way corner. Heck, there are times when you don’t even think the stores HAVE 360 games because of the lack of store space.

    I might add, however, that this could be a problem with MS just as much as it could the stores. Consider that with food stores in the US, the food company has to purchase retail space; every time you see a box of cereal at the front of the isle in prime viewing space, for example, that cost a LOT of money. It’s like billboard advertising. I’m not really sure about how this works with game stores in Japan, but it’s quite conceivable that MS had to pay for the retail space and owing to the failure of the 360 in Japan, it simply has given up.

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