THQ Advertising Darksiders With A Sham-Wow Parody

By Spencer . December 8, 2009 . 1:19am

image Darksiders, a new IP where you play as one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse, is going to launch during the busiest Q1 in years. How is THQ going to compete with Bayonetta and Tatsunoko vs. Capcom?


They have a plan, more specifically a TV ad that parodies infomercials. A commercial spec script stars Bernie in a mock show called “Fantastamological Inventions With Bernie Edwards!” complete with a “cheesy 90s style logo.”


In the ad, Bernie tries to pitch a fake audience their very own Ruin horse (i.e. the horse on the cover) which “plugs in” to a Xbox 360 or PS3 before shouting “this thing is hell on my balls”. Welcome to the world of TV ads, folks. Here’s the leaked script.


Update: The script has been removed at THQ’s request. A representative said, “This is part of a number of creative pitches for Darksiders, and isn’t necessarily representative of the advertising campaign.”

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  • I wish they would have based it off Slap Chop.”This horseman looks BORING. Stop having a boring horseman, stop having a boring apocalypse.”You should see that one, it’s ridiculous on any level. I think that guy was put in jail, too.

  • badmoogle

    This game screams cliche American superhero comic all over.For those who are into that sort of stuff it might be fun.

    • TTTT

      this is true. it could also scream typical cliche Japanese Anime style RPG with Jpop soundtrack which is actually more abundant.

      as with most games it may have some aesthetic deficiencies but it is an adventure/action game with RPG elements to it that seems to be well produced so it has my attention.

  • thebanditking

    I dont know Spencer, do you really think THQ even has to worry about Bayonetta? Look I love Bayo as well, and despite its less then stellar origin, I still plan to buy the PS3 version. That being said Darksiders is considerably more “western” and that alone puts it ahead of the very Japanese Bayonetta. Also Darksiders is getting fantastic previews so Im betting the reviews will be high as well. Then factor in that Darksiders setting has, 1. A war torn setting, and 2. a male lead, and that to me spells higher sales over here. Not to mention Bayonetta has the bad press of the Japanese PS3 game to overcome, I know Sega is working to fix it but bad press spreads faster then good. I certainly know that many PS3 only owners I have talked with had already written Bayonetta off because of whats been reported. Factor that in with the fact that the 360 install base (generally speaking) is more “Modern Warfare/World of War Craft” then “Metal Gear/Final Fantasy” and I still feel its Bayonetta that has her work cut out for her, not Darksiders.

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