Mega Man 10 Brings Sheep Man To WiiWare

By Spencer . December 9, 2009 . 3:53pm

image Capcom is continuing the original Mega Man series with another 8-bit style sequel. Mega Man 10, as seen in Nintendo Power, follows in the footsteps of Mega Man 9. It’s a downloadable game. It’s for WiiWare (probably more consoles too) and has Mega Man fight eight robot masters.


One of them, no joke, is Sheep Man. He flies around like a cloud and gives Mega Man his Thunder Wool weapon.


Protoman joins Mega Man and you can use him without microtranactions. Mega Man 10 also has a third playable character, but the new hero hasn’t been revealed. It seems like Capcom is trying to make classic Mega Man more accessible too since Mega Man 10 features an easy mode.

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  • malek86

    When can we have a slightly more modern style?I mean, nostalgia is cool and all, but there’s so much you can do with low-res 2D, not just NES graphics. The first Rayman is a very fine example.

    • I like seeing the series-proper staying retro. It would be nice if Capcom went with different aesthetic themes for each branch of the Mega Man universe. =)

    • I don’t know about that; the interesting thing about this Mega Man lo-fi thing is that the reception of the more modern Mega Man games has already been proven. The 32-bit Mega Man 8 has a legacy of being bloated with new features that detract from the core game, and more recently the 3D Mega Man X games were poorly received by fans, critics, and consumers.

      There is a more than supportive existing fanbase for these 8-bit sequels, and I honestly do think that the limitations lead to a tighter Mega Man game — so why throw away money and developer man-hours to “modern” sequels that fans are predisposed to be wary of?

      Innovation and modernity is for the spinoffs, and the classic series can keep to a pure, minimal design that lots of people love. That’s a nice, clean way of dealing with it, don’t you think?

      With the success of the 8-bit Mega Man sequels, I’d be surprised if they weren’t at least brainstorming a possible SNES-style Mega Man X game. And I’m probably not the only one who’d go nuts over it, too.

      • I wouldn’t mind seeing some brainstorming for Legends ;)

        Or a Misadventures of Tron Bonne, either.

        • I’d like another gorgeous 2-D installment in the X franchise. Or Legends 3. Moreso Legends 3, but it’s more of a dream as well.

  • nyoron

    Noooooo I wanted 16 bit MM X9, why do you do this Capcom?

  • daizyujin

    So long as they don’t try to nickle and dime us again, I might consider purchasing this one.

  • Chow

    I call the third character being Forte/Bass.
    Or maybe Roll.

    • Advent_Andaryu

      Well, since Roll is a costume you can buy with bolts in MM9, I doubt it will be her. I really hope it is Forte/Bass! But wouldn’t it be even cooler if Inafune made a new MM character? Or even brought Duo back from MM8.

      • Kris

        Actually she’s not. The “Roll costume” is a changed costume FOR Roll, not a way to play as her.

  • kazalt


  • Code

    rar, hooray ride that transfer truck Megaman, I hope that’s a power! rar, I don’t think anything but 8-bit can express Mega Man so purely, glad to see Mega Man 10 actually happening, for awhile there Capcom seemed to be scratching there chins over the success of Mega Man 9 for some reason x_x;

    • pedrron

      This has been bugging me for some time, what does rar mean? I just wish Capcom would visit some of their older franchises like Final Fight. Man, Capcom was the beat em up king back in the day!

      • Code

        rar, it’s just a sound, like rawr, minus the “w” because rawr is more for the end of sentences, but I find I prefer rar, for the beginning or middle! It’s mostly just a thing I do, keeps me in a good mind set if all my sentences sound at least marginally childish.

    • pedrron

      This has been bugging me for some time, what does rar mean? I just wish Capcom would visit some of their older franchises like Final Fight. Man, Capcom was the beat em up king back in the day!

  • MisterNiwa


  • MadMirko

    Is it retro-goodness day? The universe loves MadMirko day?

  • hsiao

    Classic Mega Man is the only series that has a reason to stay retro.

    Castlevania and a lot of other 8 bit series have aged badly, but not Mega Man.

    Everyone claiming that post NES games are better, should really pay close attention to how Mega Man 7, 8 and MM&B play in relation to the the NES games: they just aren’t as precise, they just don’t have the pixel perfection for jumps and bullet avoiding that the NES games have – as obviously you can SEE the pixels.

    with 16 bit graphics Capcom needed a more chaotic approach, and so the X and Zero series were created, with things like wall jump and dash to make up for the less precise timing.
    And with 3d they just screwed up everything, as it’s impossible to be precise at all when it comes to polygons.

    So if they make another 16 bit retro remake I hope it would be Mega Man X9, which I’m sure will happen at some point.

  • Tokyo Guy

    Oh I can’t even contain my excitement. Part of the brilliance of this series has always been its FANTASTIC music.

  • Now they can fit 9 AND 10 on a disc and sell it for $20-something. . .right? =*( Guess I’ll be DLing another awesome game on one of these virtual markets!

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