Nier Set For Spring 2010

By Spencer . December 11, 2009 . 5:33pm


Along with confirming a spring release window, Square Enix sent us the game’s box art. It appears we’re getting Nier Gestalt on both platforms in North America.


nier_ps3 nier_x360


The Nier, as in Nier the protagonist, pictured on both boxes is the muscular Conan-like warrior from Nier Gestalt, an Xbox 360 only game in Japan. Nier Replicant, the PlayStation 3 version, features a younger, bishounen hero searching for a cure to the Black Scrawl virus for his sister. In Nier Gestalt, Nier is a father and Yonah, his daughter, is plagued by the Black Scrawl.


Square Enix bullet points “unbelievable story twists and reveals” as a feature. You know what would be a twist? Confusing everyone by including Replicant as a free after-you-beat-the-game second quest.


n3 n2

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  • nyoron

    So wait, are Gestalt and Replicant the same game except that the main characters have been completely changed?

    • Aoshi00

      I think the story is the old man saving his daughter in Gestalt and the pretty boy saving his sister in Replicant. I’m not sure how related the 2 versions would be. I have to say I want to play as the old man. I really like the monster design in this game

      • nyobzoo04

        I’m pretty sure both are the same game. If you’ve watched both trailer they both have the same monsters and people helping you out. The only difference is the main characters’ looks and the daughter/sister plot, which I’m sure the words can just be interchangeable between games and still make sense.

        • nyoron

          Ha, that’s so dumb. I thought we got past that kind of crap a couple gens ago.

          I wonder if the game was originally planned with the beefy dude and they changed it for Japan, or the other way around.

  • pacanug

    Methinks the Modern Warfare crowd wouldn’t go for a futa protagonist. As for me, I say bring on the delicious trap please.

    • cowcow

      eww thats gross. Why would anyone want a transvestite. Theyr’e creepy.

      Bah enough if this ignorant foolishness…

      this game is like Murumasa for the Wii.

      It’s a GIRL being possessed against her will by a MALE spirit. That’s all.

      Not a real trap

      • Yeah, and why that seems to not fly over here probably stems to the fact they dont have to to be “close to the same product” in japan but apparently they do here. >.>

  • Ereek

    So the rumor that North America is only getting Gestalt while Japan is getting Replicant was true?

    • kurono

      Japan gets both. Replicant will be on the PS3 while Gestalt will be on the 360.

      • Ereek

        Well yes, I know that. But North America isn’t getting Replicant, it seems.

  • Randgriz

    Do you think theyll loclise Nier Replicant for the west?

  • symytry

    PS3 import version it is!

  • Dave_3

    Why would they have made the Replicant trailer in English if it wasn’t going to be localized?

    • Same reason Bayonetta’s dialogue is in english mainly with jap subtitles for a japanese title. >.> It’s whats in fashion on consoles in japan right now.

  • Jirin

    I’m going to get the one on the platform that doesn’t have constant disc reading errors.

  • From what I’ve seen of the game so far, it sort of reminds me of the Berserk anime / manga.

  • Extra_Life

    PS3 version please! Import or otherwise!

  • Kalmarice

    Oh man, this is really disappointing. Guess I’ll be importing, too.

  • thebanditking

    I have been loosing interest in this game of late. Especially with Q1 and going into Spring 2010 being packed to the brim with awesome games. Neir just looks generic and poorly colored, not to mention it just has something that bothers me about it. I cant quite place what it is though, it might be that scary smile face guy, or could be the S&M look the the character design (seriously more face belts? Infinite Undiscovery was stupid enough). Of course it could just be that Cavia is making the game and knowing what they are “into” might be making me jump to conclusions, either way S-E is going to have a hard time selling me on this one.

  • finel

    Seriously? Whose silly idea was it to completely change the characters just for the American release? DNW Gestalt.

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