Ragnarok DS Prepares For Adventure In February 2010

By Spencer . December 11, 2009 . 8:36am


Xseed will complete their work on Ragnarok DS sometime in February 2010 and it’s bundled with treats for fans of Ragnarok Online.


Each retail copy comes includes a Ragnarok Online setting out on my journey pack, which contains three virtual items:

– Shaman earring: increases intelligence
– Shaman ring: increases maximum HP and SP recovery
– Shaman’s hair decoration: increased resistance to attacks


Pre-order Ragnarok DS and you also get a Ragnarok Online prepared for adventure pack with four more goodies:

– Audumra’s benefit: increased experience points and damage from monsters
– Odin Mask: additional damage against certain monsters
– Hermode Cap: increased attack speed
– Bijofnil’s wing decoration: chance of increasing minimum and maximum weapon attack


Ragnarok DS is based on the MMO from Gravity Games, but isn’t a full-fledged MMO. There is an online part, though! Players can partner with two friends and take on the Tower of Mirages via local wireless or Nintendo Wi-Fi. The tower has over 50 randomly generated floors filled with rare items to explore.


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  • Ereek

    Ugh, more games for February. . .

    I’ve never actually spent a lot of time with Ragnarok because I don’t like the community, but I really want to play this.

    • Haha, I was the exact opposite. Ragnarok Online was the only MMO I ever got into. I still love it to this day, but I’m too scared to start playing again for fear of addiction.

      • Ereek

        I was all over FFXI for five or so years. I still resist the temptation to start playing again to this day. I hate MMOs and their time sink-ness, but I love the basic premise. That’s why I think this game will be perfect for me.

        • I was the same (Rdm-Drk <3 ), but eventually, I broke free of its evil evil grasp… till I heard FFXIV was coming out. I'm doomed.

      • I’m with Ishaan, Ragnarok is one of the MMOs that took a good part of my life away. Also too scared to start playing again even though the International version still gets updates every now and then.

        And yeah, Spring is looking totally crazy for gamers of all kinds.

  • holyPaladin

    Remember playing RO in the past…

  • malek86

    Despite not being a MMO, I guess the game is still going to be multiplayer-centric?

  • wth it was supposed to come december!? something is happening to the world!? ff 13 is coimng march, ppl are going to be 60$ more poor those days

  • kupomogli

    I think this game would do much better if it was placed on the PSP and while I would like an infrastructure mode, an ad-hoc mode would do fine(as long as you have a PS3, ad-hoc party would cover the online portion in case none of your nearby friends owns or wants to own the game.) It says this DS version has multiplayer only in mirage tower.It’d also be much better if the sprites in the game didn’t look such low quality. Everything looks so ugly. I’m not a graphics whore, it’s just that it’d be nice playing the game that is on par to the original release. Who knows if the DS version will even be half the size of the world as the PC version is. Another poor feature of it is that the sprites are waaay too close where as on Ragnarok Online you could pull it back quite a ways out. Zooming out would probably make the game run slower though, possibly why they did that.Anyways. Other than Phantasy Star Online which really isn’t a MMO, Ragnarok Online is the only MMO that I actually got on and enjoyed playing enough to stick with for awhile. I originally started on the Beta and then played the game once it was released for a few months. Not a fan of monthly charges though so I quit and then played for a little bit on a free server, but was trying to level up a pure agility thief class type and then stopped after awhile.Even though I like it a lot, no way was I into it as much as a lot of the people who had maxed out multiple characters levels, had high level merchants to sell their rarer items, etc, etc, etc.


    Found out it can be zoomed in and out, but from watching a video, those pictures look to be as zoomed out as they can go. I like to actually be able to see what I’m doing.

    • most of the games would be better on the psp than in the DS, but well, there are more units of DS sold than PSP so most developers go that way (also, piracy)

  • Finally! a release date!

  • I watched the anime, it was decent and got me interested in this.

  • d00msmith

    I already play Ragnarok too much as it is x3;; Plus from the screen I don’t see the option to be my favorite class (branches) – merchant!!

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