Sakura Wars Rescheduled For March, Premium Box Is PS2 Only

By Spencer . December 11, 2009 . 10:44am

sw2NIS America sent us a final release date for Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love, and it isn’t sometime in February like our pre-release copy says. The game will be in stores on March 23, 2010.


The North American version of Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love is being made for two consoles, PlayStation 2 and Wii. However, the two disc premium box containing a poster, art book, and Japanese and English voice acting on separate discs is only for the PlayStation 2. The Wii version has one disc with English voiceovers and none of the goodies. NIS America says they’ll make it up to Wii owners by giving them a “killer bargain.”


Nice to see what appears to be the swan song of PlayStation 2 RPGs for North America get a fancy box set. Bummer that Wii owners won’t be able to purchase the same package, but at least they’re getting Sakura Wars. In Japan, Sakura Taisen V was a PlayStation 2 exclusive.

  • LastFootnote

    Well, that’s nice that the folks at NISA are spending all this time and energy on making an entirely new Wii port of the game that’s already available on the PS2. It’s not as if it’s taking up time and resources that they could be spending on localizing, say, La Pucelle: Ragnarok, Disgaea Infinite, Princess Antiphona’s Hymn, Infinite Loop, or any of the Hayarigami games, none of which they have announced. This is not to mention all the problems with the Disgaea 2 DLC.It’s great and all that NISA likes to branch out and localize all these Gust RPGs and other various properties, but I really wish they’d prioritize the games that NIS of Japan actually develops, since nobody else in the US is going to be working on them.

    • nyoron

      Well, Idea Factory did the actual porting of the game. I can’t imagine it took that much extra effort to take their PS2 localization and stick it on the Wii, but what do I know.

      • It’s never that easy.

        • nyoron

          I certainly don’t think it’s easy, I was just speculating that compared to how much time it would take NISA if they were porting the game to the Wii themselves, they aren’t spending as much time on it as LastFootnote may think. But truthfully I don’t know how it really works. I’d love to see those other NIS titles mentioned but I don’t think it’s fair to go after NISA for the Wii version of Sakura Wars.

          • Oh, sorry if I came off harsh…I didn’t mean to. To elaborate, to my knowledge, even with localization, there’s a whole bunch of bug-testing and QA required, which is something that tends to take up a fair bit of time. And that’s just one of the factors. :)

          • LastFootnote

            Well, maybe you’re right. I was making the assumption that NISA was the one doing the Wii port since I hadn’t heard anything to the contrary. If it turns out that it’s someone else, then my comments can be disregarded.

          • lostinblue

            idea factory is the one doing the port.

    • You could look at this another way. NIS titles will most likely eventually be localized by NIS America at some point, but some of these other, more obscure games are more in danger of not making it over, ever. :)

    • Disgaea Infinite and Infinite Loop are the same thing, basically.

      And just because you haven’t heard anything doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

      For example, I’m just one editor, but I’m working on FOUR projects right now. Patience is a virtue.

      • LastFootnote

        I’m a little confused by what you mean when you say Disgaea Infinite and Infinite Loop are basically the same thing. I mean, they may play similarly because they run on the same engine, but that doesn’t mean they’re the same game. The story and characters are what you play a visual novel for and those certainly aren’t the same. It’s like saying all books are the same. They’re all words on paper, right? Once you’ve read one, you’ve read them all.Sorry if I’m coming off as bitter. Believe me, I love most of what NISA has done. I even buy games and DLC from them I’ll probably never play just to support them. Also, I have liked some of the non-NIS things they’ve done. I’m really looking forward to Badman 2, for instance. It’s good to hear you’re working on a bunch of (possibly unannounced) projects.But NISA’s recent track record of screw-ups plus their horrible lack of communication makes them appear really, really incompetent. So it’s not so much impatience as it is worry. I worry that they’re not going to get the rights to publish La Pucelle: Ragnarok or its two rumored sequels. I worry that they’ll keep messing up the DLC for most of the games they localize. I worry that they’ll stop including the Japanese voice track in their games. If I had some assurance that my worries were unfounded, I would have no problem waiting months or even a couple of years for these games.

        • Ereek

          plus their horrible lack of communication

          It is extremely amusing that you say this when the person you’re replying to is a NISA employee.

          • LastFootnote

            I’m well aware. I should specify that I was talking specifically about NISA’s official communication channels. (e.g. An announcement on their site insisting that the Disgaea 3 Trophy patch was going to destroy previous save data, left up for months after this was proven to be false.) As I mention elsewhere in this thread, I wish NISA’s customer support department was as helpful as Nick, here. Unfortunately, there seems to be a bit of a communications breakdown between them and the people actually doing the localization.

        • Hmm, as far as I’m aware, the same (or similar) game mechanics are used between IL and DI. But as you said, the story and characters really make the visual novel engines turn, so I can see what you mean now.

          Let’s see, La Pucelle… I think the issue there is acquiring the voices from Mastiff, since they were the ones who brought it over initially. But to assuage worries, Atlus handled the original PS2 Disgaea and that all worked out. So who knows? I don’t have an answer for you, unfortunately, but I don’t think it’s a lost cause, personally.

          The Disgaea 2 DLC thing was a huge clusterfudge of tiny errors. Sapphire was supposed to be free; only two or three characters were supposed to go up at a time (the others were incomplete). So, for some reason, they were all released… despite all that… *sigh*.

          NISA is known for [almost] always including two vocal tracks in their games. A few exceptions aside (Annie for no EN, Sakura Wii for no JP), there’s no cause to worry. That’s just one of NISA’s branding efforts. We try really hard to always give players that choice. Not many other companies do… but when we don’t include it, we’re chastised far more than these other companies who rarely make it an option. It’s a double-edged sword, but one we forged ourselves.

          • LastFootnote

            Thanks, Nick! I feel a little better now. Thanks for responding despite my cynicism. It’s much easier for me to cut people (and companies) slack when I know a bit more about what’s going on.

            Sometimes it’s too easy to forget all the great things NISA has done and concentrate on their errors. So, sorry for my negativity! I know you guys are trying as hard as you can, so keep up the good work.

  • odinfan

    Yeah, but consider how long it took them to localize this title. It’s not a matter of getting games out as quickly as you may think. When you work on a title, you have to commit to it. You can’t be working on multiple titles and have them all come out at once.

    And if deemed appropriate, they will only localize those titles, not everything that NIS of Japan has. I’m pretty sure they have titles that wouldn’t fit into NISA’s catalog, such as any of their visual novel like properties, or games deemed to stay in Japan.

    • LastFootnote

      Believe me, I’m not arguing over the length of time it takes to localize a game. I’d much rather have quality over quantity if I have to choose. That’s why I’d rather see their limited resources used toward localizing games that absolutely will not see the light of day in North America unless NISA localizes them. Atlus could have done Sakura Wars, but which company can bring over Nippon Ichi games if their own American branch doesn’t?I also agree that NISA shouldn’t necessarily bring over everything that NIS produces, but I don’t really buy the ‘fit into their catalog’ argument. The games that fit in their catalog now do so because they’ve localized other, similar games. If they were to localize a visual novel or two, visual novels would then fit into their catalog. It’s a self-fulfilling thing.

      • nyoron

        Atlus could have done Sakura Wars

        Come on, the series has been around for 13 years. If Atlus, or anybody else, was going to do Sakura Wars they would have done it by now. The fans need this one!

        • Devonian

          Various companies have been trying for years, iirc, but all the previous attempts fell through…

          They originally wanted us to get the earlier games too, and I’m kind of disappointed we won’t…

  • AQuatermain

    No Japanese voices in the Wii version ;_; Probably not buy :(

    • JohnCasey1

      Boo hoo.

  • nyoron

    Fine, I can wait another month. Will preorder the PS2 premium version the minute it hits Rosenqueen.

    • pressstart

      Same, same. I hope Rosenqueen has some preorder goodie for the Wii version too. I’ll double dip for Sakura Taisen.

  • I will get ps2 one, but NISA, why D:!? also, is going to be hard in march, (ff 13 is going to be released), darn it T_T ill have to think of something to bring that game to my house


    Good luck with competition Sakura Wars…you’re gonna need it.

  • Simon

    it has always been my intention to get the PS2 version so thats a plus for me.. now this explains a lot.. from the last sakura wars news

  • MadMirko

    Aha, NISA fails again. Good job, guys!

    • JohnCasey1

      The only thing they failed at was catering to half of the weaboo Wapanese crowd, which shocking as it may be, is actually a *small demographic.*

    • nyoron

      The delay? The barebones Wii version? In general?

      • MadMirko

        Yup. They seemed to understand that their target demographic enjoys a) choice, b) original voices, when Atelier Annie couldn’t get English VA because of “storage issues” (true or not, I don’t care). Back then Zook said:

        “We believe this game is mostly for the Atelier series fans, who largely prefer the original Japanese voices, so we really wanted to keep the Japanese voice acting. We understand that not having an option for Japanese/ English is a bummer, but we really hope that you all understand why we kept the original Japanese voices.”

        I guess Sakura Wars fans are totally different.

        • nyoron

          While there’s truth in what Nao said remember there’s also PR spin in there. The decision was probably less about Atelier fans preferring the Japanese voices and more about NISA thinking that dubbing the game would not be cost effective.

          • MadMirko


            Phantom Brave: We Meet Again will have a dual voice option, a feature many Siliconera readers seem excited about, but what about Sakura Wars: So Long, My Love? Nao Zook, Public Relations Manager at NIS America, says “we want to have the Japanese voices.”

            So, why are they limited-edition only?

          • nyoron

            Cost to continually produce two separate discs and a special box for Sakura Wars vs. cost to continually produce one disc for Phantom Brave? I dunno. If it could all fit on the same disc I feel like things would be different.

    • Ereek

      I’m not seeing the fail here. Where is it? They gave fans what they wanted and, as Nao Zook said, the Japanese voices were expensive to acquire.

  • Chow

    I’d laugh if the “killer bargain” for the Wii version will be that it’ll be the same price as the PS2 version.

    • LastFootnote

      Sad as it is, it wouldn’t shock me if that were true.

      EDIT: Ten bucks off? I’d say that’s a pretty good bargain for a game. Don’t know if I’d personally call it ‘killer’, but it’s certainly substantial and appreciated.

    • nyoron

      Says the Wii version will be $29.99 as opposed to the PS2’s $39.99. Not sure if that’s killer but not bad I guess.

      Also says that after the first shipment runs out the PS2 version will be a non-special $29.99 version only.

  • nyobzoo04

    I was hoping to get this in Feb also. Now It’ll have to wait after Yakuza 3, GoW 3, FFXIII

  • odinfan

    And they fail how exactly? You guys have to remember, this was not originally made for the Wii, so its expected not to be as elaborate. They’re probably expecting more people to get it for the PS2 anyway, so it works out. Either way, if you don’t have a PS2 in this day and age, I don’t know what to say.

    They’re cheap, go buy one if you want the extras.

  • odinfan

    Though, honestly, I can probably feel for the guys in Europe who don’t have a choice….

  • Masengan

    I saw the art 1st and thought it was a Tales game, I’m guessing it’s the same illustrator.

    • nyoron

      Yeah same guy, Kosuke Fujishima of Oh My Goddess! fame.

  • Here’s what I got back from a person under the hood:

    “This is what I’ve gathered about the situation. Apparently debugging has been going well on NISA’s end, as they not only hired a professional debug company to handle the system bug side of things, but have a team of expert in-house testers to check the text. The problem right now lies with Idea Factory and their coders not turning out new ROMs that address everything reported in a timely manner. Because of this and NISA’s president INSISTING on having the game come out by the end of their fiscal year, they had to delay the game and make the sacrifices mentioned in the article.”

    I think this shouldn’t be surprising…considering Idea Factory…

    • Interesting. I’d be curious to know who this person is!

      • Can’t do that, unfortunately. :P

        Know that I get my intel from as many sources as possible, though. This site being one of them.

    • lostinblue

      That doesn’t explain why the hell aren’t there goodies on the Wii version – including the art book and poster; and the audio thing should be just a matter of swapping the audio files in there, not anything hard to do for someone who has access to the games build structure. Hell hackers have done it dozens of times on PS2 games. Even NIS America should be able to pull it off.That’s not even a plausible explanation for the “sacrifices”. Plus, if idea factory port is turning out bad in any way, or worse than it should, then they should delay it and take it to quality we expect it to have, anything other than that is just a sign that NISA is being half assed about it.

      And considering they’re giving us a discount of $10 for getting a apparently worse version, with no improvements (if they planned to add 16:9 I think they would have said so already) with english-only voice-overs and no bonus goodies… it’s no “killer bargain” at all, it’s an insult.

      • The audio thing isn’t so simple, since the JP language bonus disc (yes, it is a bonus) uses original character names and a translation closer to the source material. Y’know, for the hardest of the hardcore. It’s not a matter of being simple or not, it’s a matter of being cost-effective. It probably wasn’t for the Wii.The Idea Factory port is actually turning out better than anticipated. I personally think the graphics look a little sharper, we’ve only been playing it in 16:9, but I’m not sensitive enough to know if that’s how it should be displayed, and it’s got a slightly better sound to it.Basically, it’s anything BUT half-assed. Our asses have been fully on this game for over two years. So we could make it as good as it deserves to be, while allowing as many people as possible the opportunity to play it.

        • lostinblue

          I’m not buying it, give me the same treatment as the PS2 version or give me nothing. If this isn’t half-assed, then I don’t know why NISA even bothered, after all it’s a butchered version, without the Japanese voice-overs (NISA should know their userbase by now) and without the extra goodies we were promised. Yes, they were promised for the Wii version ever since the game was announced.Delay it, do it as you will… But do the right thing, instead of taking a extra disc, an artbook and a poster and calling it a “killer bargain”, it’s not. And what incentive do people have to pick up the Wii version? With that treatment how is NISA doing everything it can to ensure the Wii version has a shot to actually sell? (will they complain about the sales afterwards to justify the fact they aren’t developing for it and never will?) Most people who commented in here just canceled the Wii version, most of them preferred it if anything for the 480p and “possible” 16:9 inclusion, but… not anymore. Of course they don’t… do you?16:9 news are a nice adition, and I’m glad to be assured they’re in. Shame I’m not glad about anything else at this point. Not trying to be overly negative here, but it’s a deal breaker and a showcase of lack of respect in my book.No matter what NISA says, it’ll always be perceived like that by the Wii owner and by the guy who wanted to give priority to the Wii version. And in the end, I’m sorry, but even while I see your point and “you” might be working your ass off on this one and thus doing all you can with the limited time you have available… I think NISA isn’t doing everything they can, which is releasing the game when it’s ready with both disc versions as originally advertised/promised. Anything other than that is being half-assed.

          • I’m sorry you feel that way lostinblue, I’m in the group that’s just very thankful that the Wii is even getting the game, and with additions like 16:9 and possibly 480p (did the PS2 version have 480p?).It’s really not butchered, butchered to me is if they actually remove in-game content, and the lack of the Japanese disc is really not a big deal to me, as the only time I ever cared about it is in the recent Sonic games because 4Kids were awful, and only just gotten decent at around Zero Gravity, Unleashed Wii was good enough voice-wise to forgive the lack of the Japanese voice option in that one. :PI hate also how you and some others hate the idea of Wii ports of PS2 games, I welcome as many ports of RPGs and what not as possible. The PS2 has a killer line-up that’d I’d LOVE to play with the Wii’s cleaner picture quality (I have a PS2 so I can justify saying the picture-quality on it is ass, I’m playing in S-Video for crying out loud it’s that jagged).NickyD, I’m aware that it’s not easy getting a straight answer about future projects, but please assure me that there are more Wii ports coming up, Disagea 1’s a prime candidate in my opinion! :D Get System Prisma to do it, they did Phantom Brave Wii and Disagea DS.And I’m very sorry that SOME people just aren’t in the grateful mood. Keep up the great work! :D

          • Thank you for the positive comment in a thread of mostly disappointed fans. I can’t say I don’t understand how they feel; bad news is bad news, after all. As for me, I’d buy the Wii version if I had the console since it looks much crisper. Plus, I really don’t care about what language the dub is in, haha. I only speak one language and if I don’t like it, I’ll turn ’em off. Yes, I’m fairly sure there’s an option to just turn the voices off.

            As for Wii ports… I honestly don’t know. I only know of projects we’ve already started working on (many of which are unannounced), but there’s always stuff getting talked about behind closed doors. We like working with Nintendo, so I hope we get more opportunities to bring stuff to their systems.

          • Trotmeister

            “… in a thread of mostly disappointed fans …”
            Go go NISA! You guys rock! >=[]

          • I’m with you on that. I’m almost set on completing the last PS2 games I have left and looking to retire the system for a while, so it makes sense for me to get the Wii version since I’m trying to build a solid library for it. The PS2 version could come with an actual horse with rockets, I’m still leaning on the Wii.

            “…but please assure me that there are more Wii ports coming up, Disagea 1’s a prime candidate in my opinion! :D”

            I’d want to see them give Rhapsody/Puppet Princess one last shot.

            lostinblue, let me tell you, as a old Marl Kingdom fan, I can assure you no one – NO ONE was more disappointed than I with how Rhapsody DS came out, but even I got over it, moved one, and played some of NISA’s best games in a while (and weren’t rushed). I can relate to your frustrations, but if you want to play a game that you had your heart set on, don’t let the little things stop you.

          • lostinblue

            No, the PS2 version doesn’t have 480p.

            And I don’t hate PS2 ports, I’m just tired of them and how they’re pulled out systematically on the Wii because a company has nothing else in the pipeline for the Wii and truthfully doesn’t want to have a Wii development pipeline at all.

            I’d be all over a lot of ports with my money (like I was with this one), but if there’s no follow up support I think developers are just taking advantage of us. Buying time and not delivering and of course not maximizing their product capability of selling.

            Nobody complained when Capcom ported Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 for the Gamecube with PSone graphics, and Resident Evil Code Veronica with Dreamcast graphics… Of course not, we were getting Resident Evil Zero and Resident Evil Remake and Resident Evil 4. Just like nobody complained when Capcom recently ported Monster Hunter G to the Wii, we were getting Monster Hunter 3.

            Then there’s games that deserve another shot at selling, like Okami did (and I’ll argue, Grim Grimoire with Wii controls deserved) but those are few in between, after all who’s gonna port a game that flopped? it takes balls.

            Disgaea you say? Will we get Disgaea 3 then? will a Disgaea port be yet another “test”? Will we ever get a Wii game actually developed by Nippon Ichi instead of outsourced? Because if we’re getting Nippon Ichi ports that’s only fair.

            Plus, considering the times Disgaea has been ported they surely could bundle Disgaea 1+2 and make it $10 more expensive than the PSP version of Disgaea 2… or something. I already have Disgaea 1 for the PS2 and PSP so I really wouldn’t be exactly on queue to buy it, they’d have to give me killer value, rather than a “killer bargain” with no extras nor japanese voice-overs. (yes, throwing jabs)

        • LastFootnote

          It’s comforting to hear about the attention to detail. See, if NISA’s customer service department were as communicative as you, I’d be thrilled.I plan to get the PS2 version with the Japanese vocal track, myself. I don’t really have any interest in Sakura Wars right now, but I’ll try it out to support NISA. Personally, I’m OK with the Wii version only having the English track because I have access to a PS2, but I can imagine disappointment for the fans that only have access to a Wii and want the JP track.One thing I will say for NISA, they go way out of their way to please their fanbase. That’s something that you definitely don’t get from most companies.

  • rinshu

    Just canceled my Wii preorder and switched to the PS2. No bonus content is one thing but there NO WAY IN HELL I would play Sakura Wars with English dubs.

    • lostinblue

      Stupid NISA.

  • holyPaladin

    Last PS2 game maybe? =x

    • JohnCasey1

      Not with EA and Activision still churning crap out.

  • Devonian

    Looks like Amazon’s date was basically right after all…

  • Hmm… I’m a little torn, but I think I’m learning towards da Wii. I’ll probably pick up the PS2 version for my nephew.

  • lostinblue

    I won’t buy either version of the game now, I refuse to buy the Wii version without getting the same treatment as PS2 did, and I refuse to purchase it for Ps2 when they’re butchering the Wii version

    F*ck you NISA, not only you haven’t given the Wii a single new freaking game, or developed any of these ports inhouse, but you’re also taking the piss.

    • nyobzoo04

      you do know that there was no Wii version to begin with right? NISA is actually bringing the game out to the US and instead of being happy to actually get the chance to play the game you complain?

      • lostinblue

        They’re actually porting a 2005 game for the Wii and they actually have the balls to prejudice it against a 9 year old platform who’s on the end of it’s days.They’re ridiculous if you ask me, and it’s not like the darn port was a freaking favor they did us.

    • Sorry I don’t understand the logic of skipping a version due to another version if you have the system. If you want the damn game buy it and support a series that needs it.

      • lostinblue

        I have dozens of games stacked up, now, since I didn’t like their attitude they’re not getting my money at all, simple. It’s not like I would play it right away anyway, and now I might never do so.It’s NISA’s fault though, they had me by the balls, and managed to take the most retarded decision ever. Prejudice a new platform, who’s market leader, for one that’s on life-support.And they say they want to establish it? they’re half assed about it.Sakura Wars V is the last Sakura Wars we’ll get, since they’re butchering the Wii version instead of going the extra freaking mile to at least give it a chance to be sucessful. they’re cutting the legs of the version that could get the franchise rolling and the platform that could get the subsequent games ported over (they can’t be expecting the PS2 to be around in 2011 or so, considering the time they’re taking to localize this one). In short they have a disaster in the making just so they can complain about lack of market afterwards when only a moron would buy their “killer bargain” for the Wii considering what the 10 extra dolars mean elsewhere. Thanks a lot NISA.They’re basically saying “If you buy the Wii version you must be stupid”. I hate it when developers show lack of respect towards an userbase, and that’s definitely the case.So screw them.

        • nyoron

          only a moron would buy their “killer bargain” for the Wii considering what the 10 extra dolars mean elsewhere

          Or maybe someone that really doesn’t care about a poster (lol) an artbook, and the voices, and would prefer to save $10? You are giving way too much importance to that extra stuff that fans might eat it up, but regular people don’t give a crap about. If this game fails it is not going to be due to the lack of a premium Wii version, no matter how much you want it to.

          • lostinblue

            Who the hell would prefer that? NISA should know their userbase by now.

            It’s not a killer bargain, it’s not even a bargain, it’s a rip off and a lack of respect for the Wii consumer.

          • nyoron

            I would prefer that, for one. Well, let me clarify. If there was a cheaper version without all the useless (for me) art crap I would totally get it. But I need that Japanese voice disc. Thankfully, as a fan of NIS games I own a PS2.But really, prejudice? A lack of respect? You’re entitled to your opinion but you should probably not take business decisions so personally.

  • Aoshi00

    Sucks the Wii ver. would not include Jpn track and the goodies, would just play the PS2 ver. on my Phat, thank god for B/C :) Love the cover art!

  • Guest

    well they just lost a sale

    • JohnCasey1

      And no harm done.

  • JohnCasey1

    What’s the big godamn deal? Since when were Japanese voices such a prudent purchase factor? Last I checked, it’s the overall package that counts, and not nitpicky horses**t like Japanese voices.

    Here, if you all love Japanese voices so much, buy this:

    Cause I hear it’s been getting a lot of love lately…

  • @NickyD:

    Since I can’t respond to your comment as it seems the respond limit has been reached there, I’ll just respond with a fresh reply. :P

    Thank you very much for answering about that, but can you say if any of the other unannounced projects that you know of are for Wii retail? Because the ESRB’s shown a few small ones for possibly WiiWare, I’m talking about more RPGs for Wii retail, ports or not.

    • Hmm, I better play it safe and keep my mouth shut. Haha, I’ve probably really stepped over the line already. Based on what NIS Japan have released thus far, they haven’t done any original work on the Wii. So, if anything, we’d have to go after small publishers who can’t bring their Wii titles over themselves. Or, as you said, port some stuff over.

      If you have any suggestions in particular, like I’ve often complained about Fatal Frame 4 not getting out of Japan, or the 428 visual novel, let me know. I can do a bit of research, bring it up to the rest of the localization crew, see if we can evaluate a copy, etc etc.

      • lostinblue

        Most of the worthwhile stuff is already making it over.As for suggestions for ports… I’d say Ar Tonelico 1 and Ar Tonelico 2 with 16:9 and 480p would be good port material, as would grim grimoire (I always thought that game could be improved with wiimote controls and have a new shot at selling… like Okami Wii did), or any Nippon Ichi PS2 game for that matter… but considering most of those titles are not standalone, porting them would only be acceptable is NIS was planning on supporting the platform beyond that, with new titles/follow ups.For example, the aforementioned Ar Tonelico 1 and 2 ports would only make sense if we were getting Ar Tonelico 3 or a game in the series; not necessarily exclusive, but anything other than that like: “hey Ar Tonelico 3 is coming out elsewhere, but they’re rehashing the previous two games on the Wii” would mean NISA was only using the platform as a stepping stone. And that’s wrong for it’s userbase.Also, on a different note… I always thought NIS should have ported Disgaea 3 to both PSP, Wii and PS2 alongside the PS3 release (and still think they should, but of course, perhaps not PS2 because it’s pretty much dying a slow death now). I mean, the game is not hardware intensive at all and it’s doing nothing a dreamcast couldn’t pull, considering how simple it looks NISA could really go multiplatform, across almost everything in a market with those.Games like that should come out in every platform capable of running them, from a technical standpoint.I actually think the low-tech nature of in-house NIS titles is a strength (I mean, who cares Disgaea 3 has sprites meant for 320×240 rendering? it’s not high tech by any platform standards), but a strength that they never ever really take advantage of.

      • If you are able to organize Wii ports with other devs, try and get Gust and Idea Factory to release some of their PS2 catalog as well. Better yet, somehow get Atelier Rorona and Ar Tonelico 3 to the Wii.

        As for Wii localizations, can you possibly do Kizuna? I know the game wasn’t well received, but couldn’t you organize it so that Jaleco can iron out most of the issues?

        Obviously Nintendo’s games and Tales games are out of the question, Ken of XSEED already said they don’t want those games out of their hands.

        Back to porting, I think Disagea 1 is a great next step, I’m surprised it wasn’t the first one brought over.

        Finally, can you say if Phantom Brave has performed well on the Wii so far?

        Thanks again! :D

        • lostinblue

          I’d like Gust to continue doing 2D graphics on the Wii, to be honest, there’s nothing wrong with Ar Tonelico 1/2 graphics… I actually prefer them to the 3D path they’ve taken once they took the HD development offer, which is precisely why I was hoping they would transition to Wii development instead of going there.Their biggest strength was the fact they were pulling 2D graphics at a time everything was 3D.

          Not that I’d complain, though.

  • I was getting the PS2 version anyways, as it was the original version and all. It is unfortunate that the Wii version isn’t getting any of the extras, then again the wii port is new and they never had to put out the extras in the first place.I’ll let it slide for this one and support this important release but the next localized Sakura Wars (which would probably be for the Wii or maybe PSP only since I doubt the PS2 will last much longer) they should consider releasing the Japanese disc and such.

  • Slashlen

    The Wii news is dissapointing. I was planning on picking this up for my Wii, but now it looks like I’ll be going with the PS2 version for the original language.

    I’m still very glad NIS is releasing it though. This series is something that for a long time I thought would NEVER come out over here. And who knows, maybe someday we will see another one if Japan ports it to the PSP or something.

    I’m still glad we’re getting the original voices at all(and the seperate script is very cool). So many other publishers don’t port the voices at all(Stupid Square Enix not including them for FF13). I’ll save my anger for them.

  • By “killer bargain” I hope it means something along the lines of a less than $9.99 price tag. I don’t understand; they’ve developed all the material; is it that hard to transfer it? Or is this some marketing hooplah that I’m not getting?

  • AQuatermain

    On second thought, I think anyway buy the Wii version anyway. But I can not deny that in some ways I’m disappointed that I was given false hopes are … in certain ways.

    I hope it’s true about the graphics, and I like the box art for the Wii version.

  • mooncalf

    Seems odd that they couldn’t fit two voice tracks onto one dual layer dvd. You must be able to compress a squillion hours of audio into a dvd, and how large can the game itself be?

    Ah well, I like giving my PS2 an airing anyway, so it’s no big deal for me to pickup that version.

  • We need an ignore/dislike/block-all-unintelligent chatter button on here. I’m almost ashamed that I even read half the comments on here.

    Glad to know there is going to be a LE for PS2. Shame for the folks who ONLY own a Wii, but at least NISA is bringing a port to the Wii at all. They could have just released it for PS2. A lot of you are acting awfully high and mighty no matter which side of the argument you’re on. =) I’d be interested to know how much some people actually put into this market…

    Why are the annoying people who post around the internet (read: People who only know how to use Fallacy) starting to flock here?

    • Your feedback is noted! Keeping an open and thoughtful community is paramount.

      Now to figure out a technical solution!

      • I said it before and I’ll say it again. We need something like Slashdot, then users can set their own viewing threshold. The system is as close to perfection as it gets, absolutely no one can complain about it.

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