This Is Fragile Dreams: Farewell, Ruins Of The Moon In English

By Spencer . December 16, 2009 . 2:20pm

Xseed, sorry, Rising Star Games released the first trailer of Fragile Dreams: Farewell, Ruins of the Moon with English voice acting.



Don’t want to hear Johnny Young Bosch again? Fragile Dreams: Farewell, Ruins of the Moon includes the original Japanese voice track. We haven’t about Fragile Dreams directly from Xseed for awhile, but it looks like the Wii game will be ready by March. Nintendo’s release calendar gets more specific and pegs it for March 16, a day before Build a Bear Workshop: Friendship Valley.


Special thanks to Matty for sending us a link to the video!

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  • pedrron

    I think the English voices sound good. What’s the name of the song?

  • Code

    rar, been looking forward to this, although really it should have been obvious by now it’d be coming out in March.

    • Like the rest of 2010’s lineup… oh my. It’s going to be an awesome couple of months!!!

      • Not for you. Back to work, slave!

  • Totally enamored by this song…

  • Do want. And will get. Man, JYB sure gets around. I’m not too big a fan of him and his voice, but got to hand it to him, he gets some good roles and is able to pull it off.

    Someone compile all the games for “Early 2010” for me D:

  • Aoshi00

    Sounds like an excellent dub. I’m looking forward to the Eng ver. as well even though the game wasn’t that good (I haven’t finished it yet..). I want to support XSeed, but having played the import, I think I should wait till a price drop later.

  • vall03

    what the hell?! March?! again?!

  • lostinblue


  • kupomogli

    Build a Bear Workshop: Friendship Valley comes out on March 17? Awesome.

  • Zeik56

    I was worried about the dub when I first heard JYB’s voice, as I thought that was what they were using as the main characters voice, which wouldn’t have fit at all, until I realized it was just some kind of older “The Wonder Years” style narration.

    The actual dub sounds quite good. I especially like that computer AI voice, it sounds really good.

  • Extra_Life

    I don’t really have anything against Mr. Bosch (he does a good job where I’ve heard him), but it is getting tiring, hearing that same voice in game after game. After hours of hearing him as Rush Sykes, it just doesn’t seem right hearing him as Juto, Ratatosk, Ichigo Kurosaki, Firion, and many other characters. Glad the original track will be included! I’ve been looking forward to Fragile for a long time, so long that on more than one occasion I’ve been tempted to import a Japanese Wii…

    • He’s actually seems like a really cool guy. At least, off the record and the Anime News Network podcast with him kind of showed that.
      When they asked him about his starring roles after starring roles, I think his reply was along the lines of “…eh. I have a band, too!”. Gotta love him!

      • Or not. The guy has zero range and I’m sick of hearing him. They need to have more than the same 10 people doing every voice for anime, games, and other imported stuff.There are certainly thousands of great voice actors in the world, why do they keep casting the same tired voices?

        • Short answer: time and money. Studios and publishers know this issue very well and even now it’s not easy to accommodate every concern in the dub world (hence the recent trend in sub only releases).
          If you’re interested to learn more about why this is, this podcast addresses some issues here:

          And the Boschman himself:

          This is only the surface, my friend. Many fans don’t know exactly how complicated all these matters are, so if you really want to dig, and I mean DIG, strap your boots and listen up to “The Life and Kime of Geneon, USA”, the one of *many* trial and tribulations of an American publisher.

          • Fantastic links, Matty. Thanks! I’m going to listen to the ANN podcast now. :)

        • I’m wondering, if all those that do complain about hearing the same Englisch voice actors over and over again do realise, that in the original Japanese dubs, the same voice actors do act too.. I mean, not particulary that all the voices done by Johnny Young Bosch were done by the same Japanese VA too, but uh… anyone ever heard of Koyasu Takehito ( ? He is like THE voice. See the list of anime he’s voiced characters in? He has voiced SO many main characters… and I never get sick of hearing his voice at all. I also enjoy hearing JYB alot too, I even prefer his voice over the Japanese voice in Fragile, which is alot more childish… and I don’t like childish sounding Japanese VAs. Anyways…. I’m just saying, Japanese VAs get overused alot too. German VAs too… at least it’s someone who can act with his voice instead of some crappy VA. Tho.. I’d really like to hear the girl who voiced Fran in FFXII again.. she has one hell of an awesome voice!

          • Oh, I realize Japan is guilty of the same thing. They also keep casting from the same small pool of actors. It’s harder to complain about that without being fluent in Japanese though so that it might possibly get the attention of the right people.

          • Hm.. well, Japanese VAs, at least the really good ones, have this amazing ability to make their voice sound completely different in on series than what they sounded like in the other… but you have lots of thos ever the same sounding VAs that get used over and over again too.. some of them are just overly hyped, more like real actors and all.

          • meh, I should have spellchecked that reply… geez.

  • First they make a terrible name change, now they pick a terrible English cast, how else will they destroy this once promising game?

    • Shadow_Raskolnik

      Losing the publishing right to Ignition?

    • Hraesvelgr

      How is the English cast terrible? We only really know of Johnny Yong Bosch and the only people who’ll have a problem with that are the people who go wahwah about how overused he is (even though he is).

      • Ok, by cast I meant “Johnny Yong Bosch,” which you properly state as being overused. I’ll be sticking to the JPN voice track anyway, so I’m glad that’s still an option.

  • cowcow

    Why are people complaining about the voice? Sounds fine to me. And who cares about the title change. Damn people will cry about anything

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