First Mega Man 10 Trailer Demos Easy Mode

By Spencer . December 17, 2009 . 12:29am

Mega Man is tough, maybe too tough compared to other games these days. In an attempt to make Mega Man 10 more accessible, Capcom made an easy mode.


In one level, Mega Man has to jump on a water wheel-like device to cross deadly spikes. As seen in this trailer, easy mode covers those pits with platforms Mega Man can safely walk on. Yeah, for not exploding into a million Mega bits!


When you watch the trailer pay attention to the outlines of this game’s robot masters. Any guesses on what kinds of robots they might be?


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  • zero254

    Why does it feel like this is gonna create problems.

    Yet at the same time make more people buy the game because they can beat it now.

  • MisterNiwa

    There is a Sword Man for sure!! Well.. Katana Man or Blade Man, i called it first!

  • Chow

    I’m gonna guess that each boss is themed to the stage his silhouette pops up on, so I’ll throw out some random suggestions based on that. Cannonman (shrug), Wheelman, ____ (shrug), Faucetman, Rookman/Lavaman/Moltenman, Icicleman, Sandman, Blademan/Swordman, plus some random ones without silhouettes: Birdman, Bulbman. EDIT: Bah @ me taking so long in typing that up.

  • Aoshi00

    “Threat from Space” (Uchuu kara no Kyoui) actually sounds cool, dunno why people were dissing the subtitle before.. Although easy mode is much appreciated for avoiding pulling hair out (I think the achievement/trophy would make you do that), I lol’ed at the last two seconds of the video, I digged it (Bayonetta’s one hand, NSMB Wii’s Super guide, etc…), one doesn’t have to use it, but it’s good to be there as back up, like a shmup’s “no enemies’ fire” option I guess..

    • MisterNiwa

      Well, since when does Easy mean, ‘less buttons required to play’? xDD

      Oh man, just gimme a hard mode.

      • MadMirko

        I have a feeling that (hard mode) will be DLC again, and given the way the handle it I’, ok with that.

    • I think easy mode is brilliant. There is definitely a group that enjoys Mega Man’s difficulty and an arguably larger group that goes “Mega Man? Those games are impossible!”

      Easy mode might increase the number of Mega Man fans and keep the classic series going. That way everyone wins :)

      • Aoshi00

        Exactly. I understand it’s no fun if a game is not challenging, but the same could be said for dying 10 times and not being able to progress further or see the game’s ending.I think it’s a good move too, I imagine many would appreciate being able to play thru this game on easy mode w/o being subject to masochistic difficulty, and thinking they waste $10. I grew up w/ NES and enjoyed old school 8-bit Megaman as much as everyone else, but you gotta admit there’s a limit how much bottomless pits and spikes one can take (I don’t think I can handle old school Castlevania or Ninja Gaiden anymore).. Plus I think my reflex has regressed too, unless I absolutely get into the “mode”, and chances are I don’t want to spend too much time on any single game, since there’re just tons of games out there now..

        Confession: have not beaten Wily’s castle in MM9 yet.. I got quite far but gave up at one point.. I think I would do better w/ Dual Shock 3 this time.

  • Tokyo Guy

    I honestly can not wait for this game to release.

  • Tokyo Guy

    BTW is it just me or are the cinema scenes in this and Rockman 9 FAR more detailed and colorful than anything put out on the 8-Bit Famicom? My friend assured me that I’m just imagining it but I beg to differ.

  • MadMirko

    They are on the exactly right way with this. In MM9 the hard modes were not harder because enemies did more damage (or Megaman less), but because the level was restructured to be harder. The only proper way for easy mode is to do likewise.

    • Tokyo Guy

      The idea of an easy mode is something of an oxymoron though.

      • You can choose to ignore it! I know I will. At first I thought the Easy Mode was the one where you have to jump on the see-saw. Then I saw the covered spikes. Yeah, they’re not messing around when they say EASY mode.

  • Saturnus

    Last one looks like… Some kinda samurai sword wielding robot. Obviously the one master in the ice stage will be ice related.

    One of them is Sheep Man right?

    • Yep! One is Sheep Man and another is Commando Man.

  • kazalt

    Megaman: Still showing the new kids how it’s done.

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