It’s A Pure White Christmas In Demon’s Souls

By Spencer . December 17, 2009 . 10:39pm


Atlus is playing with the world tendency dial on the Demon’s Souls servers again. For a limited time, Boletaria will be pure white.


Pure white tendency weakens enemies and makes players stronger in soul form. In addition to a stat boost, helpful NPCs come out of hiding plus paths to a few new areas open up. Poke around the Tower of Latria and see what you can find.


The pure white tendency event starts at 12 PM pacific time on December 21 and runs until December 28 at 12PM PST.

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  • Tokyo Guy

    I’m amazed that a game that sold so poorly has such a cult following and a wealth of developer support.

    • malek86

      I don’t think it sold that poorly. October NPD said 150.000 copies were sold. And then there’s November.

      • Ereek

        Indeed, ATLUS USA has stated they’re extremely happy with the sales. I believe he meant worldwide, though.

    • I’m not sure how cult the following is but I definitely had a blast with the game. I have four different characters all in New Game+ and still have fun with it here and there. It’s a good thing it’s a white WT now as I spent a long time getting Pure Black for some items. Now I can go back and get Keel/Dragon Bone Smasher. =)

      • Tokyo Guy

        Oh I meant in Japan. I’m sorry I assumed this was for the Japanese version.

        • I wonder how much of the Asian version’s sales were from imports.

          Sales bo–Ishaan, figure out how to get on that! =P

          • kupomogli

            I’m in new game++. In regular game I only fought a single Black Phantom. In new game+ I killed a bunch of Black Phantoms. I can say that I’ve never had to ask a Blue Phantom for help when fighting a Black Phantom and only got killed by one Black Phantom. The person entered my game from the exact same room I was at but behind me. I was in stage 1-3 in new game + and was currently fighting the spearmen and archers when he showed up.

            I’ve got the Red Stone if anyone wants to duel.

  • Chow

    I had to forcefully put this game down to tend to my backlog of PS3 games. I’d want to go back to it eventually, but I just know I’ll spend too much time on it.

  • badmoogle

    Thank you From Software!I had some trouble getting PWT so i’m glad for this.I’ll finally be able to fight Miralda.^^

    Edit:Damn,i forgot i have the Asian version…no PWT for me.:(

  • Soma

    Awesome! Glad that this event will take place over several days. =3

    • I’m going to start playing again for this cause I missed Black Tendency for your party :P

  • Sounds like a good time to restart my quest!

  • seankirkland

    Dammit! I just kicked the habit! Welp, I guess I know what I’ll be doing next week…

  • ndjn3979

    I want DLC. 5-6 hours worth, at least.

    • kupomogli

      An expansion like the Oblivion? That’d own, especially considering that Demon’s Souls is more fun than Oblivion. Then From Software can later release “Demon’s Souls Game of the Year” with everything on one disc.

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