Persona 3 Portable Director Hints At New Persona Team Projects

By Spencer . December 17, 2009 . 4:51pm

image In the latest Persona 3 Portable creator’s blog, Katsura Hashino discusses what happened to the Persona team after Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4.


Hashino explains the team was split into to two. One group developed Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable, which available in Japan now. The other group is “nearing completion of an original work.” Both groups are merging together, gradually, to work on a full blown project.


Any guesses on what these might be?

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  • Sounds promising enough. Maybe Persona 5 for PS3?

    With even more social links? And the same finely tuned graphics that P4 has? With a interesting storyline and lots of demons?

    That would be awesome.

    Wish that P3P would be released outside Japan fast. I want that title.

    • Yeah I want P3P too.

      But the Persona 4 team split in two does not spell Persona 5 to me. They will need a lot more manpower to harness the power of the Cell beast, which Atlus has no experience with… unless they outsource a lot of the development.

      • “Both groups are merging together, gradually, to work on a full blown project.”
        This I understood as if they were becoming one big group again as both their projects are starting to finish so that they together can create a full blow project.

        I don´t care for graphics. Give me a good gameplay system and I´m satisfied with the kind of graphics they used for P4.

        • Yeah, sometime after P4 there was a split where two teams went on to work on separate projects, but the groups are coming back together for something big.So, it sounds like two games are in development. The “original” one may not be related to Persona though. For all we know it’s Jack Brothers Portable.

          • Alright, my bad. I didn’t even read that last sentence.Jack Brothers Portable — good one! Although a Wiiware remake has been rumoured for quite some time…Speaking of Wiiware, whatever the heck happened to Order/Oudaa? Was it criminally overlooked by US publishers, once again? It seemed badass. What the hell are Mastiff doing with bargain bin sports game when they could be working on things like this?

          • JohnCasey1

            Wasn’t there….um, some game that they were developing based off an anime? I know you did an article on it.

          • I believe you mean, Tokyo Mono Hara Shi? Since this blog is after Atlus announced it, I imagine Hashino would have wrote “the second team is working on Tokyo Mono Hara Shi” instead of leaving out the name of team 2’s game.

            But, I suppose that could be it too.

    • No! Ack! I’m still working my way through Persona 1 PSP and have both P2’s lined up to play next… I can wait! :)

  • P5PS3.

    Resounding echo that shall never die until it happens.

    Almost like FF7PS3.


    • JohnCasey1

      What’s a “cardica?”

      • It’s like a cardigan, but smaller.

        • ahahhaah rofl xD, ok i fixed post…
          EDIT: wait for some unknown reasons i cant edit it, well anyway i already fixed it above xD

      • cardiac arrest D: *sniff*

      • Day2Day

        I think he was going for “CARDIAC”

  • nonoko

    I want Persona 5 to be multi-platform, I don’t have enough money for another console :(

    • jarrodand

      It probably will be. Atlus wasn’t hiring 360 programmers for nothing…

  • holyPaladin

    Good news

  • discoma

    Phooey. They shouldn’t bother with a new Persona and instead remake Persona 2 game including Innocent Sin so AtlusUSA can release it state-side.

    • nyoron

      Psh, fan translation is done, let’s move on to something new.

      • cocytusx

        Like what? Persona 3? The game that was released three times, twice with extra content? Besides Persona 2 is the best Persona there is.

        • nyoron

          Yeah, by “something new” I obviously mean Persona 3.

          They’ve re-released that game twice already. I’d prefer that trend doesn’t continue. If their next game is going to be Persona related it should be Persona 5. If you want to play Persona 2… you can do it right now.

          • cocytusx

            I’d rather have a Persona 2 remake with both games in it. The fan translation is good and all but the guy took some pretty retarded decisions, I’d pick the real deal over that any day.

  • BK0000

    Etrian Odyssey III, maybe? It’s coming out in Japan in March, so the biggest part of development should be ending now.

  • Hraesvelgr

    If they make a new Persona game, I hope they do something new instead of taking the easy way out and sticking with the P3/P4 formula. It’s gotten a bit boring.

    • JeremyR

      How about, they could set it under the sea (taking a page from EOIII). And instead of demons, the monsters and such would be sea life.

      • Hraesvelgr

        You know what, I would buy it just based on the fact that that is such a crazy and random idea for an SMT game.

    • Not boring to me! I hope they stick with the same formula, but improving upon it for at least another 10 sequels! Don’t fix what isn’t broken (aka PERFECT).

  • malek86

    At this point, it almost looks like the SMT series will simply become the Persona series.

    • Xeahnort

      Devil Survivor and Strange Journey says otherwise

      @ nonoko

      that’s your problem

    • Thank god!

  • chaoticrealm

    Any chance that the other team is working on Tokyo Mono Hara Shi? If that were the case then that means that the team “gradually” coming together would mean that they started Pre-production work on their next big title and the teams are joining the project as they are needed (Script, Art, Planning …..and so on). Since this project needs the entire original P4 team I guess it would have to be the P5 hinted by the producer. (note: He was listed as Producer on P5 on an earlier project I believe). But since the digimon announcement disappointed the xenosaga fans I guess nothing is certain. Forgive my train of thought, I got carried away there :P.

  • evilmoogle

    Persona – there can be only one!
    Persona – the new generation
    Persona Z
    Persona:this time it’s personal!
    Persona: beach volleybal
    Persona: can i really be the hero?

    • Looking forward to all of these! Seriously, no sarcasm. I want 50+ more Persona games.

    • You forgot Persona Wars: Farewell, My Love, Final Persona and Persona Hunter.

  • So, are to assume that production on P5 just began, and that it’s been in pre-production up until recent months?

    For the “original title,” I’m hedging my bets on an XBLA game.

    • malek86

      Didn’t Droplitz bomb though? I remember Steam and XBLA/PSN having it on heavy discount mere weeks after release.

  • cj_iwakura

    I bet the original work is that dating sim esque game mentioned here. Then they’ll do Persona 5! (Maybe)

  • I can’t find the original article I was looking for that mentioned all the testers for the QA parts (thinking it was part of the team since there were quite a few of them), but this article has Atlus’ retrospective look into what they did to create Persona 4. Saying they put a lot of work into it is an understatement:
    I was glad to read about their experiences and how much devotion even the new employees had that were fans of Persona 3. It turned out well for them, too!

    You know what, I think that other article was actually posted here on Siliconera…

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