Starship Patrol Is Outer Space Tower Defense For DSiWare

By Spencer . December 17, 2009 . 2:22pm

imageNintendo of Europe officially announced and revealed what Starship Patrol is. Q-Games’ latest DSiWare download is another tower defense game.


Players set space ships and fight their way through 30 waves. Looks like players can also activate SOS cards like hiring a bounty hunter when overwhelmed. The 500 DSiWare Point ($5) download goes live in Europe on Friday. We’re scheduled to get Starship Patrol on January 18 under the name Starship Defense.


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  • MisterNiwa

    Hey, that looks funny, i like the style of it. :D

  • MadMirko

    It’s really good. :) I wasn’t aware of it before I read the description on the DSi-Shop, but at 5 bucks I bought it on a whim. They nailed the feeling of guiding a patrol of space ships through enemy infested territory. You don’t control the placement of the space ships, though (at least not in the first few levels that I played), but the positioning of turrets, launchers, space ports (!), tractor beams, etc.

    It’s also not always about space patrol ships, sometimes you defend a space fortress during a siege, but the core “tower defense” mechanic is always there. The basic weapons vary wildly in firing arc, range and power. The missile launcher for example is not only extremely short ranged, but also has pretty narrow arc AND takes long to reload. It’s very important to place it properly.

    Cloaked enemies are also nice. Every type of enemy can be a “Specter”, meaning it can’t be targeted by most weapons. You counter them by either using weapons that have a scanner (like the scanning laser), a blast radius (if non-cloaked enemies are nearby and targeted by a missile, the blast will hit the cloaked enemy, too), or you can lay mines across their path to make them visible and targettable for a short while.

    You are graded on how many enemies escape and how much energy (one of the two in-game currencies) you have not spent. It’s sometimes prudent to ignore kamikaze-type enemies, i.e. sacrifice your ships’ hit points to not let normal enemies escape.

    The SOS cards the article mentions are rewards for completed missions. You get to draw a random card after successfully ending a level, and you are free to use it in a subsequent mission. You can stockpile up to three of them, and their use costs one power crystal (the second currency, this one not used to buy weapons, but to unlock advanced devices, convert to energy, or use SOS cards). There is a bonus for clearing a level perfectly (=letting no one escape) without the use of a card, so for high score attempts, cards are out.

    There is also a ranking system, in which you advance by clearing levels perfectly. So far I unlocked another BGM for battle, I guess there is more to it than I know so far.

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