Will WiiRelax Be Nintendo’s First Vitality Sensor Game?

By Spencer . December 18, 2009 . 3:12pm

imageNintendo is keeping quiet about their Vitality Sensor games, but they have something called WiiRelax in development.


While searching the European trademark database, we discovered Nintendo registered the rights to WiiRelax in PAL territories. Since the Vitality Sensor is a pulse detecting accessory, it sounds like WiiRelax would work with the upcoming device.


Prior to this trademark, Pub Company, an video developer in Italy, also mentioned a game called Wii Relax (note the space). The title was officially announced on April 1 and hasn’t been mentioned since. Their website for Wii Relax is gone too so Pub Company’s “zen experience” project may have been canceled, blocked, or perhaps purchased by Nintendo.



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  • malek86

    I still say the main problem with this thing is that it’s not “interactive”. With a Nunchuck or a BB you can give any input you want, but this thing will only react to some internal sensation, and how are you supposed to control it? Unless you try and purposely get your blood running faster… though I don’t know how advisable that would be.

    This feels like it might be a decent addition to Wii Fit, as a pulse measurer or something like that, but to have his own game… well, we’ll see.

    • MadMirko

      The vitatlity sensor is not meant to be used as a controller, it is there to provide clues on how you are feeling. Let’s say you play a shoot’em up, and you are someone who can finish Ikaruga blindfolded with one hand, then you’ll be relaxed, maybe bored with the initial difficulty of the game. The sensor reports that, and the game spawns more enemies, shoots more accurately, and gets harder and harder until the point where the sensor picks up stress / excitement.In a way, IF you could control it, the device would be pointless.

      • malek86

        It might be interesting that way… except that, from what we are seeing, the sensor takes the slot of the Nunchuck… and it’s not like you could use it with one finger inside that thing.So this would be limited to one hand, which means not-horizontal, wiimote-only, games. Not too cool.

        • MadMirko

          That’s true. There is quite a lot of them (remote only games), though.

  • kupomogli

    Just like the balance board people will probably buy this for only one game and it’ll be just another paperweight like many of Nintendo’s accessories throughout the years. The balance board finally gets two games with Wii Fit 2 coming out.

    • Advent_Andaryu

      Couldn’t agree with you more. The balance board was nothing special, and the vitality senor will probably be the same. The only add on for a game for the Wii that was good was the Wii Wheel and the Zapper. And it’s funny, ’cause both of them are just plastic. (I’m not counting Classic/Nunchuk as the same)

      Let’s hope Nintendo has other plans for Wii-mote attachments. Like, a Nunchuk Pro maybe? I’d like that. :D

      • sam50

        I don’t really know what you’re complaining about to be honest. It’s not like the Balance Board was supplied separately to the Wii Fit games. If you wanted Wii Fit, the Balance Board came with it because it was part of the game. Yes, few other games use it to good effect but at least these add-ons tend to come with the games they are designed for. It’s not like you’re going to buy a Balance Board for the reason that you just want one, and then get annoyed that there isn’t a league of games designed for it.

  • I predicted this back on November 30th, 2009: 11:10am:
    “Nintendo can’t be bothered with trivial stuff like online play, using their own peripherals like Wii Speak, or with a teleporter! Did you forget they’re busy developing Wii Relax, for the Wii Vitality Sensor for it’s 2010 debut!!??

    The “core” are really getting on my nerves wanting online in this game(*looks glaringly in mirror)! Why couldn’t Nintendo release Wii Relax for this hectic holiday season!?”

  • Everybody can watch: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRwarxMTxZg

    It’s from E3’s Wii Vitality Sensor, and here’s the quote that seals the deal for WiiRelax with the Wii Nursing Home Monitor/Vitality Sensor, “People will be able to use the product we are developing with this Wii Vitality Sensor to achieve, greater relaxation.”

    Wii Sleep will probably be trademarked next, because Iwata also said, “But it may not be long before games are also used to let people unwind or even make it easier to fall asleep.”

    • thebanditking

      Glad to see I not the only one who thinks this is a waste. I am getting tired of the Nintendo die hards who defend every silly add on they make like its the next light gun. Every single device Nintendo has added to the Wii is a complete waste for gaming, and has done nothing but sell more useless plastic to to a fickle market of people who would just as soon trade their Wii for the next “big thing”. Nintendo may sell alot of hardware but despite thier profits they are to me the biggest loser this gen, as they have not created a stable user base that continues to support the systems games.

  • thebanditking

    This thing is stupid, I am usually not so point blank about things but there is no way to justify this. No game will benefit from this, and in my opinion considering the situation Nintendo is in, I really dont think another stupid add-on will help much. It really bothers me when I think about all the wasted R&D on this when Nintendo has not created a new original series in the last what, 10yrs or so.

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