Tetsuya Nomura Discusses Future Projects, Mentions Unannounced Game

By Spencer . December 22, 2009 . 1:49am

imageFinal Fantasy XIII is done and Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep is almost out the door. What’s in store for Tetsuya Nomura in 2010?


Famitsu spoke with the video game designer and Nomura dropped a few hints about his next games. In the interview, Nomura mentions one of his projects is moving along rapidly. Voice recording has begun for the unnamed game. It isn’t clear if this game is something Square Enix has been keeping under wraps or if it’s just a title they haven’t shown to the public.


Nomura also said, “It’s not entirely new, but there is one more unannounced game.”


In addition to these games or possibly related to these clues, Nomura working on Final Fantasy Agito XIII, Final Fantasy Versus XIII, and The 3rd Birthday, which is part of the Parasite Eve series.

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  • Ereek

    Oh dear. I see a Parasite Eve image and was hoping we’d actually get information on it sometime this year. Oh Spencer, my dreams are crushed.

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    Just…. Take care of Versus right now and forget about the unannounced game for a while.

  • Vanilla

    Nomura, you already take forever and a day to finish ongoing projects. I’m still waiting for more on Agito and Versus–we don’t actually NEED this announcement. Could’ve kept it under wraps for a few more months, really.

  • Eddie

    The Bouncer 2?!! Radiata Stories 2?!!!! I know, I know, its not gonna happen.

    • holyPaladin

      I think Radiata isn’t Nomura but tri-Ace.
      But I want ^^

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        Off topic, but man, I was so disappointed with Radiata Stories! I mean, the game was great and the OST was fantastic! But after seeing the intro, which is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous, I was waiting for more of that stuff throughout the game… except there was none of it. No flashy cutscenes, no cinematic stuff, nothing! Bah.

  • The World Ends with you 2?

    • JohnCasey1

      Oh, I hope to God not…

    • thanekos

      nah, man; tin pan slammer, for wiiware

    • Pichi

      TWEWY or Dissidia sequel would be nice to have.

    • Umm, i wouldnt mind to see another game with a style like the world ends with you, personally, i dont care if is new main char, or our loved neku again, really this game is still fresh

      • Slashlen

        Agreed. I don’t even care if it’s actually a sequel or not. They did some great things with that game, and while I hate driving a series into the ground as much as the next person I’d like to see them take another run in that direction.

  • vrakanox

    Well on account that it’s Nomura talking here I’m already excited as hell.

    • Hraesvelgr

      Well on account that it’s Nomura talking here I’m already turned off as hell.

      • JohnCasey1


    • [The Hunter] Doomrider

      Count me in, I love the guy’s sense of style. Not refering to his designs specifically (even though I like some of them), but the tone and feel of the story in the games he’s involved in! And little details, like…SPOILER FOR KH2letting you control Mickey, Riku, having that spectacular last battle with Xemnas, that kind of stuff. That is why I just KNOW he will let us do at least one battle in Versus using that Roen designed suit Noctis has. It feels like a detail he would include =PBottomline: IMO, the guy is underrated. Everyone just concentrates on the damn zippers and all that crap while the good stuff he does seems to go kind of unnoticed, just because the characters in it have A THOUSAND ZIPPERS AND BELTS EVERYWHERE.But it’s just my opinion.

      • vrakanox

        You’re a lot like me. I really hope in Versus he lets us use the guy in the white robe. I like how he puts just as much work into the side characters/antagonists as he does into the heroes. I also think the idea of having multiple heroes in BBS is a big step forward.

        I do realize he uses similar designs for a lot of characters and he loves his belts and zippers. Minor things like that never bothered me however.

  • I’m guessing he’s referring to Agito XIII or Parasite Eve when he says “moving along rapidly.” The second comment about “not entirely new” could also be about one of these two, since they’re supposed to be pretty different from what they were initially intended to be on mobile phones. Or he’s talking about KH3.

    • JohnCasey1

      No more Kingdom Hearts! We’ve already had the series go overdrive with three new back-to-back games. =_= Let’s get something new for a change…

  • I want more Parasite Eve. I know 3rd Birthday is coming, but I want something a bit more extensive than a PSP game. Which is also why I wouldn’t mind Kingdom Hearts 3. Sure we had Chain of Memories port to PS2, the DS game and the PSP game, but to me, anything that’s not extensively on a console is just filler.

  • Xeahnort

    Nomura should finish Versus & The 3rd Birthday before taking on more projects.

  • Masengan

    I hope one of those unannounced titles is KH3, please…

  • the_anon

    I’m calling it now, Final Fantasy VII Remake.

  • “Final Fantasy Agito XIII, Final Fantasy Versus XIII”

    Im expecting this more than FF 12

  • thaKingRocka

    what i was really hoping to read was the word ‘nothing’ after the question closing the first paragraph.

  • I honestly LOVE the KH series, but I much prefer a new game to something I’m already familiar with. Maybe I just like new, shiny stuff more than I should? But Nomura-san is so talented it’s just a waste for him to pour so much time into Kingdom Hearts.

    A-anyway, that said, a new KH with new original (main?) characters would be kinda cool.

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