What’s Going On With Ignition And SNK?

By Spencer . December 23, 2009 . 9:42pm

image Ignition stepped up by giving SNK’s games more exposure in North America and Europe. The King of Fighters XII had heaps of promotion, way more than any other SNK game in the past decade. Meanwhile, Ignition is silent about Samurai Shodown: Edge of Destiny.


A ketchup heavy version was shown at Ignition’s E3 booth where Edge of Destiny had a 2009 release window. The game isn’t on store shelves and it mysteriously vanished from Gamestop’s and Amazon’s databases.


Here’s another unusual bit. According to Australia’s rating board, Ignition is not publishing or handling Samurai Shodown: Edge of Destiny in Oceania. The OFLC rating lists SNK Playmore as the publisher Samurai Shodown Sen. It appears SNK also changed the title to be closer to the Japanese name, Samurai Spirits Sen. Compare that to The King of Fighters XII OFLC rating which lists Ignition as everything except the author.


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The ESRB says Ignition is still publishing Samurai Shodown, Edge of Destiny, but that was back in October. The OFLC rating is only a few days old. Also, other yet to be announced SNK games like Metal Slug XX and SNK Arcade Classics 0 list SNK as the publisher in North America. Both of those are for PSP, so they could be download-only PlayStation Network games that SNK Japan can publish without help, but something strange is going on with Samurai Shodown for sure.


Did Ignition drop SNK after The King of Fighter XII sales? Was it the other way around? Is SNK going to self publish games in the West again?

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  • JohnCasey1

    Maybe they actually logically play-tested this game, and found out it was crap. Something they obviously failed at with KOFXII.

  • Kris

    This is definitely disconcerting. While I dislike Ignition, it would be very shocking to see SNK split with them. I wonder if either could survive (in North America, at least) without the other.

  • Ereek

    Interesting post. Now I’m curious, despite my dislike of Ignition.

    • Maybe. I believe SNK hasn’t published a boxed game in North America since Samurai Shodown Anthology. And the PS2 version of that got terrible distribution, so much so Gamestop of all places didn’t even carry it.

  • Artavasdus

    I imported the japanese version of Samurai Spirits Sen and, as sad as it is, I found a game that is sorely lacking any lasting appeal. The fact that it manages to be more interesting than the other 3d SS iterations is not a major selling point, since Warriors Rage 2 was a craptastic game in its own right. While the additions to the selectable cast are interesting and coherent with the previous chapters (SS always had crazy gaijins mixed with Edo characters) and the artworks and OST are classy, the game itself is plagued by lackluster SoulCalibur-wannabe gameplay, terrible mannequin-like animations, some awful 3d models mixed with nice ones, and, of course, the lack of the gory moves. If only for this last feature I would support the western release, but this isn’t a game that will raise SNK (how many know or care that it was outsourced to K2LLC?) or Ignition’s reputation in the western audience.As a side note, the netcode seems to be rather stable, since I was able to play with many japanese gamers suffering only sporadic slowdowns.That said, I find unjust to compare KoF12 to SSEoD: I have been playing KoF12 for months with my beu-addicted friends, and while the lack of single player contents and crappy online mode may rightfully cause contempt I find the core gameplay of the versus mode (the only thing I care for in a beat’em up) to be quite solid and entertaining. I can’t say the same for SSS.

  • SNK USA’s site might be hinting at something in their development section:
    It’s been there for a while, though, at least since from this past summer, but it’s still something I’ve been wondering about.

    It’s kind of too bad. As much as I love SNK’s usual bargain prices and collections, there were always delays (typical for every company, but these guys took it to the max) or something that really irked me on every other of their releases.
    They usual do a great job for being an incredibly small team based in New Jersey, but at the same time, they’re an incredibly small team based in New Jersey…

  • SSEoD, that game failed location test back in 2007, in the US. Certainly not Ignition’s fault that SNK handed them 2 crappy titles with a seemingly foolproof legacy. But you are marketing games that are a niche group within the fighting game community. Marketing kof12 was a big gamble that might have had potential, but failed pretty hard in the end. with SSEod, i’m pretty sure theyre taking the pessimistic approach; everyone already knows the game sucks.

    SNK isn’t going to self-publish again. they’re financially in the hole, thanks to KOF12. They’re trying to recoup their losses with KOF Sky Stage and KOF02UM (both games are low development, and high sales yield). Then again. It wouldnt surprise me that they’d go bankrupt for a third time again. SNK Playmore Ignition, anyone?

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