[email protected] Concerts Coming To PlayStation Home

By Spencer . December 26, 2009 . 2:10pm

Namco Bandai and Sony are partnering to bring live [email protected] shows to PlayStation Home next year.


PlayStation Home users in Japan will be able to watch [email protected] concerts starting in January 2010. Given the popularity of the [email protected] series, in Japan this may be the biggest promotion for PlayStation Home to date.


  • shion16

    i just have one question…..
    wasnt [email protected] a Xbox 360 franchise?

    • ZeroBlitz

      It’s on PSP too. It’s not owned by Microsoft or anything, it’s just seen as heavily connected because it’s pretty much the main reason the 360 has a kind of select fanbase in Japan.

    • There was also the Haruka mask made available for the PS Home.

  • Aoshi00

    I really have to give the first game another chance. I’m playing Dream Club right now and having a blast w/ it. The songs from IdolMaster’s tween to teenage girls just weren’t my cup of tea.. plus I didn’t like the “timed” responses one needs to pick.. I guess the Home idea is kind of cool, it really is a different experience watching it w/ so many others. Otherwise I rarely touch it, the US or the Jpn one, it’s such a waste of time..

    • The timed responses were taken out in [email protected]: Dearly Stars, which helped me some. It also has different gameplay features than from the arcade and Xbox game as far as I can tell.
      But, I’m totally into the music! I’m not usually a fan of these pop tunes, but matching them with the excellent choreography I can’t help it. That’s really the cream of the crop. The character’s are fun, but their quirks can only amuse you for so long… I haven’t gotten into Dream Club, but I imagined it’s more-or-less the same?

      I agree about Home. I never saw the point in it, at least for me. I mean, I have my own home to worry about…

      • Aoshi00

        How’s the DS or PSP version? I have both [email protected] on the 360, so I kind of don’t want to get the ones w/ inferior graphics. The music is okay, but they’re too tweeny for me, except a couple of ballads which were nice. If I were to go back to the game, it would be to make Makoto a star or something.

        I totally dig the songs in Dream Club though. I think Dream Club is rather different in that it’s a very traditional dating sim despite the pay to chat hostess aspect, and player getting the girls drunk (for different conversation points, such as getting them to reveal things they normally don’t feel comfortable about). You’re trying to gather all the info you can, hear out their problems, make good impressions, and hopefully land enough dates to get the girl at the end. There are actually many endings, good, bad, and friendship for each of the 10 girls, so there’s lots of replay value. I’m trying to see if I can eventually get 30-35 achievements to unlock the 2 addt’l girls, instead of spending on 800 pts each which is kind of ridiculous, but it’s a good thing they CAN be unlocked if you keep at it. I even want the new songs they put out, they’re not “remixed” version like in [email protected], these are actually new songs for all the girls, but I’ll have to say no to the expensive DLC. They also sing the “drunk” version of course when they’re wasted, so so cute. If you like dating sims you should give it a try. I put off getting this game for so long (partially due to my distaste for its DLC, but you dont need to buy the costumes, they’re actually in game, just that they’re only worn on special occasions), but I’m glad I finally got it. Home was really stupid.. exactly, I got my own place to tidy up, why would I care about a virtual apartment lol, I think it’s for young uns to make believe or something.. plus if I have time to use Home, it’d be better off playing my backlog of games you know.

        • Glad to hear you enjoyed Dream Club. I was wondering if DC’s gameplay was limited to small chit-chats and “chop-the-poppy” stuff, but it sounds like it has a bit more depth than I thought. Well, more than Love Plus, but I guess it depends on what you’re looking for (although I enjoyed LP more than I thought I would, too…).

          Hmm… you might not enjoy [email protected] for either the DS or PSP, then. The graphics, visual in general, doesn’t come close to the Xbox 360’s counterpart, so all that’s left are the characters (fun stories, but if you can’t stand the characters…), their songs and dances, and their outfits. If that’s not up your alley then I’d probably wouldn’t recommend it. It rubs me the right way, but that’s just my thing and would probably tell people the same thing – take my high fanaticism for the series with a pinch of salt ’cause I’m just crazy for the series!
          I also tell them I loved Street Fighter: The Movie to send the message home ;)

          • Aoshi00

            I got my copy of Love Plus several weeks ago, but it’s still sealed because I was having a lot of fun w/ Dream Club (also to my surprise). I think there’s more variety when it comes to girl types. There’s the boyish boku type, but she’s cuter than Makoto the tomboy. There’s a girl w/ Osaka accent, another w/ Kyoto accent, the mature and sexy but pure-at-heart Rui, the ditz w/ glasses, the younger sis who calls you onii-san, the idol singer, model who has an inferiority complex, the traditional Yamato Nadeshiko type Amane, etc, they’re all so cute. And the two addt’l unlockable (or 800 MS pt) characters are the android (who probably wants to learn to act more human) and mysterious girl w/ the eyepatch. Winning their hearts is fun, and not easy since the choices are sometimes not clear on how to answer their question (beats that “I’ll call the cops on you” XBLA game :)? I have yet to get any good ending though.. I don’t want to go near LP yet until I finished FF XIII (damn the slow shipping!). I want to see gawk at Lightning’s sweet thighs, lol..

            Street Fighter the movie!?? I guess that could be considered a classic after you watch the new Chun Li movie, that was horrible :(…

  • Chow

    How big did that Project Diva promotion get? This seems really similar to that.

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