More Etrian Odyssey III Classes Revealed

By Spencer . December 29, 2009 . 1:12am

Atlus updated the Etrian Odyssey III site with details on five more classes. Players can choose warrior, zodiac, ballista, beast king, and farmer jobs for their custom characters.


Here are bits about each of them.



Warrior – These buffed up fighters that forgo defense for offense. They can equip giant swords and blunt weapons.



Zodiac – Astrologers with cosmic powers. With the help of ether, an element from the skies, they can use star techniques.



Ballista – Nicknamed “archer”, this class uses giant guns and bows in battle.



Beast King – With their natural ability to communicate with animals, Beast King’s can make monsters fight for them.



Farmer – Weak in battle, but have abilities that help the group navigate the seas.


In addition to these classes players can also pick princess/prince, shinobi, pirate, phalanx, and monk.




Etrian Odyssey III is scheduled for March 4, 2010 in Japan.

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  • ElTopo

    I want this game more and more, every day. Wind Waker meets Etrian Odyssey = Win.

  • Code
  • Argh, I never got to finish one and never started two… and yet I sooo want to try this third one.

  • benhanks040888

    i think this means that few or no old classes will return in this third game. because warrior = landschnekt, phalanx = protector, shinobi ~~ ronin, ballista = gunner + survivalist,

    • MadMirko


      Who knows how the class names will be localized, f.ex. Phalanx could be Protector again, and I’m pretty sure Ballista won’t be the final English name.

    • Pichi

      I think its more the lines of new classes mixing things up a bit so they won’t exactly be the old classes. It really looking like the old classes are long gone. I wouldn’t be surprise if Atlus decides to go for new names as well.

      I’m waiting for portraits to come up more than anything. I want to see if the farmer class portraits have different animals.


    These classes are very uninspiring and way too similar to previous ones (except for the beast tamer is interesting). Unless the game gets a lot new tweaks and refinement I don’t think I will dip again.

  • I’ve been checking the official site almost everyday, a new trailer is up showing a FOE, but the highlight for me is the music:
    My speakers are screwing up so at first I only heard the jingles – I kind of freaked out when I heard the theremins effect kick in.

    Grabbed a couple wallpapers too to replace my “blue” Windows one. Yuji Himukai is great. If you followed him on Twitter he comes off as a bit …odd – to put it bluntly, but he has serious talent. Oh, he just updated his site, too, so it’s SFW again. Looks like he’s getting ready for Comiket.

    • I have to agree with matty. Music in that vid is BADASS!!

  • um, a farmer that helps you navigate the seas? o.O

    • Pichi

      I also heard elsewhere that they are suppose to be in it for the riches? Weird farmer people we have here! But if they help with things like FOEs and getting money, its welcomed I suppose. Can’t wait to learn more to develop my story for the class!

    • I was thinking sea farming, like, aquaculture. That makes total sense!
      But, that doesn’t explain the pitchfork and sheep…

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