A Snapshot Of Hong Kong’s Final Fantasy XIII Launch Party

By Spencer . December 30, 2009 . 2:52pm

Two weeks ago Final Fantasy XIII came out in Asia, not just Japan. Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong rolled out the red carpet for Square Enix with a Final Fantasy XIII launch party.


The event took place in Causeway Bay, right next to the Sogo department store. Sony’s kiosk had playable builds of Final Fantasy XIII and lots of cosplayers. One of them was local pop star Adason Lo who acted as the event’s host, dressed as Snow.



Someone dressed as Lightning was there too and she has a nice looking sword prop.



Here are more pictures from the event with Vanille and Serah cosplayers.

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  • nyoron

    I wonder if they’ll bother with any events in the US? I’ve never been to a midnight launch for anything but I might consider going for FFXIII.Too bad the Playstation Store at the Metreon closed down, I feel like they would have done something cool.

  • alpha2

    Is it also the Japanese language version that they launched there?

    • Aoshi00

      Most likley the Jpn language version since the Asian Eng version is not available yet, probably not until around the same time as the US release.

  • vieya

    is the game translateed into cantonese or is it in japanese? I would totally buy it if it was in cantonese but if it’s in japanese I’ll just wait for the english release.

    • Aoshi00

      I doubt it’s in Cantonese, I don’t think any console games have been completely localized in Chinese w/ perhaps the exception of Romance of the 3 Kingdoms and a few others that cater specifically to the Chinese market. HK people are used to playing Japanese games untranslated traditionally, depending on strategy guides.

      • EasonChiu

        There are many games that completely translated into Chinese…. All the consoles do have many games in Chinese. But not this one. PS3 Uncharted 1 & 2, Xbox360 Gear of War 1&2, Ratchet and Clank, Need for Speed Shift, LittleBigPlanet, inFamous, Blazblue… etc Wii as well… It’s really difficult to list all cuz too many of them…

        • Aoshi00

          I have no idea, you mean just the in-game text or the dialogue has been dubbed entirely into Cantonese or Mandarin? I know games were not localized in HK before and were just Jpn imports, at least prior to 16 bits, since piracy was quite rampant back then. One would think it would be more helpful if they translate this game which is so story oriented instead of the others you mentioned which are more action and don’t necessarily require translation to enjoy them.

  • Aoshi00

    Thumbs up for Serah and Lightning cosplayers, boo for Snow (at least the singer, who didn’t even dye his hair blond or wear a wig..)

  • *_____________* i got mine yesterday ! its awsome , i got japanese version and my friend has hong kong version , they are preety much the same and the game is japanese only , exept my game came with the Beta for FF14 and his didnt !
    Anyway , the game has full voice …. *____* just like vesperia , wich is awsome , or else id lose a great deal XD , its been preety easy to understand so far i have 6 hours of game , and the batle system is VERY FUN , although at the beguining is kinda repetitive !
    Soooo YEs im glad i imported it , there are many people saying the game is bad …. i dont get it , sure its not THE BEST GAME EVER , but its really cool XD
    O___O they sure invested on the faces and the hair , my complain is square hands XD rolf but its ok XD ! Also …. Vanille is sooo much fun XD i didnt thought i was gona like her XD !

    • Aoshi00

      I just got mine today, nice after working on New Year’s Eve all day. I like the full voice too, even NPCs. I’m only maybe about 2 hrs into the game. I love all the chars so much, Lightning and Sazh, Vanille and Hope, Snow and Team Nora, so much chemistry. I thought the scene w/ Lightning tricking Sazh to cover his ears when she was opening the door was hiliarious, Sazh was ducking for cover thinking it was an explosion, but Lightning just didn’t want him to hear her feminine voice (Sakamoto Maaya ftw!) The graphics is amazing, I found myself constantly looking around and savoring the surrounding, music is nice too just like FFX. I know what you mean by blocky fingers, I was kind of worried about that when I saw Hope’s dad clenching his fist in the trailer. From what everyone said, the game is only going to get better as the battle system opens up more option. Yes, Vanille is more fun and adorable than I expected. One thing I didn’t expect, Hope’s mom is hot! (“A mother is strong”).. I will miss her.

      • MisterNiwa

        Got this game since Christmas Eve, and.. been playing it daily, already up to 55h.

        This game is so addicting, its easily my Game Of The Year.

        • Aoshi00

          I’m only about 5-6 hrs in it so far, the gameplay is fun and fast but a bit simple for the time being. Also the story isn’t too exciting yet, maybe it’s because we’ve been spoiled most of the beginning by the numerous trailers. I remember I knew absolutely nothing about FFX before playing that on the PS2 so I was blown away. I’m sure it would get better since most people who’ve imported have put many hours into this. So far my GotY is Batman Arkham Asylum/Uncharted 2 though, if not limited to just RPG genre.So is it true that there aren’t that many “towns”? I kind of miss that. Also is it just me or there isn’t much rumble/vibration in this game? I thought it was kind of strange I’m not feeling any feedback from my controller during the gunfight and explosion cutscenes and I don’t see such option in config…

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