Record of Agarest War Director On Soul Breed System Inspiration

By Spencer . December 30, 2009 . 1:40pm


The most discussed feature in Record of Agarest War is the soul breed system, which lets players procreate the next protagonist. How did Compile Heart come up with this idea? We went to the game’s director.


“We had always wanted to create a game in which we can express passing of eras,” Sugano Kenta, Director of Record of Agarest War replied. “But, we figured it’d be more interesting to add a concept of generation changes where a main character has a child and the kid has his own child when he grows up and so forth, which has developed into the current Soul Breed System.”


Record of Agarest War spans five generations starting with Leonhardt and three dates female party members. During the story, there are conversation choices which affect how the girls feel about you. At the end of Leonhardt’s arc he picks one of the girls to marry and creates the next lead character.


Check back next week/year for the full Record of Agarest War interview with Kenta next week/year.

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  • nyoron

    “We wanted to give the player the satisfaction of not only winning the girl, but nailing her as well.”

    Fun game, hope someone localizes the sequel.

  • Artavasdus

    Nice interview Spencer, it’s interesting to have some direct feedback from niche developers who usually don’t enjoy much coverage :) I like the idea behind Agarest’ breeding system, even if the whole fatherson dynamic was already used in jrpgs like Romancing SaGa 2, Phantasy Star 3, Fire Emblem Seisen no Keifu, Dragon Quest 5, Dragon Valour, Rune Factory 2 and Growlanser HoW.
    Some of those games featured systems akin to the “soul breeding” since you had to select the character’s (or characters’) bride while others used the generation change as a simple plot device. I look forward to read more about Compile Heart, let’s hope Ghostlight brings us Agarest Zero next year.

    • Lets hope anyone BUT Ghostlight brings us Agarest Zero. The localisation job they did for this game is an abomination. I even brought the special edition because I wanted to help support them…

      There’s no excuse for a translation that reads like it’s just been put through Babelfish in this day and age.

      • After dealing with Lux-Pain, I might be able to stomach bad translation (though, I prefer not to).

        • Artavasdus

          Lux Pain was as bad as a western localization can get, truly a shame since the game itself was an entertaining visual novel which could have boosted interest on the genre in the western userbase. Agarest’s localization is not even nearly as bad, and considering Ghostlight is a far smaller publisher than Ignition and that Agarest was their first direct localization I think it’s fair to cut them some slack and let them figure how to do a better job next time. That said, if Ghostlight hadn’t step up probably we would be still asking for Agarest’s unlikely western localization: that such a niche game is now out in Europe is a little miracle in itself, and realistically I’m not going to demand perfection on a low budget, risky release such as this.

          • To be honest, even with as terrible a translation Lux had, I was still incredibly addicted to the game, bad grammar and all XD

  • Im looking forward to next week/year

  • ndjn3979

    What…the…****. (/awe & discomfort)

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