Witch’s Wish And Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley On Natsume’s 2010 Lineup

By Spencer . December 31, 2009 . 9:48am

image Natsume has two games up their sleeve and Witch’s Wish doesn’t sound like a Harvest Moon spin-off. This upcoming Nintendo DS game has players guide a witch in training.


Here’s how the ESRB describes it.


This is an adventure game in which players assume the role of a young girl who aspires to become a witch. Players walk around town, interact with people, and solve puzzles. Players can cast magic spells on characters during comical duel sequences: buckets of water are dumped, little tornadoes may twirl, and bursts of cloud-and-fire are sent—recipients of these "rock-paper-scissors"-style attacks usually fall down or run away.


The ESRB also has sort of new news on another Harvest Moon game. Harvest Moon: Hero of Leaf Valley is coming to PSP which is a new name for Harvest Moon: Sugartown.


This is a simulation game in which players assume the role of a young farmer who must save his village from being turned into a theme park. While accomplishing this goal, players can grow crops, ranch livestock, interact with villagers, and engage in commerce with vendors. Players can also buy various supplies, tools, food and beverages in town: milk, sautéed mushrooms, wheat wine, nut wine, french fries, fish meal, and tomato salad are all on the menu at a town café; players can consume these items, which often return stamina—the depiction is benign and in-context (i.e., there is no getting drunk in the game). During the course of the game, players can wager medals on horses that race in the tri-annual Horse Racing Festival.

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  • That witch game… you think it might be Majo ni Naru?


    It instantly sprang to mind when I read that.

    • That’s just what I was going to suggest! The second I read the description, I thought of it too.

    • Pichi

      I remember hearing about this game long ago. If its the game Natsume’s doing, I’ll grab it. I liked the art style and the witch theme.

  • Lol to the psp harvest moon game, anyway ive been looking forward for it since it was released in japanese

  • Hmmm.. does that harvest moon have a girl protagonist? It doesn’t look like it =(

  • Mmm.. more harvesty goodness. Man, it’s hard keeping up!

    • Haha, if YOU can’t keep up with Harvest Moon, there’s no hope for the rest of us! Maybe you can do a broadcast of your playthrough and we can all just watch and imagine it’s us playing it.

      • I’d love to.. if only I could afford to import the Wii ones. Those are really the only ones I tend to lag on.

        But knowing my luck, even if I did get the Wii games, I’d find some incredible glitch that only I have (happened to me with MySims Kingdom.. never did get to play with it *sulk*)

        • Xingy

          Aside from Animal Parade, you aren’t missing much.

  • Joanna

    The witch game looks interesting. I wonder if it’s an Animal Crossing meets Harry Potter game, sort of like Konami’s Magician’s Quest, which I really liked. Or if it’s more like Harvest Moon meets Harry Potter. Either way both combinations sound like lots of fun :D

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