PAL BlazBlue Has More Unlimited Characters

By Spencer . January 4, 2010 . 3:37am


Australian publisher N3V Games spilled the beans about the extra content in the European version of BlazBlue.


PAL gamers get unlimited versions of every BlazBlue character plus extra colors for customization. That’s  eight more modified characters to play with compared with our BlazBlue. N3V Games also says the European version will be fully online compatible with the Japanese and North American versions. Huh, that’s interesting. Wouldn’t Arc System Works and Aksys have to, at the very least, release a patch for the extra colors to work online? Perhaps, the BlazBlue staff is banging away at an update with the bonus unlimited characters too.

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  • MisterNiwa


  • ElTopo

    Yeah but we’re (North America/Japan) also getting Calamity Trigger in the near future…and who actually plays with Unlimited Characters? I think those extra colors though were some payed DLC here…which is annoying. I passed on paying for a couple more colors on a fighting game.

    • kironoku

      yup extra colors were DLC, also i heard about a reprint of CT for USA and Japan, maybe they include all this stuff there.

    • dr000d

      We have Calamity Trigger in Japan/US already…since what? June? lol.

      • ElTopo

        Hmm meant Continuum Shift

    • Chow

      I usually don’t mind DLC, but that color changer thing was beyond dumb. Besides, I’m kind of guy who OCD’s on playing his fighting games with the characters’ default colors. (It’s one of the reasons I used to play SSF2 more than SSF2T).

      • Same here! OCD is the perfect way to describe it when I choose the alternate costume in fighters. As dumb as it sounds I just can’t concentrate with the “non-canon” costume unless I think the character camouflages with the background or something… like that helps my crappy skills in fighters.
        Although, it’s funny that you mention SSF2T, as that’s my only exception. The colors made them look like they were Gummi Bears, I just like that look.

      • Nite

        I’m not a big fan of most of BB’s designs or their default color choices, but the other palettes improve them for me. I especially like the colors for Ragna that make him look like Gintoki (who shares the same Japanese voice actor).

        But hell, I’d really love if these games would just give us a color editor option instead.

  • ForeverFidelis


    I got all excited for nothing.

    When they said new characters, I was expecting new characters.
    Not new versions of old characters.

    I live in America, not Europe, but still I was hoping for some dlc characters..

    • ElTopo

      Continuum Shift comes out inf a few months, two new characters confirmed, although really I would expect something like 4 from a “new” game. Even if Haku is getting a nice buff..

      • ForeverFidelis



        Continuum Shift comes out in a few months? :OOOOOO

        So there’s a confirmed console release date, or are you yankin’ my chain? D:<

        • ElTopo

          Im going off sheer estimation actually. It should be out next year. All the arcade testing in Japan finished up over the last two months of 09, so a console release shouldnt be too far off for next year.

  • This is why i hate buying fighting games, they always re re release it (3x) before they stop remaking them. Capcom and almost every company that makes fighting game does this… it sickens me…

  • Play with NA and JAP players from europe? Cant wait to see the lag on that

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