Hi Definition Nintendo DS Successor With Motion Sensor In The Works

By Spencer . January 5, 2010 . 10:37pm

image The Asahi Shimbun has an interview with Satoru Iwata, President of Nintendo, where he comments on a successor to the Nintendo DS. Iwata tells the paper the future handheld will be able to output high resolution graphics and have a motion sensor.


While Nintendo has plans to develop this machine, Iwata did not set a release date. Instead, he mentioned DS sales in North America reached an all time high in 2009.

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  • Kris

    I really hope that they don’t announce this too quickly, they still haven’t properly delivered on DSiware or even DSi-specific games!
    Maybe I’m just bitching because I just got a DSi and I don’t want to feel like an N64 DD adopter…

    • I on the other hand, can’t wait for the DS’s successor. I’ve become bored with the DS recently, I just can’t get into the new games I’ve been buying for it… Some of that has to do with I just can’t stand the buttons on the DS Lite, especially the D-Pad.

      Did they fix the buttons on the DSi? Maybe I’d be more likely to buy one then…

      • Kris

        Unfortunately, I can’t really tell you, I used to have a DS Phat until it got stolen, and I quite like the DSi buttons and D-pad, very clicky. No idea how the DS Lite compares though.

        • “Clicky”, eh? So sort of like the DS phat? Well that’s better than “squishy” like the DS lite’s buttons. Still would it kill Nintendo to give us more console-like buttons on our handhelds? Not since the original GBA have buttons on a handheld felt good to me(That’s including PSP. I’ve been trying to play Darius Burst recently, and that made me realize that the D-Pad on the PSP is horrible for shooters!).

          • JeremyR

            What PSP do you have? The 2000 and 3000 have great d-pads. 1000 is pretty bad though.

          • I have a 1000, haha. Good to hear they fixed the d-pad in the later models, I’ve been meaning to get a 3000.

          • The PSP D-Pad is horrible for every genre, not just shooters.

          • The analog nub is just as bad, though. Did they fix that on the 2000 or 3000? (I have a 1000.)

          • Chow

            Yeah, out of my two handhelds, both my NDS Lite and PSP-1000 have horrible D-Pads. The NDS Lite has too much travelling area, and the PSP-1000 doesn’t have enough. In both cases, it’s almost impossible to get a well-defined diagonal press on theird D-Pads.Through personal experience, I can confirm that every PSP model afterward have much better D-Pads. However, also through personal experience, Nintendo’s track record for D-Pads on ANY of their systems have never been fixed, strangely.

    • JeremyR

      Okay, to be honest, I don’t have a DSi. But I have been thinking about getting one (one of the LL’s when they come out over here) because Sony’s mini program has basically been a bust (also might get a Ipod Touch).But I was looking at the list of DSiware games rated by ESRB, and it says there are 142 of them.Now compare that to the PSP Mini program, of which there are 26.Okay, half of them seem to be Sudoku games. But beyond that it seems like some good stuff, Popcap is supporting it (they support every platform in existence except the PSP), Gameloft, EA, Konami, Hudson, Squeenix. And Nintendo themselves. Meanwhile, not a single Japanese company is supporting the mini program on PSP. Heck, not even Sony themselves.So I guess my point is, considering the DSiware platform is just DSis, it’s actually got pretty great support, compared to what the PSP has, even though all PSPs can use PSN, not just PSPgos. And heck, every PS3 can run minis now. And yet it’s only got a very tiny miniscule support. Basically just from EA, Gameloft, and an assortment of iPhone developers that were too late to make a ton of money on iphone.

      • malek86

        Take a closer look at that DSiWare list, and you’ll notice it’s pretty much worthless.

        • But Pony Party: Purple Edition version over 9000 is GoTY material… Seriously, shovelware has a market, and kids will buy all the DSi crap their parents can afford. It’s always been like that. So it’s safe to say Nintendo DOES know what they’re doing…

  • malek86

    So Nintendo is going for the iPhone route? Power + accelerometer?I hope it won’t gnaw on the battery life. I love my eternally lasting DS Lite. I can play for a week without recharging it.

  • Soma

    I find it amusing that instead of mentioning a release date, Iwata distracts us with talking about the current DS sales. Is it really news that these things continue to sell well?

    Anyway, I can’t say that I’m terribly excited for a new handheld console. To be honest, I have not been doing very much portable gaming these days. Not that there haven’t been any good game. It actually seems like there are far too many for me to keep up with. D:

  • Damn it! Why did I choose today to go out? Haha, Spencer beat me to the story. Anyway, yea…cannot wait to see the new DS whenever they choose to unveil it, if only to satisfy my curiosity about what it’ll be like.

  • Avojavo

    Motion sensor… at first it sounded like another hardware gimmick, but it seems like a very natural extension of the camera. I guess they’re extending the stylus idea of control, except now without the stylus.

    I wonder if the idea is if the motion sensor detects the location of your head (if you tilt the neo-DS, it looks like your head moves) or the idea is you wave your hand around and it detects that. Hopefully neither would involve the screen being obstructed by something as silly as your own hand.

    • I just hope that it doesn’t involve shaking and waving the DS itself. I know the DSs can take a good beating, but for something costing near 200 bucks I do not want to see it flying around like some people were doing with the Wii remotes, then crash through a TV screen.

      I’m guessing it might work like the EyeToy if it uses the camera? I think the GameBoy had something like that. I’m surprised the DSiWare hasn’t done anything like that, yet. Well, besides that fighting one. I want to try that out.

  • ecosos3

    Finally a Hi-Def hand held system.


    I mean, I’ve heard the rumors about a new hand-held system being developed, but a confirmation makes that fact so much more concrete.

    Now: cue the release date and system specs rumors.

  • Pichi

    With the DS selling good, I would think they would hold off on more information. I wonder if they will cut a bit into the DS’s life just to make it out the door quicker like they did the GBA.

  • I still use the O.G. DS Phat… so this doesn’t really interest me. The pointless camera & region locked, non-transferable, downloadable games didn’t interest me either…

  • Joanna

    The fact that Iwata avoid the question of when this successor will be released means it’s not ready yet or it won’t be coming out any time soon. Which is as I have suspected since the damn rumors a few months back that the successor will be out in 2010. :P

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