An Update On That Mysterious Mistwalker Project

By Spencer . January 6, 2010 . 3:12am

image After a surfing break, Mistwalker head honcho Hironobu Sakaguchi went back to work on the still unannounced Mistwalker game. And he notes for his team.


Sakaguchi writes in his blog, “I still have unsettled adjustment on the last dungeon dialogue and the directions of the ending scene. I didn’t think I had that much adjustments, however this being the last dungeon, my requests has become slightly excessive.”


Alright, the Mistwalker game has dungeons, which probably means it won’t be a straight strategy RPG like Archaic Sealed Heat. Classic RPG, then?

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  • Trotmeister

    Most likely it’s going to turn out to be yet another miserable failure like Lost Odyssey or ASH.

    • gar3

      I guess it all depends on your definition of “failure.” I haven’t played ASH yet but Lost Odyssey was a great “classic feel” JPN RPG to me.

  • squall3031

    Lost Odyssey was good! Actually i wanted this kind of RPG for a lonnng time!

  • Dragon Fantasy I/XIII Days – Lost Undiscovery: The 3rd Odyssey.

    • MisterNiwa

      That took you some time to come up with, right!?

      Cant wait to play that.

  • Xeahnort

    I´m surprised that Mistwalker still in business, they have not done anything good since Lost Odyssey.

  • Mazen

    Lost Odyssey the best RPG this gen, heh not like there is really a worthy competition in consoles for the genre,
    I can’t wait for Mistwalker’s new game.

    • cowcow

      If its so great you’d think the sales would be up in the roof and would warrant them to think “hey, why dont we do something smart like porting this over to the PS3 where the user install base is multiple times that of the 360 in Japan”

      • Hraesvelgr

        Sales do not equal quality. A game can be amazing, yet be a total flop commercially. Similar to how television shows or movies may be critically praised, but end up flopping. Likewise, things can be critically panned and considered generally terrible, but still end up making tons of money, like Transformers 2.

        • Slashlen

          Sometimes I wonder if sales and quality are inversely related.

        • cowcow

          Transformers is a bad example because its riding on the nostalig coattails of the TV show toys and comic book, has Speilberg backing it with huge budget, ground breaking CGI eye candy by ILM, has Bay director name and massive hype set in mindless summer blockbuster release date to hordes of action starved mindless crowd.
          LO is developed for 360 which is absolute idiotic idea to release on a dead system in Japan compared to PS3 with rehashed archaic FF style gameplay thats been there done that doomed to start

          • Mazen

            The game sold one million world wide,
            how there is someone still don’t know that Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon are completely funded and owned by Microsoft they can’t release it anywhere without Microsoft’s OK.

  • TurkeyPotPie

    I’m looking forward to a new MW game (really disappointed that nothing came of Cry On), but I have to wonder. Where the hell does MW get all their money? Have any of their games been a success financially? And Sakaguchi seems to spend 90% of his time surfing. Lucky bastard.

  • cowcow

    That looks like a nice restaurant he’s in

  • Aoshi00

    I hope it would be another old school turn based console RPG since nobody makes them anymore, a shame on Cry On. Blue Dragon, ASH, and Lost Odyssey were all great (don’t know why everyone dissed ASH, it was very fun for me). Looks like the Gooch was having fun celebrating the new year :)

  • badmoogle

    Whatever it is,i hope it’ll be more successful than Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon.I think the industry really needs studios like Mistwalker.

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