Hexyz Force Heading To North America In May

By Spencer . January 6, 2010 . 5:01pm

imageAtlus confirmed they’re bringing Hexyz Force in North America. The Sting developed game (think Yggdra Union, Evolution) will be available here on May 25.


In Hexyz Force you play two sides of an intertwining story. As Cecilia, players explore the world as a young cleric. Levant’s tale is a story of politics and conspiracy.


We’ll have much more about Hexyz Force tomorrow when we post hands on impressions. For now, soak up some of the anime cutscenes in Atlus’ teaser trailer.


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  • cowcow

    Nice. I have to try the JPN version when I get some free time

  • Soma

    Haha! I just read the email from Atlus.
    Great news. =3

  • malek86

    I already got this. Let’s say the combat system is a mix between Riviera and Evolution, rettifying some of the wrongs of the Evolution system but introducing some others.Not bad overall, but I haven’t felt compelled to keep playing it. Maybe it’s because the Cecilia story is kinda boring. Also, she must be on of the worst female leads ever. I should try restarting with Levant and see if it’s any better. I totally dig the blonde chick’s hair too.

    • raymk

      how many females leads are there. You can’t be to picky with the one’s you do get

    • I haven’t played either Riviera and Evolution (kinda want to hear more about that second game… never heard it before o-O), so I couldn’t compare battle systems. I just found it odd that there were so many things that were shoved into a 4-page tutorial and never mentioned ever again XD

      Ah yeah, I started with Levant. Things made sense. I’m now playing Cecilia’s route … and I’m finding that if I’d done that, I’d have stopped. Cecilia is kinda, really, really REALLY annoying in the beginning. From what I saw in the Levant route when they finally meet up, she’s OK, which means she develops, but still! And I’m trying to play her route from a “I never played Levant’s route before” POV, and I’m finding that … things are a lot clearer in the Levant route because characters / motives / event starts are shown there clearly, whereas the Cecilia route mostly shows the middle of these events since they’re thrown into them. For example, you meet Faust and are properly introduced to him in his “natural” setting with Levant, but with Cecilia, I think he just appears as an enemy, with no context, really. (*has only finished chapter 2 in the Cecilia route >_>*)

      Wow, I rambled… Whoops.

      • malek86

        Believe me, you don’t want to hear more about Evolution.

        Though you should give Riviera a shot.

        • Mazen

          Is this a normal RPG does it have towns/overworld or just dungeons and story?

          • malek86

            It’s pretty much your run-of-the-mill RPG. There are no shops though. You have to synth items yourself.

          • Mazen

            Oh I see! now am more interested, the more classical it is the better.

  • Pichi

    Loved the artwork the moment I saw it. Since the lead looks like Reiha, its another plus for me! Will get soon and can’t wait for more.

  • 311

    Very interesting I just read the email and I want to try it now

  • This is what I wanted to hear after waited for so long!!!
    And now just left Luminous Arc 3!(wait patiently)

  • Hraesvelgr

    Still not interested in anything on Atlus’ plate outside of Strange Journey. Keep shooting, Atlus.

  • Hmm, I had doubts that it’d come over to the US. Glad to know it is, though I’m hesitant about the size of the audience it’ll appeal to…

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