Suikoden Tierkreis Re-Release Is Loaded With Swag

By Spencer . January 7, 2010 . 5:39pm

imageSuikoden Tierkreis is joining the Konami the Best collection, which means the Nintendo DS game will be reprinted with a big red stripe on the box. In addition to bringing Tierkreis back into stores, Konami has a limited edition of the budget re-release.


The Konamistyle edition includes:

– Suikoden Tierkreis (Konami the Best version)
– Original soundtrack (CD + DVD)
– The genuine bible of Genso Suikoden Tierkreis
– Book cover
– 5 character bookmarks
– Drama CD


… all for 8,540 yen ($91). Look for it at your local importer that carries Konamistyle stuff? Not sure what store that might be, though!

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  • Wonder when we’ll get our first HD Suikoden. This game was good here in the US except the MC spoke too fast and that there were quite a lot of unwinnable fights.

    • kylehyde

      I agree, the only annoying voice in the whole game was the protagonist’s voice, wich is not so great since he talks a lot, but there were moments were his acting was decent, Lui’s voice in other hand was really great. Like you said, this was a good game, and the plot was amazing, but the battles were painfully easy, the only time that I almost get an gameover was in the final fight. But if you like the games with good and basic rpg gameplay this is a good choice.

  • …The bible for the game? That’s actually something I’d want, but $91 is way to expensive for a game I already have (in Japanese, even)…

    dagnabbit XD

  • epy

    Glad to know Tierkreis sold enough to warrant a re-print in Japan. Hopefully this makes Suikoden VI a little more possible.

  • Ereek

    Oh God I want this.

  • Hours

    I’m glad to see Konami still producing all this Suikoden merchandise, even if in this case it’s for the unrelated Tierkreis.

    Now Suikoden VI please, in the original world.

  • Argh, I wouldn’t be able to understand a word, but the extras… the sweet sweet extras. *starts saving*

  • Nice extras, but $91 for a game that has a “budget” reprint cover? Wtf?

  • neo_firenze

    Speaking of Suikoden re-releases… Suikoden II US release on PSN, is it time yet? Japan got I&II for PSP on UMD, then that was re-released on PSN last year. We have had PSX Suikoden I available for download for quite a while a PSOne Classic in the US. Is it too much to ask for the most highly acclaimed game in the series, one which Konami could easily make some money off since it’s in such demand, to make a return appearance already?

  • kupomogli

    Konami always bundles awesome extras that never make its way outside of Japan. The only one we did get was the Portrait of Ruin extra that actually never went to Japan, available as a preorder.

    We also received the Simon Belmont plastic toy, but that was a joke. I guarantee the people from Konami were laughing at that one.

  • I’ve bought every Suikoden (US/JP) release and I want to say this is the same stuff that came with the original LE Tierkreis (albeit cheaper!) Could anyone confirm this so I don’t have to dig out my box of put away stuff. I’d hate to repurchase it; it just looks the same from memory. [I think there were 3 version, Regular, LE, and EXTRA LE ~ I got the biggest one with all the extras]

  • Joanna

    This reminds me that I still have to pick this one up! DX

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