The Two Parts Of Extreme Escape: 9 Hours 9 People 9 Doors

By Laura . January 10, 2010 . 11:31am In Extreme Escape, you are Junpei; one of the nine people trapped onboard a luxurious cruise liner dragged into playing a game set up by the mysterious ringleader “Zero.” Each person on the ship is given a bangle with a number written on it that can only open the door with the same number written on it. If you can get all the way to door 9, then you’re clear. However, if you don’t uphold the rules –- namely that you can only partner with 3-5 people per group at a time -– the bombs inside your bodies will explode.


This is the basic premise for Extreme Escape! 9 Hours 9 People 9 Doors. The game is a suspense/adventure game from Chunsoft, who are reportedly proud of the difficulty of the game. The game is actually split into two segments.


The first is the Escape Part. Here, you explore the rooms and use the DS touchscreen to examine everything in the room -– anything that could give you a hint on how to escape from the locked room. As you discover new things, the people with you will also give their input and provide you with more hints. Sometimes, you can also find usable items, which can be combined with other items for various purposes. Once you solve all the mysteries in the room, it is possible to unlock the door and escape.


The second is the Novel Part, where you can relax (but only just) and talk to other characters. Sometimes, the conversations have nothing to do with the puzzles, but at other times their words can be very important to the story. At the end of the novel part, you get to choose the next numbered door to go through and continue.


The game has an official spoiler-free blog at Chunsoft’s website, and there is also a demo available on the Nintendo Channel in Japan.

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  • Moriken

    I am kinda intrigued by this title, after all I know, one of the scenario writers for the Infinity series (Ever17 etc.) was responsible for the story in this. *-*

  • Chow

    This sounds like it could be the story for Saw 9, three years from now.

  • I want this game so bad. This and Last Bullet both need to make it over somehow. I wonder if any fan-translators are looking into them…

    • Same here man. This sounds fantastic, the DS in NA could use more adventure/text/novel games.

    • Kris

      I agree, I absolutely love the concept. Something that tense would be really fun to play, especially if there’s permadeath!

    • I’m currently looking for a rom-hacker, if I can find somone skilled enough to hack the game I’d be more than willing to start working on the translation.

      Same with Kurayami no Hate de Kimi o Matsu, I’d love to start a translation for that one too… suspense puzzle novels need more love.

      • You might want to check around on GBAtemp and see if anyone is interested over there. New projects are spearheaded almost every month.

        • I did. I’ve been there for some years now so I even know some of the good hackers, but everyone’s busy with other projects or just not interested, it’s not that urgent to me right now anyways, since I’m busy with some other translations, but I won’t spill those beans yet… but you might want to check the DS Rom Hacking section of GBAtemp the next weeks from time to time tho. :)

  • cowcow

    kinda all of useless info if this game never makes it out of Japan.
    And the likelihood of a fan translation = never since they never do VN (too much text they say)
    Still praying someone fan translates the Death Note DS games but not holding my breath

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