Armored Core 5 Officially Revealed With Smaller Mecha

By Spencer . January 12, 2010 . 11:54pm

imageFamitsu has the scoop on Armored Core 5 and From Software isn’t pulling a Valkyria Chronicles 2. The next installment in the series is being made for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.


The concept of the game is mayhem-like mecha action. Stages will be highly detailed and more complicated than ever before. From Software also plans on expanding the story with dramatic scenes. A big change is the size of the mechs. Past games went up to ten meters. Armored Core 5 scales them down to five meters.


Like Armored Core 4, Armored Core 5 will have online play. Look for it in Japan later this year.

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  • Randgriz

    Exellent, i cant wait to get my hands on this game.
    Im a big Mech and Armored Core fan

  • MisterNiwa

    I love Amored Core, and cant wait for a new one with improved story elements and such. :]

  • “mayhem-like mecha action”

    Y’know, a few days ago, my friends and I were discussing how Armored Core could improve. We know it’s the most ‘sim’ style mecha game, but because of its depth, some more insane battles would really ramp up people’s enjoyment. I think.

    I wonder if this’ll make it to the US… would be sweeeeet.

    • ReturnOfSomeDude

      Correction: It’s the most “sim”-like mecha game left. MechWarrior is FAR more simulation-based. (As is Steel Battalion.)

      My problem with it is that everything is feels just slightly out of whack. Like if I want to dodge incoming missiles, I have to boost just fast enough so that I have to break lock and lose radar. Turning around is juust slow enough so that when I’m trying to reqacuire the target, I have to boost again and restart the process.

      If it either sped up and increased the speed of everything so it all moved like Ace Combat, I’d be good. If it all slowed down like MechWarrior, I’d be good. But it’s just in between, and I can’t figure out how make it work for me.

  • The original Armored Core was one of my all time favorite PS1 games… I still have my awesome custom mech on a memory card… :)

  • kupomogli

    Hopefully the game is sped up to be as fast as the earlier games over the AC4 series.

  • Awesome. Ac4 and FA are great and ac5 seems as it will be even better, i hope it gets good sales out of japan when it is located. AC is the best mech series there is, and i have never found a game (of any genre) that demands and develops such skill in the player, i love 1 vs 1 battles on it, blade matches and stuff, its just great. And the customization makes your ac feel like really yours, something you created. I hope ac5 has offline (split screen) coop, that´d be fabulous. Also a better usage of those great maps would be an improvement, not just killing one main target but having to deal with all of them. Imm really interested in the new stuff anounced for this game like more drama, more developed missions, new and different mech parts like those booster blades or whatever they are shown in teh announce vid.

  • As long as the hits actually register in the online matches , everything will be alright ^-^:

  • Technically, they’ve already experimented with the super sized to super tiny mecha units with other games, namely Another Centuries Episode 1, 2, and 3. Playing something like the YF-19 from Macross Plus on it’s own stage and the music blaring is an awesome sight. That and using Team Getter and the Stoner Sunshine attack is just freaking awesome! ^_^

    Sadly, the A.C.E series never left Japan due to the insane amount of licensing it would need to accommodate all of the pilots and their mecha from anime, manga, and other games. But, if they can pull something like that off with Armored Core 5 and actually have “POPULATED” combat zones, then I’d be very happy.

  • HPN

    Good news indeed! Hopefully someone other then Ubisoft or Sega picks up AC5 for a stateside release.

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