New Final Fantasy XIII Trailer Has English Voice Acting And "My Hands"

By Spencer . January 13, 2010 . 10:00am

Keeping up with their promise of more Final Fantasy XIII news on the 13th, Square Enix sent us a new trailer and batch of screenshots from the English version.


Listen to “My Hands” from Leona Lewis, the theme song for the English version of Final Fantasy XIII, and watch a montage of Eidolon attacks.



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  • BK0000


  • Ok -………… first ….. Hope just saved english version of FF 13 XD ! Best voice by far!Shaz and snow’s voices dont fit the charas , Snow is a really cool guy «« lighting i gues ill get used too , but vanille and fang ……. no thanks ! Vanille is awsome , no translation could stand up to the original.but the really worst part is , the trailer has the song playing trough all of it «« ,battle scenes and this song im sorry dosent fit.I felt no emotion from this trailer … still its far better than i expected XD I sure hope the score remains unaltered cause its very cool and fitting , and dare i say calming? has very cool english vocals as well !

  • endaround

    In the licensing deal its almost like Square-Enix promised not to have anything drowning out the vocals in promotional materials.

  • This trailer was actually well put together. So many trailers (at least in film) have an issue of telling too much, but this one actually kind of pulls me in a bit. Despite all the coverage this gives me a different impression of the game.
    I’ve heard so few, but mixed things about XIII, and with this I’ll just have to see for myself.

    • actualy its full of spoilers lol XD but who cares !

      • 311

        Yep like that one section with that place called “????” with the explosions. Near the end of the game hahaha

  • Pichi

    Love the graphics and whole vibe of the trailer, so I’m getting pumped. Love Sazh so much!

  • Kris

    The English VO is surprisingly very good!
    I can’t wait.

  • eliel

    nice trailer but i still want to know more about FF 13 versus…

  • 311

    Dont like this song ! got accustomed with the Japanese actors

  • keriaku

    Yes! This looks fantastic. I can deal with the linear areas if they all look amazing like that.

    • Aoshi00

      The game is linear as all heck unfortunately, this is coming from someone who had no problem w/ FF X :(…

      • i see you are disapointed aoshi , well im not cause i wasant expectign much of it anyway XD , im having fun and the Ost is very good i love it so much , still dosent change the fact that the game is linear , but im not having that much of a prob with it , although i did spend almost 8h grinding and i had a miss turn in grand pulse and am now in a tower bahhh XD and still didnt do any missions XD !

        • Aoshi00

          haha, I guess I was too hyped for the game, I thought this would kind of redeem XII (which had amazing eng. VA btw, one of its strong points).. I still can’t believe how linear the game actually is, I thought people were just exaggerating, but the paths are actually very “narrow”, like you got not place to go but move forward.. the locales don’t stir imagination either.. there were times I asked myself “Am I still in the Cocoon?”. I got a little confused.. I didn’t grind too much but fought all the monsters along the way. I did only the first mission in Grand Pulse and entered the cave now, I made a wrong turn at first too :) The robots are giving me trouble though.. still, I’m disappointed because out of all the games I have, I kind of dont’ want to touch XIII anymore..

        • Aoshi00

          yea, I beat the robots blocking the road in the cave and just got to the tower. I like the Lightning and Snow cutscene, they’re so cute together :)

          I was thinking of doing my 2nd mission, but the goblins at the cliff pummeled me to death, even the regular monsters are really strong if you don’t go in prepared… got to work hard to finish the game, hopefully before the US ver comes out.

  • A few of the character’s voices bugged me, but overall pretty good dub me thinks.

    Still not gonna buy the game though…

  • cj_iwakura

    Dang it, I really wanted to not like that, but it was a phenomenal trailer.

  • GAH! That song totally ruins an otherwise perfect trailer.

    • Aoshi00

      100% agree, really don’t match at all…

  • Ugh this game is gorgeous. I only watched for about ten seconds, because it was already showing something I’m not at yet in the import (spoilers in Squenix trailers are always pretty bad). Also on that note, the Japanese mouth animations are perfect, in-game and during pre-rendered. The English ones seem a little swollen, but that could have to do with non-native animators.All told, can’t wait for this game to come out in the US. …and to get to these more colorful parts of the game.

    • Aoshi00

      Again, not to try to dampen anyone’s anticipation of the newest entry in this series, but everything in the trailer is kind of deceptive, once you actually play it you’ll find out how empty the environment is, I was excited it would be like a blend of VIII and X, but it’s worse than either of them. No amount of HD details is going to make up for the lack of environments to explore. Also I’m not sure if there’s such thing as too much details, it’s sort of like sensory overload and it actually makes it hard to take in everything you see and appreciate them, not sure if that makes sense.. anyway, it’s a pity, like all these things you can see in movies or far in the distance but can’t interact w/. Some locales are actually kind of sterile and not very inspiring either that makes one go wow..I guess just don’t expect anything from the story and chars, the game is still enjoyable since the battles are fun and the BGM is quite good. I hope I’m not saying too much or spoiled anything.

  • The song isn’t as bad as I thought it would be… It almost kind of fits. OK, I think it actually does, in a weird way. Really nice trailer, too. Square knows how to put together a good trailer.

    • Kaoro

      I agree – the song fits much more than I initially thought it would. Great great great trailer.

      I worry that I am spoiling the game for myself, but without much context, these scenes don’t really mean anything so I guess I am okay.

      • Aoshi00

        If I could, I wish I could turn back the clock and not watch the trailers.. I thought I wasn’t too spoiled at first either, but things really start to click once you start playing the game.. I was like, “okay, I remember ‘that’ from the trailer” for many spots :(… guess I watched the trailers way too many times anyway…

  • thebanditking

    OK Im just gonna say it, that song sucks…..there I said it. English voice work seems well done, the production values for the translation seem to be on the higher side, but that song……just yuck. Yoichi Wada should personally have to recieve 13 punches to the nads for this. It does not fit and it lacks the right flow and sound to work with the settings here. I mean the opening sure but the rest are fairly high action segments for this sissy song to be playing. Perhaps its that I just like Uematsu’s work and knowing he composed the other theme I am bias but I really dont think thats it. Hopefully they only use this for the ending credits, other wise I may not make it past the opening.

    • Aoshi00

      Yeah, agree, there really was no need to take out “Kimi ga Iru kara” at all if you look at the past FF entries (Sudeki da ne fits FFX like a glove). I’m probably more of a Uematsu fan as well. My Hands pales in comparison to Lost Odyssey’s theme song “What You Are” by Sheena Easton, (call me sappy, but it was used in a love scene which was fitting), which was composed for the game.Oh well, it’s just a song, but a pity nonetheless.

      • puchinri

        They definitely should have kept Kimi. And I thought Uematsu had no hand in the music this time? And while I don’t much care for the sound of “What You Are”, I do like the lyrics (and both singers have wonderful voices that work in their favor).

        I think the problem is that the song wasn’t composed for the game, and they just decided to use her song. And really, there were other songs that would have fit better. (Is this the first FF game where they don’t keep the theme that was composed for it in the US?)

        • Aoshi00

          I guess “What You are” was kind of cheesy in a way, depends if you’re in the mood, but it fits Lost Odyssey since it was used in a romantic scene btwn Ming and Jansen, it was quite heartwarming. Uematsu didn’t do anything for XIII, not even the main theme, I just meant in the past FFs or his newer stuffs in general (BD, Lost Odyssey, Anata wo Yurusanai). Using a pop song in the game definitely isn’t as good as one that was specifically composed for the game, even though “Kimi” is also a J-Pop. So when I listened to My Hands in the trailer, it’s bascially an AMV except an official one, or reminds me of Avatar or some Ceilne Dion stuff lol.. Yeah, this is the first one they dumped the original song, in IX and X-2, they had the Jpn singer and American singers sing the Eng. version respectively, but keeping the same melody. Maybe they’re banking on Leona Lewis’ star power or cross promoting her album w/ the game, which I think it’s totally unnecessary, like how Sakaguchi used actors in Lost Odyssey instead of professional voice actors, hence the Jpn voice work suffered (in addition to lip synch only made to match English only of course).

          • puchinri

            I’m a person who listens to music from Disney movies still, so I know what you mean about it fitting a scene (and even if it’s cheesy it sounds great). Oh, I see what you mean. I’ve seen a lot of people crediting him where he did pretty much nothing, so I couldn’t help but note that part. And yeah, I think pop songs just don’t match. J-pop is quite different from most American pop though, so I can see how some of those songs fit perfectly, compared to some of our’s, but even still, there are quite a few American pop songs they could have chosen. And you’re right, it does feel like an AMV. Haha, and it does remind me of Celine Dion.

            I really remember Melodies (and how it just sticks with you), so I was confused when My hands came into the picture. Hmm, that’s a point. Maybe considering how mixed it’s been with everyone, they feel Leona Lewis might help it get carried more? Although I can’t see her benefitting much actually (well, I haven’t seen any promotion for her album and I don’t know how that would even work). And that’s never too brilliant. Was there any reason for him to use actors instead of professional seiyuu/va?

          • Aoshi00

            I assume the same reason Miyazaki has been using non-voice actors for all of his movies in over a decade, they probably think famous actors would bring more publicity, but in fact they don’t work as voice actors 95% of the time.. I got used to the Jpn dub of Lost Odyssey since that’s what I played first, but I can’t help but imagine how much better it would’ve sounded w/ good VAs like FF XIII’s.. Jansen’s voice was great though done by a comedian. Kaim sounded flat and emotionless (but he could have an excuse being cold for living 1000 years), and Cooke/Mack, voiced by a pair of twin singers, especially the little brother sounded awful and amateurish in Jpn.. still they came off as cute.. so the Eng. dub trumps it.Yeah, maybe Leona Lewis wouldn’t benefit much, but it’s just another thing added to her resume down the road, that she did the theme for a FF game.. I just saw her on the Today Show w/ Matt Lauer, introducing her new album “Echo” which has Avatar’s theme song, I was thinking they would mention My Hands being the theme of Final Fantasy, but they didn’t, I guess regular people don’t know what FF is anyway..

  • I think that trailer was fantastic. I loved the the English voices. And I didn’t mind My Hands as the song that much, I actually think it fits. Hope’s voice was dead on. I don’t know much about the story, sure the trailer is riddled with spoilers, but I don’t spoilers to what.

  • piita

    Has there been any news on the limited collector’s edition

  • Aoshi00

    love the translation of many lines, like Fang’s “I’ve had a few screws loose”, lol.. liking the English voices too (yea, lip synch for even FMV), but don’t like the song at all, extraordinarily lame in my opinion. Excitement level on the Jpn and Eng. theme songs, “Kimi ga Iru kara” 10 out of 10, “My Hands” 5. Those who’ve read my comments probably knew I’m not liking the game too much (even though I’m just about 33 hrs and haven’t seen the ending yet). But I’m keeping my pre-order due to the promo discount. I think I prefer the Eng .dub even though I understand the Jpn dialogue and like many of the Jpn VAs. Hope’s English voice is really good, he sounds too whiny in Jpn.. I actually look forward to hearing more of the conversation in Eng, even though the original script wasn’t very good to begin w/…

    • hope’s voice reminded me of kingdom hearts XD dont know why i got that feeling , but its the only one i like :/ !BUT like i said before the dub seems much better than other FFs lets say like ( 10 lol ) i still love it though play it 10 times O_O

      • Aoshi00

        Yeah, 10 was one of my faves and I played it several times too. The other Eng. voices for XIII are okay I guess, Lightning sounds kind of cute, I don’t like Serah.. I just thought they would sound better in English because the story and char personalities are so thin and shallow, so the Australian accent from Vanille and Fang would be more interesting, like Wakka sounding Jamaican (Besaid Auroch)in FFX.. and Hope sounds too wishy washy in Jpn, he sounds better in a slightly deeper voice in Eng. I actually liked the FFX Eng. dub a lot even though the lip synch wasn’t made to match English perfectly, the characters just had so much personalities. I liked both the Jpn and Eng. Yuna and Tidus. Hey, the laughing scene was a riot :)!Sigh, Spira was so much more interesting than Cocoon and Gran Pulse..

  • chinonozu

    what is this? another youtube AMV?

  • *feels spoiled*

    And nice music

  • supermarius

    I dunno, i think the theme fits well. Doesn’t it remind anyone else of 1000 Words from FFX? Did people complain about that song?

    • Aoshi00

      I thought Kouda Kumi’s 1000 Words and Real Emotion were a lot better, 1000 words fit the feelings of Yuna has for Tidius, also it was sad and epic, here I just don’t feel it.. I haven’t listened to the Eng. version though. Maybe My Hands is not a bad song on its own, but going along w/ the trailer, like someone else mentioned it feels like an AMV fans put together. EDIT: I just heard the Eng. ver. on youtube, I guess it was overall a lot “softer” compared to the original sung by Kouda Kumi,…Still, you really think My Hands fits XIII as well as 1000 Words X-2?

  • Raiyu

    Wow, I loved the trailer. I had my doubts about the song but it actually turned out pretty well. The voice acting is surprising good too, especially Sazh. Hopefully I can get $60 for this.

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