Deathsmiles Magically Gets Stateside Release

By Spencer . January 15, 2010 . 6:01pm

imageFor the first time ever, a console port of a Cave shoot ‘em up is being localized. Deathsmiles has been picked up for North America.


Deathsmiles is a horizontal shoot ‘em up with a gothic lolita theme. In typical Cave style it’s heavy on bullets plus enemies attack from both sides. Japan got an Xbox 360 port last year with polished 3D models.


Unfortunately, we can’t reveal the North American publisher, but as a Siliconera reader you know of them. They are keying some “yummy” script in their PCs right now.

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  • Kris

    Holy crap, I have no 360, but that’s awesome! Thank you mystery publisher!!!

  • So this is what their plan all along was… I hope my support of them doesn’t go in vain, I’ve already ordered their region free game.

  • 311

    Im buying… supporting them so theyll bring more shmups

  • Soma

    Haha! That’s awesome.
    Maybe we’ll get Mushihime-sama Futari one day …

    • someshmupsplayer

      It hasn’t been officially brought to the US, but the XB360 port of Mushihime-sama Futari is region free, so…

  • Aoshi00

    I know this is good news for those who don’t have a Jpn 360. But argh! I knew it.. I held out for a long time and finally caved in buying the import (well, quite a while ago now), getting the DLC voice card ($30 from ebay) and black label separately, so kind of cost a fortune… I assume the US version would include all of those “extras”?You know, Raiden IV just popped up on “Games on Demand” on Jpn Live, in addition to Fighters Aces from before, so it might not be surprising for other shmups like Dodonpachi, Mamoru-kun, Deathsmiles, Mushihime to be put up for download at a discounted price?While I want to support by importing (I’m eyeing the Espgaluda faceplate), it makes one think if it’s worth it or not..Well, I hope the US version would use the nice limited edition cover up there. I hope they would even dub it (what little dialogue there is) so double dipping would be more worthwhile.

    • Soma

      If it’s any consolation, you’ve had the opportunity to play and enjoy your imported games for awhile now. The rest of us (who didn’t have the guts to import) are only just now getting the chance to play.
      While we struggle to dodge waves of bullets, you (being at the top of your game) will constantly succeed where we fail and be able to safely say, “Y’all just been served!”

      In my opinion, that is worth the price of importing. =)

      • Aoshi00

        That’s true, that’s the “premium” one pays for getting to play it first. But I usually try to import things that I think would never make it here.. like FFXIII even though it’s just a 3-month window, I imported because the US ver will not have Jpn voices.. otherwise I really would rather wait and save money. Well, I guess I shouldn’t feel I wasted money though, that’s what I did w/ Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey anyway, importing them and then the US version ended up having multiple language tracks on top of Jpn (I was under the impression most RPGs would leave out Jpn tracks, but Mistwalker was very generous) Question is at what price point they would set this, Wartech $60 (then bargain bin $10), Raiden Fighters Aces $20, or Raiden IV $40. I say this game is worth the full $60, but $40 would be reasonable. But yeah, this is one of the best shmups there is. I played it a lot, but I’m actually not good at all, could never get 1cc anyway, if I’m lucky I could get to the last boss w/o continue, but all hell breaks loose in the end, guess I just didn’t practice enough. I’ve imported all the 360 shmups so far, even Shikigami no Shiro 3, but I sold Otomedius. Mushihime is too crazy, guess that’s why they call it danmaku.. I just can’t comprehend how those players would not eat one single bullet in their expert play, those are god plays indeed.

        • Soma

          Personally, I suck at shmups.
          Actually, I suck at lots of games. Which is why I typically stick to JRPG’s. They’re basically just interactive stories. =P
          Also, wasn’t Shikigami no Shiro 3 being released in North America? I thought I read something about that while ago.

          • Aoshi00

            I totally hear you, JRPGs were what I mostly played before, but they just don’t do it for me anymore. My reflex is not that great either, but I try to play FPS/TPS/action games, etc for the story too, like Mass Effect, Bioshock, etc are amazing. Yeah, Castle of Shikigami 3 was released on the Wii only in the US, but it was a lousy port since it was in SD instead of HD, 4:3 but no 16:9, no achievement/leaderboard, the controls (wii remote sideways, classic, gamecube) were all bad compared to the 360 controller which plays well enough short of an arcade stick (I didn’t get one until much later on). I never finished it on the Wii, but it was much more fun on 360, like Ikaruga on XBLA.

          • cj_iwakura

            Shikigami 3 is an amazing game. No matter how we got it, I’m happy.

            Aksys wanted to localize the 360 version, but Microsoft were being jerks about it.

            That said, how did this get through? Not that I’m complaining. DO WANT.

          • @cj_iwakura:
            They probably reconsidered that policy after seeing the success of Mushihime-sama Futari, improbable as that is.

        • 311

          Man you had Otomedius, I wouldve bought it from ya

          • Aoshi00

            Too bad I sold it like 2 months ago.. otherwise I would sold it to you and save me some ebay transaction fees.. if you don’t mind the shrunken cover art, a platinum ver. is coming out.. I just couldn’t bring myself to like it though, and too much stuffs as expensive DLCs which should’ve been included on the game.

          • 311

            Hey finished ff yet? Im over 70% done (i need to 5 star like 12 of the missions for 2 or 3 of the trophies Im missing) and Im missing 1 mission to do but whats bothering me its that I need 1 item to create the last weapons (trapezohedron) and the only way to get it is a rare drop from adamantaimai… unless you count buying it for 2 Million gil

          • Aoshi00

            Unfortunately I still got ways to go.. I just reached the tower in Gran Pulse (is it a long dungeon?). I only beat 1 mission lol, and failed miserably at the 2nd (Goblin Chief beat me to a pulp). You can redo mission to get 5 stars? Adamantaimai is the huge turtle dino right? I tried encountering once and got wiped out by being stepped on..

            I’d be lucky if I get to finish the game before March, did you level up the “other classes” for your characters too? The trophies seem hardcore..

          • 311

            I finished lvln all roles to 5 today, I found a “sabo” (cactuar) in one small hill i just let him grow to his stage 2 and kill him and with the grow egg (cp*2) youd get 30000 crystal points. Yep that huge turtle with the chains and tusks is the one you can kill it easy with vanille when you get the Death ability, just use her summon first then itll drop like a ton of bricks then use it till it dies just have a lil patience

        • Slashlen

          Price is the big question here. Not saying it isn’t worth it, but I don’t see this game moving at $60.

          • Aoshi00

            Exactly, that’s why I think it would be best if they price them at $40 like Raiden IV (and this game is miles better than Raiden IV). Most people just don’t regard shmup being worth the full $60, even though Deathsmiles is really worth every penny. They got spoiled by Raiden Fighters Aces being at $20… At $60, nobody other than the hardcore fans would touch it and it might meet the same fate as Wartech Senko no Ronde.. Well, I hope whoever picked this game would do a good job localizing it, and dubbing it, I wouldn’t mind buying this again to get more gamerscore :)

    • thaKingRocka

      we spend money, making the sacrifice so that others may one day reap the rewards of localization. the money i spent on imports was not just for those games. it was an investment in this day. i’m glad it’s finally come.

  • nyoron

    Wow, was not expecting that.

  • Interface23


  • Fantastic. I want to say RockinAndroid but I’m probably so far off. Yummy/PC? Oh man now I won’t be able to think straight until it’s revealed. Can we at least get a time frame?

    Either way, I am buying this SO HARD you have no idea!

    • Ha, I was thinking the same things at first, but then I remembered this is Cave and not Orange_Juice.

      Whoever it is, they gots my monies.

  • I suck at shmups, but I’ll buy it to support the cause, and have more games be brought over.
    …and cause of the gothic lolita theme :3

    • Aoshi00

      Don’t worry it’s very beginners friendly, the easiest mode does have patterns that are still w/in human level, it will ease you in. There’s even an achievement for doing 50 continues (which I got on my first playthru lol).. the soundtrack is awesome! (next to Dodonpachi Daioujou’s arranged soundtrack)

  • superdry

    WHAT!? WHAT!? WHAT!? This is amazing news. I still cannot believe I am reading this news article correctly.

    Now, if the publisher turns out to be Atlus then they have become gods among publishers…hehe. But, whatever, I am VERY happy that this game is coming stateside (one less $80 Japanese 360 game to buy).

  • fallen


  • Bakkers


    This is the best way to start 2010 ever!

    Now they have to make Espgaluda II RF ;)

  • Thank you mystery publisher! Now I don’t need to go out and get a Japanese 360. But please, don’t make another Mobile Light Force game! Keep it in Japanese, just sub it into English. If they do it right, they’ll have my money on day one. I hope this means we’ll see more SHMUPS in America. I’ll get them all. So hopefully we’ll see Espgaluda II and Otemedius here in the states.

    • OldManMonkey

      Please add Mamoru-kun wa Norowarete Shimatta to the list for me.

  • Guest

    ………do want.

  • malek86

    I’d like to care, but I’m afraid this will probably stay in the US; and will also probably be region locked as well.

    I hope someone will bring it to EU too. I mean, we’ve always been pretty supportive of shmups in the past.

    • I hope it isn’t region locked, for if one day I do buy a Japanese 360 I’d like to be able to buy the English version of this game.

  • tsukasa1288

    Oh wow, I am quite surprised. Too bad they have already missed out on sales from the real hardcore players of these types of games as I and many others already own the original game. I might consider picking up and English copy though once the price come down, but after already dropping about 80 USD on the game and its download content in Japanese even that is going to be hard to do. A PS3 release though would probably tempt me enough though to replay the game just to double up on achievements and trophies.

  • neo_firenze

    Wow! Big news, even though I’ve had the Japanese game since day 1. I’ve actually been on quite the Deathsmiles kick lately, playing a lot for the past few weeks and actually getting my first normal difficulty 1cc (Rank 2) on a Cave game.

    One thing that would easily convince me to double dip is the inclusion of the OST from the Japanese LE. I got the normal edition and I kinda regret it now that I know (a) how great the Deathsmiles soundtrack is, and (b) how much I’m enjoying the Mushihimesama soundtrack bundled with the LE.

    So… Atlus? XSeed? Aksys?

    • Aoshi00

      1cc on Normal difficulty, you’re crazy! Which char did you use, Windia? I need to work on my easy 1cc. I assume the in-game voices (pre-order bonus) and black label would be included in the US game, if they do throw in the OST, I’ll certainly buy this again right away. I kind of regret not getting the LE too. I also got the LE Mushihimesama, but I prefer Deathsmile’s and DDP Daioujou’s soundtrack much more.

      • neo_firenze

        I actually got the 1cc with Rosa and her goofy option. Surprised me too, as I’m usually better with Windia. I was having a good day though ;)

        And honestly, I’m not that great at most shooters. I love them and play a lot of them, but on truly hard games I have no chance of a 1cc. Deathsmiles isn’t insurmountable on normal even for me (though I have been practicing a lot!). I’ve gotten to the point where I can get through the first six stages pretty easily, if I play well I don’t lose a life. The Castle is rough, but I make sure I get the most out of my bombs. And the Cake that Jitterbug drops if you defeat him with no bombs gives you two lives back, which is huge – I couldn’t do it without that boost (hint – practice Jitterbug a lot until you feel comfortable beating him without bombs). And with my scores (not that impressive), I also get another extend during the volcano stage.

        I’m particularly interested in seeing what they do with the forthcoming Mega Black Label 1.1 mode (which will be DLC in Japan – it’s Mega Black label with the extra stage and character, but with a system like the 1.1 mode with option control and different scoring).

  • Hraesvelgr

    I kinda lost interest in the genre in the 90s, but hell, I think I’ll buy this just to support more games like it being localized.

  • Julius

    Bought the import for 98 dollars a few weeks ago, but that won’t stop me from buying the US release. Anything to help bring more foreign-shmups to our shores. Who knows what else we might see as a result of this localization. The possibilities are making me incredibly excited.

  • kupomogli

    Probably Atlus. They’ve distributed Cave titles like Dodonpachi. Also with the generic anime look, mark another down for Atlus, especially if the last five years of their releases has anything to say about it.

    Some titles don’t fall under the generic anime look. Most of them do. Much more so than any ofther developer.

  • HPN

    “yummy” script? Spencer could you be talking about Cooking Mama’s Majesco as the publisher for Deathsmiles?

  • Saturnus

    I’d buy if I had a 360 :( (or if this game was on PS3 lol)

  • Wow this is great news, slowly I may not have to import a 360 after all. I hope the other Japan-only shooters get released here as well.

  • waxingandwanding

    Spencer, that pun is terrible.

  • llllllllllllllllllll

    Wow, I’m shocked. I actually wanted to play that one, too.

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