More Deadly Premonition Moves Than You Can Shake A Hanging Corpse At

By Spencer . January 17, 2010 . 10:40am

The scene in Deadly Premonition where a woman’s lifeless body hangs from wires or a tree must be a key plot point. It’s used to promote Deadly Premonition in North America and Japan.


Ignition’s trailer also has a gang of disturbed townsfolk…



… which David York rushes at with a chainsaw in the Japanese trailer.


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  • Why am I only seeing this now?! Man, I need to keep up, this looks like something awesome to pick up with some popcorn, a refreshing cold drink, and a dark room to play it in. Thanks for the advance notice!

    I can play this to try and console me over never getting to play Fatal Frame IV.

    • Don’t worry, this game has gone through hell and back. It used to be known as Rainy Woods for the longest time, which had me confused with Heavy Rain. To make things worse, “Deadly Premonitions” is also know as Red Seeds Profile in Japan, so that’s a third name to keep track of.

      But the good news is that this will be released for 20$!!! Definitely day one, now that I have a PS3.

      • More than likely I’ll have to import if they don’t end up with a PAL release. But looks like it’ll be worth it if the story turns out as interesting as the trailer.

  • Hey Spencer, could you look into any possible censorship issues between the JPN/NA versions? It’s a dying trend, but you never know…While you’re at it, you could ask Ignition if they plan on shipping the NA version with both English and Japanese dub. They both sound pretty good..

    Wait, was the PS3 version every confirmed??????? I don’t see it on It seems only ESRB knows about it.

    • I’ll see what I can do…

      The PS3 has been confirmed for Japan by Marvelous. Ignition says it’s an Xbox 360 exclusive though.

  • Why does it look like a gamecube/ps2 game? This game hasn’t even come out yet and looks like it’s 5-7 years old.. Please let these be no where close to the finished product… I bought a nextgen system for 1 reason.. Games LOOKED better..

    • Hraesvelgr

      The graphics aren’t as high quality as most other games… probably because it’s a budget game. I mean, the game is being released in North America for $20, for crying out loud.

      And, personally, I bought the 360/PS3 for the sake of playing good, new games. HD graphics are just a bonus.

      • I had a ps2, nes, gamecube, etc for good games, for this gen I expect good games as a given, so I bought for just the upgrade of game library and better graphics.

        But for a 20$ release? Okay. I’ll forgive it in that case depending on game length/story.

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