The Last Remnant PS3… Lives?

By Spencer . January 17, 2010 . 12:27am

imageBefore reading, curb any excitement and lower your expectations. OK, ready? This isn’t something to jump out of your chair for about, but Amazon Japan suddenly has the PlayStation 3 version of The Last Remnant in their catalog.


The listing, found by My Game News Flash, doesn’t have any pertinent details. Actually, Amazon isn’t even taking pre-orders for the PlayStation 3 version of The Last Remnant. The page says Amazon will notify customers who register by e-mail when they start accepting orders.


The Last Remnant was originally announced for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but Square Enix only published it on the Xbox 360 and made a PC port so far. Wait, what does the title say? It reads, The Last Remnant (Temporary Name). Huh. A placeholder for The Last Remnant: International perhaps?

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  • Hraesvelgr

    As a fan of the SaGa series, I actually liked this game a lot, despite its flaws (curse you, 360 release!). Better than most of Square’s Sony-era games, in my opinion… ‘cept for the SaGa games, of course.

    Don’t think I’d buy the PS3 version unless it was heavily expanded/improved, though.

  • azez

    curb any excitement , too late for that ^_^
    i hope it,s true it was a great game but cuz of the technical issues ,
    if they fix the problems i would totally get it again.

  • I´m deep into the PC version and I can´t get it much cheaper so I won´t be getting the PS3 version if it is released.

    If it had been released earlier on I might have. But I don´t think everything from the PC version would be made to work in the PS3 version.

    But it is interesting to see that it might appear on PS3.

  • I wonder why didn’t Bandai-Namco translate PS3 Tales of Vesperia in English..

    • stevengh

      I saw a youtube video which was linked from gametrailers I think. That the extra scenes has been voiced in English and localized already but they haven’t decided on a release date. It is coming out according to the guy who interviewed one of the voice cast.

  • thebanditking

    Not really interested the 360 ver was a total mess, and the eng voice work was laughable (lets kick their A**!) this along with Infinite Undiscovery are two of the worst games in the S-E catalog. Still I suppose there are some out there who feel burned because it was originally a multiplat game, so for their sake I hope they release it with the Japanese voice track. As for me I no longer need this with White Knight Chronicles, Star Ocean Int., Last Rebellion, 3D Dot Heroes, and of course FF13 all hitting PS3 by May.

    • Aoshi00

      I thought Rush had the weakest voice/lines, but one probably should blame on the Eng. script. Other than that the rest of the cast was pretty good, like David and Emma, sounding very regal w/ their unique accent.

      I liked Infinite Undiscovery too, even though it could’ve been much better. At least I liked it much more than Last Remnant. But I attribute part of that me not understanding the Saga system.

    • Hraesvelgr

      The English voice work was not laughable. Aside from Rush having some really goofy lines (it was actually “Let’s kick some A!”), the voice acting was actually pretty good. Not quite as good as, say, Final Fantasy XII, but still pretty good.

      And I’d have to disagree about this and IU being two of the worst games in the SE catalogue. They may not be in the top five, maybe not even in the top ten, but they’re far from being anywhere near the worst games they’ve ever put out. In my opinion, IU was a much better game than SO4, so I’d rather see a PS3 port of that rather than Star Ocean 4 International. Of course, that won’t happen since Microsoft owns the IP.

  • badmoogle

    SE can keep their 1 year old buggy 360 port for all i care.

    That is IF they ever decide to bring it here.

    • Hraesvelgr

      What if it’s a port of the PC version?

      • badmoogle

        I’ve heard the PC version had issues as well.Aside from that,the game itself doesn’t look appealing to me.Impressions about its battle system are saying that it’s a mess,and the game looks as if it’s trying too hard to appeal to the western markets (in terms of art direction) something which i’m not a fan of.If you also add that SE will probably release it at full price (1+ year after the original release),this makes it a definite no-no for me.

  • Aoshi00

    I didn’t like the game too much, the 360 ver was plagued by technical problems for one thing, second the gameplay was too hard for me, I don’t think I set up the best formation most of the time and I didn’t have an idea how to level up my troops either. Did people have problem w/ the Hell’s Gate Boss? I got to the point to fight the bosses of Gang of Seven, but got stuck at the second. I hope the PS3 version w/ everything ironed out and dual track does come out eventually, even though I have both US/Jpn 360 version alrdy.

    • You know the PC version has dual language tracks right?

      I thought the game was alright from what I played. Made my notebook really heat up though when playing it, so I didn’t really touch it much after a few hours.

      I suppose I might check out the game if it was released on the PS3, and based more on the PC version(as I’ve heard the horrible things about the 360 version).

      • Aoshi00

        I see, I didn’t know the PC had dual tracks, got the 360 ver. on day 1, and it was a mess, slow down, long time for textures to pop up from room to room, drawn out battles that can’t be fast forwarded.. not just the technical issues, I thought the game wasn’t very well made either, the shops were all identical, small town maps even though the environment look huge, and the animation for the characters look very robotic (Rush runs like a a chicken w/ its head cut off), I feel disappointed by FFXIII too. It’s such a pity because both games looked more epic than they actually are. I must’ve put in many hours alrdy if I was on disc 2. I want to see if I’m able to finish the game if the PS3 version is more polished. Still you got to think, would there be too many people wanting to play this.. I’ll probably wait for price drop too, I think I’m the only one who’s crazy enough to triple dip for a game that I don’t really like.

  • Slashlen

    I initially avoided the 360 release because I thought a PS3 version was coming, and later due to all of the technical issues people talked about. If this is true, I’m interested, especially if they fix the issues.

  • BlackFreefall

    I was about to the the PC version on steam. If this is true, I will holding it out until they release it on the PS3.

  • Ereek

    Oh God. Really? I had lost hope completely, why must you rekindle it?

    Well, as long as it’s closer to the PC version than the 360 version.

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