BlazBlue Online Update Plus New Unlimited Characters Set For Thursday

By Spencer . January 18, 2010 . 12:50am

image European gamers with the PAL version of BlazBlue will be able to fight against players from North America and Japan. This feature isn’t in the current version of BlazBlue so Arc System Works is giving everyone an online update.


A patch scheduled for release on January 21 (that’s this Thursday) includes European version connectivity, fixes some leaderboard issues, addresses a USB keyboard bug (Xbox 360 only), and adds downloadable content.


Unlimited versions of Jin, Noel, Taokaka, Iron Tager, Litchi, Arakune, Bang Shishigami, and Carl will be available for 500 yen / 400 Microsoft Points. You don’t have to buy each one, the new unlimited characters come in a bundle. A four character color pack with a European countries or American Comics motifs cost 200 yen / 160 Microsoft Points a piece. Arc System Works also has complete packs with colors for all twelve characters at 500 yen / 480 Microsoft Points each.


Basically, all of the extra content in the still unreleased PAL version can be purchased as DLC.

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  • Xien12

    … Patch? For the PS3 BlazBlue? Cool.

  • dotmr47

    Terrible box art o_0

    • I kind of like it, i would prefer this box art over the US box art. I have no idea why i bought the US one as i stopped playing it after 2 weeks of having it.

    • Code

      Agreed — ughh really bad, I hate when companies feel the need to change perfectly fine box arts, just to try and scoop up some of that outer demographic in sales. Seriously do your core audience a favor, and give them what they want.

    • sambuque

      It looks like a generic action game art box.

    • My only issue with it is that Noel has sliver guns instead of her white ones.
      Not that I mind, I don’t her anyway.

  • Why should I buy the DLC for BlazBlue when it´s getting the unlimited characters which I will get anyway as I play the game?

    That is pretty stupid if you ask me.

    Otherwise this update sounds nice. Then I can play against those that will get BB:Calamity Trigger in PAL format. Woe is me and lovely :)

    • Code

      rar, yes it is stupid, but the fact is they are giving you an OPTION to earn the characters, or buy them for a quick payment. If more games followed this suit, I’d be very pleased, as it’d cut down on content ending up as DLC when one generation ago it was something unlockable. If anything DLC should always be this way.

      • So you want to pay the companies for stuff they already added to the game but you have to pay to unlock the stuff so you can use it?

        I don´t know what company it was that sold a game and later released “downloadable content” that basically were just keys for unlocking stuff already on the disc.

        Which the gamers didn´t take that good.

        But if that is the way you want it. Be my guest and enjoy paying for stuff you can get for free if you just take that extra little time to play the game…

        It´s still stupid.

        • Code

          rar, your misunderstanding, you don’t have to pay the stuff, it is unlockable through the game itself, if you can’t unlock it yourself or lazy you have the option to pay for it. I never said I’d wanna pay for it, I like both my pocket change, and WANT to unlock stuff myself >O>! But I’d rather this, then companies releasing 90% of the game and only getting that other 10% through paying, is what I ment. rar, such a gross misunderstanding, like I’d pay for something I could unlock >m<'

          • That I did. Sorry for missunderstanding.

          • Code

            I just don’t like seeing games come out with 75-95% of there content, and then forcing you to pay for that 5-25% of the content which you know a generation ago would have been included T_T Having the option to unlock that content through skill, I’d prefer any day >w<

    • sambuque

      Maybe I missed something but from what I understand the new unlimited characters aren’t included on the patch and can only be unlocked by the DLC.

      • Xien12

        So we NA players have to buy the new unlimited versions, eh?

  • As far as the box art goes, it was fan made. They asked NeoGAF to hold a contest to design the box art.

    • Code

      T_T aww I would have entered had I know about it — honestly I wouldn’t mind seeing the other entries too.

      • Nite

        You can see the other entries here

        The sad thing is, this Noel art wasn’t even part of the contest and won anyways.

        • Code

          Wow, that’s a little uh, more lackluster then I expected. Sounds like it wasn’t much of a contest if a non-entry won.

  • ndjn3979

    I quit playing this a while ago…maybe I should sell my “limited” ed.

    • Code

      This is what happened to SF4 with me, it’s a tough sell though since, everyone knows SSF4 is on the way, Blazblue might be the same, with BB:CS on the way. Blazblue I’ve super enjoyed though, and surprisingly there’s quiet a community locally for it, so I have gotten a lot of game time >w<

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