Nintendo Channel Voters Pick Budget Wii Games

By Spencer . January 20, 2010 . 11:06pm

imageNintendo has a different take on budget reprints. Sony and Microsoft drop the price of once hot selling games and put them back on the market with modified box art. For Wii games, Nintendo’s Everyone’s Recommendation Selection is based solely on acclaim from Nintendo Channel voters.


Games in the Everyone’s Recommendation Selection must have an overall rating of platinum, gold, silver or bronze. Over one million votes have been registered in Japan and 75 titles are available for the collection. Out of those seven games have been selected for the launch lineup.


They are…


428 (Platinum) – Sega
Muramasa: The Demon Blade (Gold) – Marvelous
Arc Rise Fantasia (Silver) – Marvelous
One Piece Unlimited Cruise: Episode 1 (Silver) – Namco Bandai
Family Ski: World Ski &  Snowboard (Silver) – Namco Bandai
Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World (Silver) – Namco Bandai
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 (Silver) – Namco Bandai


Nice to see underselling games like Arc Rise Fantasia and Muramasa: The Demon Blade get a second chance in the spotlight. The collection goes on sale on February 25. Each reprint will cost 2,800 yen ($30).


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  • Kris

    That’s actually kind of cool! If it weren’t for the garish boxart, I’d be head-over-heels in love with this idea. I really hope NoA will pick up on this sort of thing, that’s an incredibly clever way to do Players Choice/Greatest Hits/The Best/Whatever games.

    • Joanna

      yeah. I hope Nintendo implements that over here as well and not only with Wii games but DS games as well.This way I’ll pick up games of which I was interested in, but felt the price of admission wasn’t worth it.Box Art sucks, but it’s a small price to pay to be able to get some of these games at half the price.

      also, I think this could work out really well if these player’s choice games were properly released. I mean give the original game 6 months to a year to sell, and then introduce a cheaper player’s choice for those who were reluctant to try it for whatever reason.

  • ECM

    I think this is actually pretty terrific and kudos to Nintendo for A. giving games like this a second chance and B. for showcasing them via user’s regard for them.

  • Pesmerga00

    The boxart; it BURNS!

  • Wow, that’s pretty ingenious…letting users vote on budget reprints is very forward-thinking. I love that they’re highlighting the more niche games.

    Hope those box covers are reversible though…oh, and that NOA/NOE pick up on this. Perhaps that’s why they announced they’re not publishing copies of certain games any more recently?

    • vall03

      yup I agree, looks like NoA stopped printing some games to prepare their own line-up of players choice games. Hope thats the case!

      The box-art on the other hand…. I dont want to even say it….

  • I actually love the red and gold cover. :( Maybe they could’ve done it better I guess, but I think it’s kinda pretty. :)

    • Yeah, I agree. It looks classy!
      Although, it would be better if the case was wrapped around with a real silk cloth and a 5lb. medallion. showing what great games these are, but that would go against the idea they’re bringing here.

  • nakam

    Not sure but l think those covers are like a slipcase.The games inside have the normal artwork and are identical(?) to the normal edition.

  • kupomogli

    That’s pretty cool that they’re atleast making a “greatest hits/player’s choice/platinum hits,” but seriously, $30? Nintendo still price gouges even with the budget titles? I bet this’ll never happen for a first party game though. It’s rare that a first party Nintendo title ever drops below MSRP.

    • Joanna

      That’s the Japanese price. I think Wii games over there are in the 60-80 price range, so $30 is actually VERY it’s not just Wii games, all games are more pricey in Japan. I know new releases of DS games are retailed at 50-60~ish. Although, some quickly hit the bargain bin and some are sold for less then the suggested price (sort of how Amazon lists below the recommended price in some instances)

      • kupomogli

        You’re thinking import prices. I import games as well and I doubt that the standard pricing over there is the same as the import costs that we see. I may be wrong and maybe the import prices are closer than I think to the actual prices, but I seriously doubt it.That’s why we see games like White Knight Chronicles EX for import still at $45 at Play Asia when it was released six months ago in Japan for $40 in and has had terrible sales since release(since it already had 300,000 regular sold and this was merely all the patches on the main game.) Plus awhile ago there was a sale at some Japan store in which White Knight Chronicles was less than $10. Siliconera even covered it. It also said that trading it back into the sale as a used item actually got you more than what you purchased it for. I doubt a store is going to throw out a sale on a video game for $10 unless it was fairly close to that mark.

        So yeah. I’m going to have to go with price gouging from Nintendo still.

        • Joanna

          Look, I made a distinction between suggested retail price, i.e. the 60-70 range, and the actual selling price. I’m more familiar with DS games as those are the ones I actually pay most attention to. I said that some games are retailed below the suggested price and some hit the bargain bin pretty quick.

          So that 30 is suggested retail price (which is half the regular suggested retail price), so it too will probably be lower in actuality (if that’s what usually happens, I’m not sure, but I do know the difference between suggested retail price and games that don’t sell and go to the bargain bin).

          It’s not price gouging at all. Nintendo suggests a price, in this case 30, and the market regulates that price. If demand is low, price will plummet just like in the case where the suggested retail price is 60. I think dropping the suggested retail price by half is pretty fair. If the market doesn’t think that price is fair, well then the games will hit the bargain bin eventually. Furthermore, if game x is at the bin for 10 and Nintendo releases it again at 30, I’m pretty sure *most* people will logically pick up the one in the bin. So again, I don’t think they are price gouging. I think they are setting up a price that is a little more fair, while at the same time isn’t a total bargain so that companies/ retailers can actually make a decent earning from them.

          And the issue with play-asia is not Nintendo’s fault at all, that is the retailer price gouging.

  • jarrodand

    Smart move, and really targeted towards helping 3rd parties I notice. I do kinda hope Nintendo gives some of their own “not evergreen” titles a second chance too though (Zelda TP, Fire Emblem, S&P2, etc).

    • Joanna

      yeah I’m hoping for that too. I wanted to try Wario Land: Shake it, but it’s really hard to find here (Canada), so I hope this title is also reprinted.

  • I wonder if these sorts of game comebacks would sell in the US/Canada and the UK markets? People are more likely to buy a game if others think its great, but if the game isn’t discounted like the old PS3 and Xbox games, I wonder if people are willing to pay regular price for an old game?

    • Devonian

      $30 is the Japanese price, I imagine the American price would be closer to $20.

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