Final Fantasy? There’s An iPhone App For That

By Spencer . January 21, 2010 . 12:18am

imageSquare Enix is bringing Final Fantasy to the iPhone, more specifically ports of Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II. The first two games in the Final Fantasy series are coming to the app store with revised touch screen controls.


Release date? TBA. Price? Unannounced. We do know this port of Final Fantasy I & II is based on the recent 20th anniversary edition games released for the PSP in 2007. The iPhone version features updated graphics and extra dungeons like the Labyrinth of Time.


If you haven’t played the original games and don’t own any other handheld, here’s a chance to catch up.


Final Fantasy

image image 


Final Fantasy II

image image image image

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  • malek86

    “If you haven’t played the original games”

    Honestly, with all the remakes available, everyone must’ve played them several times by now. They’ve been thoroughly played.

    • Uhh, what if you’re a brand new gamer? THINK OF THE CHILDREN! I wholeheartedly support 10 year-old kids playing FF, because that’s how old I was back then when the first one came out!

      • malek86

        I would approve it too, if these remakes weren’t completely different.My first time playing (and finishing) FF1 was in Origins, on normal difficulty. But if i recall, all the subsequent versions are based on the Easy difficulty, right? I played some of it on the GBA. It wasn’t all that fun. Stopped after some hours. I’d rather play Origins again… which is probably what I should do, if I weren’t busy with Riviera again, all while waiting for Persona PSP to arrive.

        Then again, would today’s kids appreciate the old FF1? I don’t know. Origins was pretty good, but really kinda brutal in the beginning (it got easier with time, after the Marshes I’d say).

        • hsiao

          You’re right, the GBA version (and the PSP version) are based on the Easy difficulty and are just.. boring to play.

          too many random encounters which are all incredibly easy (apart from some of them in the Giant’s cavern or how’s is called, but you can easily escape or just save everywhere), and then the difficulty ramps up at the final boss.

          Very poorly balanced IMO.

          there’s a good portable version, but it’s in Japanese on the Wonderswan and I’ve yet to play it. From what I read, it should actually be based on the Origins normal version.

          • malek86

            It’s actually the opposite, Origins was based on the Wonderswan Color remakes.

          • hsiao

            I didn’t know that. Well this proves that the WS version of FF1 is indeed the best portable one.

        • Tokyo Guy

          I don’t appreciate FF1 or FF2 for whatever reason. Perhaps it’s because I never played a FF game until FF4 came out. I’ve never quite understood this given that I loved RPGs and remember getting the special Nintendo Power Dragon Warrior 1 subscription and everything, yet I never had the slightest bit of interest in Final Fantasy 1 .

  • JeremyR

    Grrr, I bet they’ll be priced incredibly cheap, unlike any other platform. And when Squenix finally puts them up on PSN (In 2011? 2012?) they will charge $30 each for ’em.

    That’s what really irks me about the iPhone. I don’t care that it exists, but it’s annoying when companies take the exact same game that sells for $30-40 on the DS or PSP and slaps it up there for $1-10. Why should handheld gamers pay a $30 surtax?

    It’s almost like it’s backward. The iPhone is for rich people/hipsters, games on it should be expensive. Portables are for average people, games should be cheap.

    I was mildly irritated when this first sort of happened, only to XBLA. I paid $30 for puzzle quest PSP (and same price on DS). The it goes on XBLA for $15. (Bug free, too, unlike either handheld version)

    Then it was Civ Revolution. $30 for that on the DS. Exact same game, $5 on the iPhone.

    Just recently, Take Two/Rockstar put two $40 PSP games on the iPhone. Beaterator, which I think was only like $6 on iPhone, and then GTA:CTW, for $9.99. And of course, the latter sells great and makes new stories. Maybe if it had been priced at $10 on the PSP or DS, it wouldn’t have flopped on those systems.

    A lot of casual titles, too, would be full price or $20 games (like PopCaps stuff on DS or even GBA), on other platforms, maybe $5.

    I think this sort of gouging is part of what hurts the handheld market in the rest of the world (vs. Japan)

    • I have no problem paying $10-30 for this on PSP… on UMD. I will only pay $1 for this on iPhone however… I’m not a fan of Digital Downloads or particularly care for gaming on my Phone, with no buttons.

      • Tokyo Guy

        I was also opposed to digital downloads until discovering that (at least with the PSP) the loading time is significantly reduced.

        • Well if that was an issue, I’d just rip the game to a memory card. I still want to own the UMD though.

          • Tokyo Guy

            Oh? How do you do that? I assume you need some 3rd party device?

    • Tokyo Guy

      IIRC both the PSOne FF ports are on the Japanese PSNetwork, and for 600 yen each. They’ve been out for a long time.

  • jarrodand

    Ugh, enough with FFI-II. How about getting that mobile FF Legend remake instead or the mobile DQ1-3, or the Star Ocean BS remake? There’s so many great SE mobile remakes I’d love, but FF1-2 aren’t among them.

    • Tokyo Guy

      Could not agree more. Square has relentlessly ported these games to every handheld gaming platform imaginable, and yet there are games far BETTER that are either sitting around collecting dust, or else-as with the DQ remakes-only on a select group of handhelds.

      Seriously now, who would not go for a DS cart with the DQ1-3 remakes on them? Why hasn’t that been made yet?

  • I’m still waiting to see that Before Crisis DS port Spencer keeps hoping for. Unlike him, though, I just want it to see the FFVII/Playstation fanboys go WILD.

  • hsiao

    Will they ever stop rereleasing the awful GBA/PSP version of Final Fantasy 1 instead of the Origins one?

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