Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars: Rivals All Wii Fighters To Date

By Spencer . January 25, 2010 . 4:28pm


Originally released for arcades, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom is a revival of Capcom’s Vs. series pitting icons from Tatsunoko against Capcom’s collection of original characters. Like Marvel vs. Capcom before it, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom has tag team battles with two characters on each side. Or one giant character, Gold Lightan or PTX-40A a vital suit from Lost Planet, against say Viewtiful Joe and Ken the Eagle. Add hyper combos where a Roll mop rush deals billions of damage and you have one over the top game…


… with a deep fighting system. Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars has a ton of techniques to learn. Some are easy like when and when not to call in your partner character for an assist attack. Mega Crash timing and Baroque combos, which consume recoverable life in exchange for extended combos, are trickier. There’s a lot in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom for veteran fighters to master even if they know how to do a cross-over counters. On the other hand, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars is easy to pick up even if you don’t know what QCF+P" means. Capcom created an “easy operation” style control scheme which changes motions like half circle back to back + special attack button. The simplified input system has its share of disadvantages: characters are less versatile, they only have a dial a combo, and you can’t control the degree of force (light/medium/strong). It’s not perfect, but the Wii remote only setup allows newcomers to jump into Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars right away.




All of that was in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes already. Online play is brand new for the international release. Eighting, the developer, also made the online enabled Naruto Shippuden: Clash of Ninja Revolution 3, which has a set of features comparable to Tatsunoko vs. Capcom. You don’t need to register friends to fight. Once you’re ready for battle a matchmaker will find you an opponent based on the amount of battle points you earned. After each ranked round, one player is awarded a battle point boost and maybe a title promotion from rookie to ultra rookie. Then you can choose to accept a rematch or if your opponent rejects you can attempt to register them as a rival. Both players need to accept the rival invitation. This system allows players to keep track of randomly met online opponents without resorting to friend codes. If you want to battle a friend you know, you still need to punch in numbers.


Theoretically, someone in Denmark can fight someone in Osaka since Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars supports worldwide online play. I can’t say how well this works, though. I have my game set to “worldwide”, but since Ultimate All-Stars isn’t readily available I’m not sure if I fought anyone outside of the States. So far, almost all of my fights have been lag free. Only one match out of thirty (ranked + free) felt choppy. That’s a pretty good ratio. If you’re worried about lag from afar you can set Tatsunoko vs. Capcom to only search for nearby opponents.




There are some other neat-o online features Eighting added like the style badge. As you play online, you might earn a fire, ice, or lightning badge. These let random opponents know you like to use hyper combos, turtle in a corner, or are an evasive player, respectively. Players also pick characters blindly, unlike Marvel vs. Capcom 2 where you can wait to see if your opponent picks Cable. While you’re waiting for a match help windows explain the badge system and warns players about disconnects. A pop up window says, “repeated disconnects will prevent you from playing online.” Sounds like Capcom is trying to do something to combat players that disconnect to avoid recording a loss on their record.


This isn’t “analysis”, but in most of my matches players picked teams of two Cacpom characters. I rarely went up against Tatsunoko characters. Perhaps, players aren’t comfortable with them yet? On the other hand, I fought against the shopping cart throwing, zombie calling Frank West with three different players. Zero, Yatterman-2, Joe the Condor, and Tekkaman Blade are the newcomers exclusive to Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars. You have to unlock all of these guys. Locked characters in Cross Generation of Heroes like Viewtiful Joe and Saki are available from the beginning. Players can also collect character profiles, art, and movies by purchasing them at the store with Zenny also earned from arcade mode.




While Capcom added a lot to Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars there are features they took out. Hakushon Daimaou, the chunky genie on the Tatsunoko side, and character specific background music are out due to licensing issues. The original animated endings from Tatsunoko productions are gone too and replaced by brand new endings done by Udon. These are in the spirit of the original with obscure references to Capcom games. Remember Hauzer from Red Earth? The only thing unusual about the endings is seeing the Tatsunoko cast drawn in a different style. Capcom made a ton of mini-games for Cross Generation of Heroes and only one made the cut. Tatsunoko vs. Capcom All Shooters is really an upgraded version of PTX-40A’s game. You really aren’t missing much (although, the fireball throwing game with Ryu was worth a few laughs), but it strange to see these finished items were excluded.


The loss of math mini-games and revised endings don’t detract from what Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars really is, and that’s a fantastic fighting game for the Wii.

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  • Kris

    Well I’m pretty sure this about seals the deal for me, I’ll have to pick this up the moment my wallet allows.

  • Volcynika

    Release Date Delivery from Amazon, so I’ll hopefully be hopping online tomorrow if I’m not at work too long!

  • Jun the Swan/Yatterman-1.

    Bring it.

  • EvilAkito

    I will be picking this up after work tomorrow. Can’t wait!

  • nonoko

    I always used Casshern/Karas in Cross Generation of Heroes. Looking forward to using them again.

    • 540

      +1 for Casshern. I’m not sure I want to pick up the US version though, just for online play and some new characters.

      • well theres that also the entire game has been rebalanced. The speed has been upped plus the music is freakin amazing

  • neo_firenze

    Whoa, I wasn’t aware the character specific BGM was cut. In a way it was annoying, as you’d hear the opening parts of the songs a lot, but they would stop as soon as a new character was tagged in. Also annoying in that you’d hear your own two team members’ BGM a lot during the course of a single player game. But it was kinda distinctive and charming.

    What’s it replaced with? New stage specific BGM? Were just the Tatsunoko songs removed, leaving the Capcom remixes intact and reconfigured to be stage music?

    And the biggest question… who am I gonna main now. I’ve settled into Doronjo as my favorite, and I need a partner for her. I like Tekkaman, Casshern, and Batsu. Interested in the new additions though – especially Joe the Condor, Tekkaman Blade, and Frank West (the sheer ridiculousness of imagining a Doronjo + Frank team is almost too much to bear).

    • The game has stage specific background music now. I don’t have an ear for music so if they are cleverly reworked songs I wouldn’t notice, but I believe most of it original. There aren’t iconic themes from Street Fighter or anything with it.

      Frank is hilarious, I used him a lot just because his bat/golf club have so much wide range. Plus the shopping cart really disorientate people online.

    • daizyujin

      The new BGM is totally original. I will be honest, I am not a fan of most of it. A few of them are pretty good, a few pretty bad, but most are just right in the middle. After having played CGoH it definitely sounds very generic. A lot of the charm is lost with the music.

      On the other hand the online is great and works very well provided somebody isn’t sitting around running bittorrent while playing (seriously one person I played it took 5 minutes to finish a battle, it was like a slide show.)

      • cowcow

        If you watched some of the Tatsunoko shows like I did (Gatchaman as a kid) then yeah some of the charm is lost when they removed those songs

        • daizyujin

          Exactly, and Gatchaman is the one I am also most familiar with. But also some of the Capcom characters had nice remixes as well and those are gone too. I am glad the game came out here, but it is a sad omission. I am just curious if the Japanese version will have the music reinstated. I know they said that Daimon is not coming back.

          • cowcow

            I doubt it because this game’s wifi will be international so they probably want all the games: U.S./EU/JPN to be exactly the same

          • daizyujin

            Not that it is a reason they will use the Japanese music, but I don’t see how audio would be a big issue. People play games on XBL all the time with custom music playing. I really don’t see how that would be an issue.

  • raymk

    I’m picking this up tommorow at the time of opening :)

  • Asura

    Played for 7 hours already.

    This will probably be the only straight-up 2D fighter I will invest a lot of time into. Dunno why, but most don’t appeal to me all that much.

  • daizyujin

    Is it ok for us to trade friend codes here?

    • Sure! And yeah the default AI seemed toned down to me too.

      • daizyujin

        Ok here is mine.

        System: 0944-0570-4495-0902
        TvC: UAS Game: 4898-7325-1116

        If you register me just give me your code and let me know so I can register you.

  • daizyujin

    Also is it just me or has the computers AI been toned down considerably from CGoH?

  • pressstart

    Nice overview of the online components. Were you on wireless or did you have the lan adapter when you played your online games? I’ll try to step it up and use some Tatsunoko characters, since I did play the Japanese version around 20 hours, though I didn’t play with human competition.

    • I was connecting via the Wii’s Wi-Fi adapter.

      • daizyujin

        Yeah my buddy and I were playing. Me on LAN and him on Wi-Fi and I was surprised how well it worked. Most other online games, particularly fighting games, seemed to run like crap on wireless but this works well. Now if they just continue to use this netcode.

  • thebanditking

    I want to get this but all the controllers for Wii are terrible for fighting games. How anyone can use that yucky bean shaped Classic Controller or the tiny Gamecube one is beyond me. I also dont feel like plunking down the serious dough for an arcade stick for one game. I already have one for my PS3, but I justified the purchase due to the number of available fighters. Maybe I will pick this up when the classic controller Pro ships over here.

    • daizyujin

      Actually I am currently playing with a gamecube controller from Hori called “GB Player Digital Controller.” It has an awesome d-pad. If you can find one of those it works pretty well even with the oddly placed face buttons. When I picked it up a few years ago it was a meer $20. You won’t get rumble but so what.

    • Classic Controller is GREAT w/ Nyko grip.http://gear.ign.com/articles/796/796658p1.htmlBought mine new for 3$. Just ditch the wiimote holder thingy.

      • thebanditking

        might look into this, I would like to play this game.

  • dr000d

    Meh…Guess gotta wait for BB:CS

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    Oh man, I really shouldn’t have blown my money on other things now that TvsC finally hits my local Gamestop. Anyway, the Vs. series makes me think of other franchises going versus. I’d really like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Vs. Biker Mice From Mars, two of my childhood favorite series. It could be a anthromorphic Vs. series with other half man- half animal shows, like Bucky O’Hare and uhm… Sam & Max? Perhaps Sly Cooper?

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