These Wii Games Are Eligible For An Everyone’s Recommendation Selection Reprint

By Spencer . January 25, 2010 . 2:03pm

image Last week, Nintendo announced the Everyone’s Recommendation Selection, a budget Wii collection based on Nintendo channel votes. Seven games were selected from the list of bronze, silver, gold, and platinum recommended games.


What other titles could join the lineup? To find out, we translated the entire list of recommended Wii games from Japan’s Nintendo Channel.


Tales of Graces
New Super Mario Bros Wii
Wii Fit Plus
Monster Hunter Tri
Wii Sports Resort
Muramasa: The Demon Blade
One Piece Unlimited Cruise: Episode 2
Super Smash Brothers Brawl


Samurai Warriors 3
Arc Rise Fantasia
Monster Hunter G
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball Next
New Play Control! Pikmin 2
Taiko no Tatsujin
Animal Crossing: City Folk
Family Ski: World Ski & Snowboard
One Piece Unlimited Cruise: Episode 1
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Baseball 15
Mario Super Sluggers
Mario Kart Wii
Winning Eleven Play Maker 2008
Family Ski
Jikkyou Powerful Pro Yakyuu Wii Ketteiban
Wii Fit
Sengoku Basara 2 Heroes
Super Mario Galaxy
Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition
The Legend of Zelda: The Twilight Princess


New Play Control! Mario Power Tennis
New Play Control! Pikmin
Karoke Joysound Wii
Wii Music
Disaster: Day of Crisis
Fatal Frame 4
Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World
Battalion Wars 2
Minna no Joushiki Ryoku TV
Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
No More Heroes
Naruto Shippuden: Gekitou Ninja Taisen EX 2
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games
Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles
Zack & Wiki
Dragon Ball Z Budokai III
Momotaro Densetsu 16
One Piece Unlimited Adventure
Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn
Wii Sports


Some games like Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers and Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles don’t have enough votes to join the main list. Those are on a tentative list where for some reason Kamen Rider: Climax Heroes W is sitting pretty with temporary gold status.


Now for the most interesting news. Only one game out of every retail, Virtual Console, and WiiWare release to date has a platinum ranking. It’s 428: Fuusa Sareta Shibuya De, a visual novel from Chunsoft.

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  • Saturnus

    such ugly boxart o_o

    • ECM

      *ANYTHING* that gets Muramasa some more sales is fine with me.

    • Aoshi00

      Agreed, it is really bad… Even though I know they’re supposed to be budget titles so more people could play them, I’m the kind who would go thru the trouble to dig out the original version, even if it means I need to pay $20-30 more. In my entire game collection, I think I only have one greatest hits for PS2, it was DMC3 w/ the adjusted difficulty setting. Otherwise I would never touch anything w/ greatest hits, best of, or platinum hits written on them. The shrunken cover arts have to be the worst, and this one a game box within a game box about takes the cake. But then again, I wouldn’t call 428’s a good cover to begin w/..

  • What horrible covers… here’s hoping they all have reversible covers. Doubt it.

  • The covers could be worse, trust me. MUCH worse. …Moving on, I’ve wanted to play 428 for a while now. Now that it’s the highest ranked game, maybe it has a chance of being localized? Probably not.

    • superdry

      I too wish 428 was localized. I’m currently playing the PS3 version and it’s quite amazing. Of course, it would be even more amazing if I was able to read the text, but the gameplay is great.

      Maybe someone could release 428 was on the PSN in the future.

      • Kris

        I thought it was a VN, what’s the gameplay like?

        • Aoshi00

          Most likely a choose as you go mystery novel, like certain choices would point you to different paths, some bad ones meaning game over. There are several main chars, and each person’s story would affect the other ones. I’m interested since this game has rec’d so many awards, but I don’t like games using live action scenes in general (I find it cheesy personally)… I want to try the game, but I’m too cheap to spend $70 on it and have been waiting for price drop, on the other hand, I don’t want a budget ver. w/ the ugly cover up there either, lol.. can’t have it both ways huh..

          • superdry

            The “live action” scenes are actually done very well. Some of the scenes in the game I think would like kitschy if done in anime style instead of live action.

            TheCleaningGuy – the gameplay is exactly what Aoshi00 mentioned. Lots of text to wade through before you are given a choice. What’s nice though is that in the middle of reading all the text there are certain points in the scenario where you can actually jump to the viewpoint of another character (sometime you have to do that to advance the storyline) which is cool.

  • StealthKnight

    A lot of titles are getting more recognization then here in America. I do hope that these box arts are tentative and not final in stores.

  • nooking

    You should move Graces down to Silver. The games riddled with bugs and glitches. In some cases, it doesn’t work due to these problems. Oh, it’s also another BETA release.

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