Monster Hunter Frontier Online Fees Include Xbox Live Gold Membership

By Spencer . January 26, 2010 . 12:52am

Monster Hunter Frontier Online, originally made for PCs is coming to the Xbox 360 this summer. If you want to play it you’ll have to pay monthly fees, but Capcom and Microsoft came up with a clever deal.


Famitsu reports from the event, players need to purchase Hunter Life Course Coupons to log online. Each ticket costs 1,400 yen ($15) and is good for 30 days of Monster Hunter Frontier Online plus 30 days of Xbox Live Gold. On PCs, Monster Hunter Frontier Online costs 1,400 yen alone. Basically, Microsoft is giving away free Xbox Live Gold with every Monster Hunter Frontier Online subscription. Expect to see a lot more Japanese Xbox 360 owners logging on to live this summer.


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  • Hraesvelgr

    Eh… pretty good deal, I guess. Guess it’s another attempt by Microsoft to try and make the 360 more popular in Japan.

    • ikiryou

      This game’s been out for several years now in Japan. I doubt droves of Japanese gamers will suddenly run out and buy a 360 just for this, especially considering the systems inherent issues (unresolved by Falcon and Jasper). Anyone who’s wanted to play it likely already owns it on their PC.

      • malek86

        Indeed. It actually makes me wonder if the choice of the 360 was made to specifically try and cater the game to western audience. If so, the game will eventually come.

      • Hraesvelgr

        I don’t think the issues with the console are really a big deal, otherwise the PSX and PS2 wouldn’t have succeeded as they did. Aside from that, I agree. It just seems like an odd thing, for a game that’s sorta old-ish.

  • shion16

    monster hunter frontier for 360
    nice move microsoft
    plz come to america DX!!!

  • thebanditking

    If RPG’s couldnt make 360 more popular in Japan then this wont either. Japan is a different market and one that will not easily support foreign products, 360 does not offer what Japan wants, and MS should just throw in the towel already.

    • Hraesvelgr

      They probably continue with it because it has done a lot better than the original Xbox in Japan. Though… I can’t really think of any other reasons. I guess for those VNs and shmups, but I can’t imagine that’s particularly profitable for them.

  • Soma

    I guess that getting one month XBL Gold with every coupon purchase is a good incentive to players to play other games on Live, but it seems silly to me.
    What if a player already has a subscription to XBL? They’re going to have to pay another $15 every month for a service they’ve technically already paid for?

    I enjoy playing Monster Hunter Freedom Unite a lot, but I don’t think that I would ever pay to play the sort of game.

  • badmoogle

    If Capcom and MS bring this in the west and keep the same deal for monthly fees then it can prove to be a moderate success at least more than it will ever be in Japan.
    Regardless of success i think it will be a healthy addition to MS library and IMO they need more games like MH on their console…

  • nyobzoo

    I don’t really see the point of this. Seeing as how the Wii version is a new game and has no online fees in the US

    • badmoogle

      I think this hasn’t been officially confirmed yet…

    • malek86

      Notice how the Wii version does actually have fees in Japan.

      So, my guess is, if this does came out in the US they’ll probably remove the fees, just like they did with MH3.

  • Would this divide the fan base a bit via the platforms involved? Unless, the PC and xBox could talk/join in the same quest instance.

    • malek86

      I hear they want to achieve cross-platform connectivity, but I can’t say whether they’ll actually do it or not.

  • That stinks. I already have Xbox Live… and have no intention of paying money to play a single game online. Monthly gaming fees are something I will never pay.

  • alkjer


  • crunc

    I’m not entirely sure what this game is, but sure, I’d like them to bring it to the US, sans fees.

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