Media.Vision Making New RPG With Square Enix

By Spencer . January 28, 2010 . 2:20pm


Media.Vision, the developers of Wild ARMs and more recently The Wizard of Oz: Beyond the Yellow Brick Road, are partnering with Square Enix to for a new RPG.


The unnamed game will launch on the iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad store later this year. Details about the project are scarce since the semi-announcement comes from a Media Vision hiring spree. Anyone looking for a mobile phone programming or planner job in Tokyo?


Media.Vision and Square Enix first worked together on Heavy Metal Thunder for the PlayStation 2. Just from the concept art above, I don’t think we’re going to see robot wrestlers in this collaborative effort.

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  • jj984jj

    Didn’t most of the Wild Arms staff leave after Wild Arms XF and Riz-Zoawd to form Witchcraft? Their last game, the Dragon Ball Wii action game, was pretty terrible.

    • ERROR! It was an above average Dragon Ball game.

      • jj984jj

        It definitely wasn’t ABOVE average, the game was shallow and repetitive.

        • Soma

          … and that is different from every other DBZ game how?

  • nyobzoo

    for apple products….

  • i want more wild arms T_T wth iphone

  • Ereek

    Would it be too much to ask for more Wild ARMs? Just, not for the iPhone.

    • Soma

      Mm, I totally agree.
      This will undoubtedly be interesting (for good or for bad), but I’m a bit disappointed that it will ONLY be developed for Apple.

      • Kris

        That’s what’s been annoying me about Squenix lately, they’ve been pushing all this mobile stuff with very little regard for home consoles. It seems like the lack of practice with the home consoles is making their work more shoddy. It’s very frustrating.

        • Tokyo Guy

          Well given how they want to make money, it’s only natural because mobile games take next to no time to develop compared to a modern console product.

  • Tokyo Guy

    Oh it’s for the iPhone? That all but kills it right there for me. I thought it was going to be a formal console game.

    And what the heck happened to Media Vision anyway? How is it that the Wild Arms series which started out so promisingly, basically killed itself with the 4th and 5th installments?

  • 9inchsamurai

    Phone-based RPGs don’t make any sense.

  • My thoughts:
    “Oh? Interesting headline… maybe a Wild ARMs reboot of sorts?”
    “…Oh. iTrap.”
    “I should post a useless comment.”

    • “Oh, cool. Someone who did the same thing.”

  • kupomogli

    Since they’re working with Square-Enix it’s most likely not going to be another Wild ARMs. I do wish we’d get another though. Wild ARMs is one of the only series I like to not have received a bad game. Though it did receive a bad remake of a great game.

  • wharcraff

    A decent dungeon crawler turn based RPG with no random battles and customizable Avatar/Characters?

    Strategy RPG with huge boss battles(growlanser 2)?

    Action RPG along the lines of Seiken Densetsu 3 with Wireless/BlueTooth multiplayer battles?

    let’s see what sticks.

  • I see square-enix have hired the Unlimited SaGa/Front Mission 4&5 artist to do the character designs (I cant remember his name off hand).. It’s a shame this is being released for the iPhone because I really enjoy his style & would love to see his work in another fantasy based adventure on a grander scale.I’m definately keeping my eye out for this one. It could potentialy be the first game I purchase for my iPhone.

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