Would You Pay $15 For Rez HD On PSN?

By Spencer . January 28, 2010 . 5:03pm


This question isn’t from us, it’s from Q Entertainment who are kicking around the idea of a PlayStation Network Rez HD port again.


We’re just relaying their tweet from last night. Before you answer, Rez HD is only $10 on Xbox Live Arcade. Not saying Rez HD isn’t worth $15, but there is a price discrepancy between consoles. Q Entertainment’s lead tweeter says, “if you don’t already have the 360/PS2/DC version, $15 is a small price to pay.”


Why the premium price? These under 140 character statements sort explain Q Entertainment’s position. “After Sega’s cut etc. We’d have to sell a lot of copies to even break even, and we could always drop a price, but never raise it.” “If we did it, it would not be a huge profit most likely and unfortunately we’re not big enough to do things for fun.”


Those are the facts. In or out?

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  • shion16

    mmmmmmmmmmm ok i do

  • nyobzoo

    there has to be a big difference in the PSN version for me to buy the game again at a higher price. if it’s the same then no thanks

  • MisterNiwa

    Well… 10$ sounds better, but heck i loved REZ, 15$ is ok.

  • Never played any of the other version, and I could easily get the DC version if i wanted…but if it was on the PSN I’d be more likely to download the game.

  • daizyujin

    Uhhhh…….no. Seriously, this is pathetic, do you walk into a store and have somebody ask you if you would be willing to pay $1.50 for the same candy bar that you can get down the street for a $1.00 when their rational is “well we need to sell them for that much to make money.”? Uh no, you tell them to kiss your @$$ and go down the street and buy it. Seriously, in no way does this make any logical sense, if the game was $10 on the 360, then why in the hell does it need to cost $15 on PS3?

    • Tokyo Guy

      I agree. It’s an absurd question. Why would anyone say they would rather pay $15 instead of $10?

  • Kris

    Me? Probably not.
    Maybe if the game was a lot prettier than the DC version.

    • malek86

      Trust me. It’s a lot prettier. Though what actually makes a difference is 5.1 sound.As for me, I wouldn’t pay 15$, but only because I already have it on XBLA… but if it were 10$, I might double plunge.

  • Rez is an amazing experience, but release the game after years on xbox and $5 expensive is BS, $10 is more then a fair price. If the game was lunched together with the xbox version then i would not care to pay $15 bucks.
    If the game bring some extras against the xbox version, then i could re-think about it =)

  • No thanks. I already own it on DC, PS2 & Xbox 360.

  • No thanks. I already own it on DC, PS2 & Xbox 360.

  • Soma

    It’s unfortunate that the PSN version would cost $5 more.
    Honestly, I don’t think that there are many people out there who are willing to pay $15 for a PSN game that’s close to a decade old. Even if it’s as great as Rez.
    On the other hand, I’m sure there are suckers paying more for lousy games, so …

  • mikanko

    If I didn’t already have the 360 version, yes.

    PS2 ver.: jaggies and lower sound quality

    DC ver.: only 30 fps

    360 ver. :better than both.

    PS3 ver: as good as the 360 version…. but trance vibrator compatible? ;p

    • daizyujin

      You hit it on the nose, this should just be called “Rez HD: Girlz Edition.”

  • neo_firenze

    2+ years after the XBLA port? For the same thing that’s still readily available to anyone who owns a 360? For 150% the price? Um… no.

    For someone who missed out on the first THREE iterations of Rez, sure I guess it’s a good buy. But most of us in places like this, or who would have any interest in Rez anyway, have had their chance by now.

  • mikhal

    Nope. Especially when you can buy Qubed on 360 new for $5 more.


  • maxchain

    Eh, sure. I’m still kicking myself for not tracking down a copy of the Dreamcast/PS2 game. Paying a few extra bucks beats not getting it at all (THANKS FOR NOTHING, OUTRUN ONLINE), but I get the sneaking suspicion my opinion won’t reflect the vocal, annoying majority.

  • I’d pay $15 (okay, I’d pay $60) for Rez HD 2.0.

    • I remember paying almost that price for the disc only on PS2. To be young again…If I had a PS3, definitely. Sadly, I don’t. It was just one of those games I never got tired of. I couldn’t tell how many times I went though Trancemission, or whatever it was called that you played from Area 1 to finish.

  • JeremyR

    Who knew it was such a heavy financial burden to port a 360 XBLA game to the PS3?

    I mean, my goodness, you’ve got one man companies making 360 games (in the Indie section). They’ve already got the art, assets, etc, all they need to do is port the code, which is work, but not like making a game from scratch…

    • daizyujin

      I agree, while it was annoying when we were asked this question about Bionic Commando Rearmed, this is just down right asinine.

      Seriously though, developers asking questions like this are ridiculous, you don’t ask the consumer are you willing to pay price A or price B.

  • thebanditking

    Im all in. So do they want the 15 now or later? Seriously though I passed on the XBL release because I can’t share content with my brother (who only owns a PS3) and its kind of nice to be able to do that.

  • Yeah, I probably would.

  • Wow, why all the fuss, guys? Keep in mind that licensing agreements and fees are different across every console. Perhaps Sony’s cut is just bigger? Perhaps they still have that ridiculous policy where you pay a server cost?

    It could be anything. It’s no wonder publishers are afraid to interact with their audience if this is the kind of backlash they receive. They asked a question: answer it politely and move on; there’s no reason to throw a fit.

  • kropser

    out … too much

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