Disgaea Infinite Loops Into North America This May

By Spencer . January 29, 2010 . 7:00pm

imageNIS America confirmed they’re localizing Disgaea Infinite, a time looping adventure novel for the PSP.


After nearly being assassinated, Laharl orders a Prinny to do track down the culprit. The Prinny happens to have a special clock that lets him possess other Disgaea characters to read their thoughts. Flonne, Etna, Gordon, and a bunch of characters from Disgaea: Hour of Darkness are in the story. By sneaking into minds and talking with other Disgaea characters Prinny should be able to identify who tried to kill Laharl.


Disgaea Infinite is an interactive story, not a strategy RPG like the other Disgaea games. NIS America is publishing a visual novel, a genre few North American companies dare to try on consoles. Look for Disgaea Infinite in May.


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  • doubleO7

    Awsome! But will it be download-only or will it get a boxed release?

    • BK0000

      I’m pretty sure it’s a DSiWare only title in Japan, so it probably will be here too.

      • Ereek

        It’s actually a PSP game. I’m not sure if it will have a physical release, though.

        • BK0000

          I wonder what game I was thinking of then. :P

        • Er, editing my original comment, it’s probably safer on my part to say “it is planned to have both.” Stuff happens, after all.

          • Wow, you guys are considering a UMD release? That’s a bold move. :)

            I thought this would be a good time to ask (since people are reading this thread): if Disgaea Infinite does reasonably well, would you consider localizing more vnovels? Or is it more of a “try multiple games to see what sticks” approach?

          • Who knows :)

            But doesn’t it make sense if a certain type of game does well, more like it would be considered…? :P

          • Hehe, it’s going to be an interesting year. ;)

  • Pichi

    Happy to see it over. I’ll give it a shot since I love Disgaea and similar games.

  • JeremyR

    If this is $20 or less, I’ll probably buy it.

  • BK0000

    Why can’t they announce real games? Who wants a visual novel? They need to announce La Pucelle PSP and Antiphona.

    • Seconded.

    • ShinNoKami

      …I want a visual novel…

      • BK0000

        Why? Visual novels aren’t games.

        • 311

          i guess anyone can give it a chance, I will now that Ive given one to FF XIII and that is one long movie (I wouldnt call it a game and that is all thanks to the developers, check the recent interview if you wanna know)

    • i want visual novel, specially with the disgaea characters, they just pwn

      • This. I like the series enough to read a visual novel based on it. Cannot wait.

    • LastFootnote

      I definitely want a visual novel. Granted, La Pucelle: Ragnarok is higher on my priority list, but there’s no guarantee that it won’t be released as well.

    • Nekobo

      I’m also for more visual novels coming to the States.

    • Pichi

      Nothing wrong with having variety in gaming genres. I welcome it.

  • keriaku

    YESYESYES! If this does well, then that could lead to some very nice happenings in the future.

    Though I agree with the above poster that Antiphona really needs to be released as well.

  • Wow, May? Well, I’ll be looking for it.
    I’ll also be looking to see if Lara J. Miller makes an appearance in this seeing how she was in the last two Disgaea games and could have sworn she voiced a couple prinnies in Can I Really Be the Hero, too. Terrific actor, on stage and in games/cartoons.

  • This was… Unexpected :o

  • Extra_Life

    I really hope it does get a physical release, I don’t think I’ll be accepting the download only route any time soon!

  • yaaaayyyyyyyy

  • LastFootnote

    Thanks, NISA! This will be a definite buy for me assuming it has the Japanese voice track. I’m only expecting it on PSN, but if there’s a UMD release as well I’ll buy one of each.

    • Ereek

      This is funny, because the Japanses track is actually of lower quality than the North American track for the previous Disgaea titles. Is this one of those things where “If I can’t understand it, it’s better?”

      • bobhoskins

        Yep. Don’t mind him. It’s just weaboo tomfoolery.

      • nyoron

        lol opinions

        • Ereek

          I didn’t say the English track was “better,” I said the Japanese was lower quality. As in, typically the English track is up on a higher standard than the Japanese track in Disgaea. This isn’t really an opinion, but more of a statement.

      • LastFootnote

        Yeah, it is more or less something like that. Even if the Japanese track would be just as annoying if I knew Japanese, I don’t. So where the English voices would grate on my nerves constantly (especially Flonne), the Japanese voices don’t.I still prefer the Japanese track over no track at all, though. I like to hear the vocal inflections, which carry across the language barrier.By the way, Ereek, what do you mean by ‘better’? The only way I would consider this not to be an opinion is if the English track were higher-fidelity sound or some such.

        • The English track is based off the English script; historically, the English script for Disgaea titles is far more humorous than its Japanese source. Not that the whole darn thing has been rewritten, but it’s given a heck of a lot more flavor.

          I’m not patting myself on the back or anything; I said historically…

          • LastFootnote

            Well, I can appreciate that. I definitely have enjoyed the style of humor that has been introduced to the Disgaea series. Disgaea 1 and 3 particularly were well done. With Disgaea 2 it was a bit easier to tell that humor had been inserted at certain points that were meant to be serious, which made it seem a bit off.Overall, I’ve been very happy with NISA’s translation work, just not always as happy with their choice of voice actors. Although, come to think of it, it was Atlus that cast the original Disgaea game and it’s Laharl and Flonne’s voices that get under my skin the most. Other than that, the voice acting in, say, Prinny: CIRBTH was stellar. Hmm… Perhaps I should reevaluate my stance…Regardless, there are a great number of fans that do appreciate the dual voice track and I’m very pleased that NISA has included it in most of their releases. I hope it’s a trend that continues into the future.

          • I hope NISA keeps dual-audio stuff in the future as well. It’s one of the reasons they’ve gained a fanbase at all, in my opinion. Just not a whole lot of places do it. Take FFXIII and Square Enix, for example. Even on a Blu-ray, where there’s AMPLE space to add in the Japanese track, they aren’t for the US release. There’s no reason to omit it. At all. But they are. THAT is the type of stuff that irks me and I have no personal preference on what language is spoken XD

            Thanks for all the support!

          • dv8shun

            @NickyD: Pretty sure they re-synced the lips for the dub, so I guess that’s one reason for SE to eliminate the JP track.

          • LastFootnote

            @NickyD: I have to agree wholeheartedly on the ‘Square-Enix not-including both dubs’ issue. Final Fantasy X and XII could really have benefitted from an alternative language track. This is one of the many reasons that I’m no longer the Square fan that I was back in the SNES, PS, and early PS2 eras. In fact, my Square fandom was more-or-less replaced with NIS fandom during the PS2 era with the releases of Disgaea and Phantom Brave.

          • Ereek

            @Final Fantasy X and XII could really have benefitted from an alternative language track – since I can’t reply.

            You realize that FFX’s Japanese voice acting is actually worse than the English, right? A good deal worse. As in, it’s some of the worst Japanese game voice acting I’ve ever heard for a big-budget title.

            FFXII’s voice acting is some better-some worse, but the reason why it’s better in English is that FFXII is an extremely western game. Speaking Japanese in a western environment is extremely strange. This is much the same argument people use when they say English sounds out of place in Persona.

  • First Sakura Wars, now this? NIS America is really on a roll with these visual novels.

  • trackssnow

    “Disgaea Infinite is an interactive story, not a strategy RPG like the other Disgaea games.” I need to learn more about this before I make the purchase, it sounds good. I have been looking for more strategy RPG’s.

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    I think it is a good thing, this experimenting with VN. Being Disgaea it’s awesome in itself, and the VN part is very intriguing to me.

  • EnkiduGil

    This is such awesome news.

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