Nintendo Chose The Name Xenoblade

By Spencer . January 29, 2010 . 8:11pm

imageMonado: Beginning of the World was just a temporary title for Monolith Soft’s Wii RPG. It’s real name is Xenoblade.


“We decided to call it Xenoblade to honor Mr. Tetsuya Takahashi who poured his soul into making this and who has been working on the Xeno series,” Satoru Iwata said at an investor’s briefing.


That little bit of information also confirms Takahashi, the creator of Xenogears and Xenosaga, is working on Xenoblade. Takahashi’s last game was Soma Bringer, which Soraya Saga wrote the script for. Other Monolith Soft titles include Disaster: Day of Crisis and Super Robot Taisen OG Saga: Endless Frontier Exceed.


Nintendo says Xenoblade is a full scale RPG and will be ready for Japan this spring. It is currently has a flexible 2010 window for North America where it’s still being called Monado: Beginning of the World.

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  • jj984jj

    According to the Japanese version of the report the game has been renamed Xenoblade for NA as well, the name is listed as tentative for NA on both versions of the reports though. So the only definite name we have is Xenoblade for Japan.

  • Eddie

    Its gonna sell from the name alone. As soon as i saw Xeno I was like omg yes!!!! Xenosaga 4. lol But I plan on picking this up to.

  • Vanilla

    I’ll be really disappointed if they keep “Monado: Beginning of the World”. I like the ring of “Xenoblade” and the Xeno-series as a whole really deserves a second shot at being recognized in the states.

    Er, hoping it turns out well, at least.

  • epy

    So… another Xeno reboot? Hope they’re able to finish the story this time around.

    • BK0000

      No. It only has Xeno in the title to get more sales. It looks like it’s a new game from the Soma Bringer team. It has nothing to do with Xenosaga.

      • Yeshua49

        Xenosaga was called Xenosaga because of Xenogears good sale and good reputation^^

        • Not really. The team behind Xenosaga intended to create the rest of the story planned for the Xenogears “universe,” so there is a direct connection. They wanted to call it Xenogears too, but the team had since left Square and Square owned the rights to that name.

          • Yeshua49

            Xenosaga and Xenogears’ story are not linked, it’s has been officialy said and the information we have for Abel in Xenosaga III are incompatible with the Abel in Xenogears so in fact Xenosaga and Xenogears are 2 differents series and Xenoblade might be a third serie.

      • Well what do you know?
        It might have all those tiny little connections scattered everywhere!

  • nyobzoo

    cool news but hey Nintendo, why not bring out Soma Bringer

  • idofgrahf

    wonder if it’ll have anything in common with xenosaga/xenogears series. But seriously, enough with the Xeno’s already, just stick with one thats already been established like calling it Xenosaga IV. Tbh, I’m not sure the name Xeno will sell here in NA, Xenosaga III sold okay but II was craptacuplar and Xenogears was over a decade ago, not sure casual gamer will recognize it.

  • MiJi

    why why wii again?! first monster hunter now xeno all xenosagas and xenogears was on PS! I hope nintendo bankrupts and developers stop making games for it! Bloody idiots!

    • MAYBE because it’s one of the best selling consoles right now.
      MAYBE because Monolith is now a Nintendo first-party developer.
      MAYBE you should go post your crap somewhere else.
      Actually forget about the maybe, make it a YOU MUST.

  • I’m just glad that finally, FINALLY the Wii is getting a good amount of RPGs. Arc Rise Fantasia, Tale of Graces, Last Story and Xenoblade all make me very happy.Now if there were just a Shin Megami Tensei or Persona Wii game, I’d be elated.

    • I’m glad about that two, in fact just before Xenoblade and The Last Story were announced I was about to sell my Wii to get a 360, mainly because I bought my Wii thinking it’d have many great RPGs, but seeing as things weren’t going as I thought… But then ithey were announced, and I didn’t sell it, yay!

      And I’ve always thought a Persona 4 port would really fit the Wii…
      The reasons?
      Because they can just keep the same graphics and include Widescreen.
      Because I sold my PS2 a DAY before P4 was announced.
      Because the Wii’s channel menu system is a PERFECT, PERFECT match for P4’s whole story and presentation, I can just imagine that P4 logo from that retro TV from its opening looping on the Disc Channel.

      • jj984jj

        PSP will get Persona 4 way before Wii ever does.

        • I know. XD

          But I kinda want a P4 port for the same reasons as Cristobal. The channel menu fits perfectly and widescreen’d be nice.

          But for now I can enjoy it on my PS2.

          If a P4 port does show up, I hope they do with it what they did with P3P.

    • StealthKnight

      Don’t forget Shiren: the wanderer that’s coming out, and rpg that have been released; Opoona, Baroque, Tales of symphonia: dawn of the new world, Sectrobes origins, final fantasy fables: chocobo dugeon
      Final fantasy crystal chronicles: the crystal bearers.

  • memoryofwater

    What a weird story. As common as grafting an established brand onto something totally unrelated is in the gaming industry, I surprise even myself with my double… triple… uh… What do you call it when you do about a hundred takes? I’m too busy working on the hundred and first to look this up.

    I just can’t decide if I should smile or cringe at that font. I’ll probably go with a grimace; play it safe.

  • EnkiduGil

    Eh, I’d be more excited for this if Takahasi’s games hadn’t slowly been decreasing in quality since Xenogears.

    • memoryofwater

      This is a sad truth. Still, if anyone deserves indefinite second chances, it’s Monolith. I’m not expecting them to (ever, really) churn out anything on the scale or scope of Xenogearsaga again, but there’s enough talent there for a few quiet classics.

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