The Amazon Curve: White Knight Chronicles

By Spencer . February 2, 2010 . 4:00pm

Famitsu showed little love for White Knight Chronicles by giving it a 29 out of 40, but those are reviewers. What did the average gamer in Japan think of Level 5’s part offline, part online RPG?


Amazon provides more insight in their user reviews section for White Knight Chronicles.




White Knight Chronicles has a mean score of 3.04 stars from 245 user submitted reviews. Users criticized the game’s cumbersome equipment handling and the combat system. One reviewer that gave White Knight Chronicles one star slammed the writing saying elementary school students could write a better story. Harsh!


Another user that awarded the game four stars said the story was straight forward and moves from the middle to the end quickly. The same user was impressed by the avatar customization system and hopes Level 5 will improve the game’s systems for a sequel.


Level 5 tweaked White Knight Chronicles a ton after it was released in Japan. New weapons, quests, and Georama towns were added via online updates. Sony eventually put all of these patches on a Blu-ray disc and created White Knight Chronicles: EX Edition which was sold at a lower price. This version is closer to White Knight Chronicles: International Edition, the version that’s out in North American stores today.




Twenty-one users rated the re-release and gave it an average score of 3.67. The North American release has extra features like voice chat, which should come in handy during the online mode.

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  • badmoogle

    I wouldn’t trust the Japanese amazon reviewers.Some of them could be angry fans who bought the deficient original version and had to pay extra for all the DLC that ultimately was included in the improved re-release.And if their main complain is the story,well i can live with that.All the level 5 games i’ve played (on PS2) had light,”simple” stories that i think suited well their somewhat more open-ended game designs.Anyway we have too many games with supposedly “complex”,overdramatic stories and characters so i think a bit of simplicity wouldn’t hurt.

    • Aoshi00

      Well, personally I would like a good story for an RPG that I’m investing 50 hrs in, otherwise I would lose interest real quick if you care about neither the chars nor the story.

      I actually find reviews from both US and Jpn Amazon extremely helpful. Maybe some of them are haters, but if they make a good case about what they like and don’t like about the game, then an honest review could be good for reference, like they list such and such are good or bad, and you simply ask yourself if you agree w/ them.

      At first I didn’t trust the negative reviews on FFXIII either before I played the game myself, but the worst came to be true :(…

  • polarizing to say the least. probably the worst-reviewed Level 5 title yet?

  • Tokyo Guy

    You know I tried to like White Knight Chronicles. I bought the original version when it released and the re-released EX version, and ended up selling both shortly after I got them. The game was quite poor IMHO; the character design is absolutely horrible, the environments are quite generic, and the story wasn’t the least bit compelling for me.

    It’s really quite sad that English-speaking gamers have had to wait so long for what is really an average game at best.

    • Aoshi00

      Other than the initial trailer w/ the giant rock turtle which got me excited, I’m not liking this game one bit either, first the online aspect, then the char design like you said. You have pretty good taste in gaming my man :) Your input is always helpful and appreciated. Same for End of Eternity (Resonance of Fate), the guns are cool (though jumping and twisting in the air 10 consecutive times look kind of stupid), I would play it, but I’m not expecting much from it, in terms of story and chars, I wish I would be proven wrong.

  • Simon

    anyone can give advice as to whether to get White Knight Chronicles or get Star Ocean 4 International? I havent played both games but from all these bad reviews, seems like the better choice is Star Ocean and wait for White Knight to drop in price quickly after

    • Aoshi00

      I liked SO4, I would say SO4 since International is improved and has dual track. WKC.. I get the feeling you would like it if you like FFXII or MMOs.

    • Games drop in price so fast these days, you could just wait and get both :)

  • The play here is on the voters, game fans more likely to get the ex edition.

  • Jaxx-Leviathan

    Oh wow, all that hype over this game and for nothing? That almost makes me angry, I was somewhat starting to look forward to this game. Oh well, guess that saves me my money for other and better games.

    • Gestahl

      Yeah, some dude wrote that the game sucks, he must be right.

  • thebanditking

    I still want to try this for my self, new english reviews for the title have all given it an 8/10 and even Eurogamer scored it at an 8 last January. The story is said to be light but it picks up after the 10 hr mark, and the combat is described by many to be like FF12 and FF11. This game really can’t be worse then Infinite Undiscovery (worst RPG this gen) or Last Remnant, which I found completely un playable.

    Though I can understand how this game might not live up to Level 5’s name. As my biggest worry concerns come from the design choices. They tried to create a traditional JRPG and a MMO in the same game. Those two just dont mix, and as a result its not hard to imagine the game suffering because the focus was not on creating just one type of RPG. Though I am not going to write the game off just because of Amazon reviews.

    • trackssnow

      You made me cringe a little with the mention of the last remnant.

  • dark cloud 3 pl0x

  • Hraesvelgr

    One reviewer that gave White Knight Chronicles one star slammed the writing saying elementary school students could write a better story.

    Meh, that kind of complaint is kind of fitting for most JRPGs anyway, isn’t it?

  • trackssnow

    Waiting for WKC to fall into the $30 range or maybe I will rent it. From what I have read of WKC online play it’s a lot of grinding for materials to make high end armor/weapons so there should always be someone online to partner with for that kind of activity.

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