No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise Erotica Portraits Partially Revealed

By Spencer . February 5, 2010 . 12:09am

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As a pre-order bonus, Marvelous is packaging art books called “erotica portraits” with No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise.


Pick up the PlayStation 3 version for sexy cherry flavor or the uncensored Xbox 360 version for sweet mango flavor. Both books contain pictures of Sylvia on the cover. Sexy cherry’s cover is on the left and sweet mango’s cover is on the right.


Here’s a peek at the other portraits, which will be released with No More Heroes: Heroes’ Paradise in April.



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  • Which means if you want all the portraits you need to get both versions :p

    Cheap trick but it works.

    And what? Is the game being released to PS3 and Xbox 360? I must have been living under a stone for quite some time to miss that. Wow.

    • malek86

      Classic multiplatform strategy. Can’t say I’m surprised. Though this feels a bit easy to circumvent (just get the other artbook from someone else who’s selling it). If it were some exclusive in-game items, or maybe costumes, it would have worked better. Apparently, japanese gamers are crazy about their costumes.

      • Unless they’re an “absolute collector”!
        Although, yeah, anyone can go on an auction website and find the bonus items. The tricky part is 1). getting it cheap to the point where it doesn’t cost as much as the actual game and 2). aiming at the auction that attracts the least bidders, and the most important 3). willpower. Think of the times when you started thinking “maybe this isn’t worth the price/trade for these Pokemon cards”.

        At least they didn’t pull anything like Namdai did with [email protected] on the PSP (although, Perfect Sun was the way to go, obviously;).

        • malek86

          I never tried any “collectible” game so I don’t really know that feeling. Whenever a price for something gets too high, I just quit. Saves me a lot of headaches, really.

    • Aoshi00

      I hate that too, but shop-specific pre-order bonus is common in Jpn. Well, I’m glad they finally spilled the beans, been wondering what the portraits were about. This kind of seals the deal for getting the 360 version, uncensored and dual track, and this little sweet bonus. Too bad it’s been delayed..

      To get or not to get the Raptrure LP and artbook for the $100 Bioshock 2 SE..

      • Code

        I’m leaning 360 though too. But I know, I KNOW down the road I’m probably going to end up buying the PS3 version too, typically I’ve preferred the PS3 for most of my gaming when it’s multi-platform, other then when something is obviously different/better/worse on one system then it is another. Bayonetta I’m looking at you~ But yeah even being censored the notion of playing NMH on the PS3 is hard to pass up, it was such a good game T_T

        Also hard call on Bioshock 2, but I bet though Vinyl Records coming with the Limited Edition will skyrocket in value after a couple of years.

    • Code

      True, or you could just find the other set online, because it’s not like no one has ever taken the time to scan things like this. Of course it’s tempting if your a collector isn’t it >w<'

      • It is tempting since I am indeed a collector :p

        But without any money. So I have to pass up on all titles that I am not 100% sure that I want to grab. And that I will end up playing them.

  • People should be ashamed of this.

    • DDanny

      As if japanese developers or pretty much anyone using sex to sell was something new.
      I just don’t see a reason not to release this in the West.
      Didn’t the original sell a a LOT more here?

      • malek86

        Yes. It pretty much bombed in Japan, but it sold quite a bit in US/EU. It actually had so much more success in the west, that the sequel was released in the US first.

        It would be very surprising if they didn’t release this one here.

      • This is too much.

    • What the hell is your problem?

      • My problem is the overly sexed up industry.

        • Pichi

          You’ll run into that in alot more industries these days. The usual and tired “sex sells” thing.

        • Code

          T_T rohnoz, since when is sexy bad?

          Seriously though, I think there’s bigger fish to fry if that’s your battle.

  • daizyujin

    I can’t believe I am the first on here to make a comment about the fact she is eating while sitting on a toilet………..

    • Haha! I didn’t even notice. Awkward camwhore-style posing on a toilet…man, that is just so sexy.

      I have no interest in the entire NMH franchise except for Shinobu, so hopefully her pictures are better. (and someone makes them available in high-res~)

    • Code

      I figure you know since bathrooms are save points in NMH’s that it was kind of playing off that, although it still doesn’t make it any less a bathroom I guess, lol. RAR, STOP EATING MANGO OFF THE FLOOR!

      • StealthKnight

        Maybe it’s a serializing bathroom? Ether way, it does not seem all that erotic to me.

    • ryne11

      Hey, you burn valuable calories while on the john.

  • Mmm… everyone loves erotic toilet floor fruit…

  • Not to go off topic, but I really love those toilets and wish they were more common. The flushing those things had was true horsepower! When I settle in I’m gonna see about setting one of these babies up, bring some class back to the sanctuary of the house.

    On topic, Sylvia is really cool, but I really like her as a character because she has character. And it’s not just the cute French accent, either!
    Really wished NMR2 had the same promo deal, like Funky French Vanilla or Sweet & Sour Blueberry.

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