There Are “No Plans” For A Star Ocean: The Last Hope Director’s Cut

By Spencer . February 5, 2010 . 2:12am


Star Ocean 3 got a director’s cut, so will Star Ocean: The Last Hope get one too? A fan brought that question to Yoshinori Yamagishi, the game’s producer.


“There are really no plans for development,” Yamagishi answered in a Dengeki Online fan interview. Makes sense since Star Ocean 3: Director’s Cut came about because the original game was a buggy mess. Star Ocean: Till the End of Time was Enix’s post release remedy with extra content.


Yamagashi also commented on the future of Star Ocean when another fan asked if Star Ocean: The Last Hope International would be the final game in the series. “Honestly, I don’t know whether or not a new game will be made. If Tri-Ace sends a request it may go into production. But, at least, I think I won’t be working on the series.”

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  • Besides isn’t the International one like a “Director’s Cut”?

  • epy

    Yeah, Star Ocean: The Last Hope International Director’s Cut would be a little overkill. And how come they keep asking if this is the final SO or not? Since when does a successful series HAS to end.

    • People probably ask if this is the last Star Ocean since Tri-Ace is now working with Sega, but I think the Star Ocean IP is owned by Square-Enix, so it may not be the last Star Ocean, but it may be the last Tri-Ace developed one.
      And besides Star Ocean isn’t *that* successful.

      • Star Ocean has been bad enough since the merger (although they were somewhat enjoyable), if you take Tri-Ace out I think that would ruin the series…

        • I still think Tri-Ace is synonymous w/ quality. VP2 was a masterpiece in hindsight. IU wasn’t that well-received, but RoF looks like it will put prop them right back up.

          • kupomogli

            Infinite Undiscovery, Star Ocean 3, and Star Ocean 4 weren’t very well liked by most people.

            I haven’t played the first two I listed, but I honestly thought Star Ocean 3 was pretty bad.

      • holyPaladin

        SO titles is successful IMO, 1 million copy sold worldwide (SO2 & SO3).
        Don’t compare it with FF or DQ =x

        And I think tri-Ace will make new SO even after that plot twist =o

  • If the series does continue, I sincerely hope there will be no lolis involved.

    • CdrCypher

      lol that wont be possible cause, if im not wrong, in japan lolis are like “gods” and i think the best case we can use to describe it is Etna from Disgaea, its like a walking fetish for them, so removing lolis from it gonna be hard but meh, doesnt make a difference to me lol.

      back on topic, at least hope didnt die on this project i guess
      read the part “don’t know whether or not a new game will be made. If Tri-Ace sends a request it may go into production” gives me high hoipes for a new SO game but was rather surprised to read what came after, but i kind understand why, just dont want to explain xD

      what i just want is a game thats long enough like SO3/FF12( tbh i find FF12 huge, to bad it didnt had a new game+ option :s ) and have a great gameplay (cant find a good game to make reference lol, maybe…….Valkyrie Chronicles?).
      as long they can make a SO based on those ill be happy xD

    • epy

      No JRPG can have “no loli” nowadays, unfortunately.

  • Hraesvelgr

    Yes, end the series, please. Let it die with what little dignity is has left, at least.

  • akira7x

    Star ocean international is not much of an update to the 360 version… But I really don’t want the series to die!!! I can’t get enough of them!!!

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