Final Fantasy XIII Staff Comments On Final Fantasy HD Remakes

By Spencer . February 8, 2010 . 11:42pm


Sony re-mastered God of War with HD graphics so how about doing the same thing with a Final Fantasy game? Yoshinori Kitase, Producer of Final Fantasy XIII, and director, Motomu Toriyama, Director, shared their thoughts with Europe’s PlayStation Blog.


We don’t know the details about the HD remake of God of War. If it’s just a case of attaining high resolution graphics, only, then that wouldn’t be that difficult, but if we were to achieve the same graphical standard as in XIII with a PS1 title, then that would be a huge, huge task. Almost unrealistic. Even with a PS2 title it would be difficult. In the case of God of War, there weren’t really that many characters in the game — the main character and some monsters, maybe ten people or so. That would not be unachievable.


As with Final Fantasy titles in the past, like on PS1, even just the main characters amount to around 10 people. Then you have all the NPCs, you’re probably looking at about 200 characters total. All with individual textures for the skin, plus costumes, facial features and everything. That would be a really tricky job.


Tricky now, but will it be tricky forever? OK, how about we settle for something less intensive, a Final Fantasy VII, VIII or IX remake with top notch PlayStation 2 quality graphics. Square kicked around the idea back in 2001 and the PlayStation 2 was barely out the door then.

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  • I say they just stick to looking forward right now instead of looking back and wanting to rehash old games with a more glossy look. There are only a handful of games that I liked which were remade (Tales of Destiny, Wild Arms 1, Resident Evil, etc.). Most of them though, I wish they just left alone because the remake left a bad taste in my mouth and ruined the image of a once great title.

    While some of the classics are fantastic (FFIV fan here), they are just that. Classics. Let’s see some new ideas! Don’t just start resorting to remaking old games when you run out of ideas.

  • I still say go with PSP for the FFVII remake. It makes complete business sense in their home market, both in terms of sales and production-costs. Sure, some people will complain about them being portable, but they’ll still buy it. Perhaps PSP2/DS2 for VIII if they must, since they’ll probably be out by then.

    As for the others…why would you want to remake a perfectly good PS2 game? Waste of time.

    • Ereek

      I agree with the PSP remake bit. In fact, they don’t even need to remake it. Clean up the character models by smoothing out the edges and “holes” in the blocky arms and legs. Fix the localization, that alone would be like playing a brand new game. After that, maybe they should add a few scenes here and there to link the bits between FFVII and Crisis Core for those who are experiencing FFVII for the first time.

      On one hand, I completely understand the logic on SE’s decision here. From a business standpoint it makes perfect sense.

      On the other hand, my archaic RPG-loving self loves towns and has a hard time accepting change. But in conflict with this, most NPC dialogue in Final Fantasy is quite dull. It’s not Grandia-interesting Dialogue where you actually look for NPCs to talk to, multiple times I might add, because they have great conversations with each party member. It seems that the whole Town/NPC is something of a comfort food for RPG players and is simply yet another reason to whine about how SE is an evil company that has ruined their lives.

      • Yea, now that you mention it, I’m sure they have higher-res versions of their pre-rendered backgrounds lying around, too. Tweak those a bit, clean up the character models and voila. (Although, something tells me you and I are alone in this…)

        The second point…I’m not going to lie; the fact that there are no towns (or anything, really, aside from the main linear story) in FFXIII makes me feel like it’s not worth its full price. The bad NPC dialogue feels like we’re throwing our arms up in defeat and going, “Okay, Square can’t make interesting NPC dialogue. I guess we’ll have to live with it!” :(

      • cowcow

        Eh….if they remake it for the PSP at the least switch out the blocky lego field characters for the in battle ones or use Dissidia quality models.
        Even the custom PC hacks for FF VII you see on the net use quality character models. Why would the official remake from the source look worse? Especially coming from a company like S-E nowadays.

    • leeorv

      I agree completely, I would really like to see FF7 brought to the visual standards of CC:FF7, it would be awesome

    • PS3 or bust.

  • mooncalf

    It’s talking apples and oranges trying to compare a remake of GoW and a PS1 final fantasy. GoW is 100% 3D, you can bump up the resolution and immediately get a good effect. No doubt they had a pile of original textures originally sampled at a higher resolution that they could plug in too.

    While you can bump up the resolution on the 3d artifacts in FF (which I did with a replay of 7 a couple of years ago, looked great to me), PS1 FFs have tonnes of muddy textures that would really need replacement. FF also has piles of 2D backgrounds which would need to be redrawn to complete the overhaul.

    I think Ishaan is onto something, how about a FFVII PSP remake using the Crisis Core assets? Mmmmmmmmm….

  • i wouldnt mind a remake but still i think is not necessary, better for them (and for me) to make new games, still i wish they could make a remake of ff9 instead :D

    • Aoshi00

      You know it’s actually very easy to remake those games, be it on PS2/3, just tell S-E to look at Lost Odyssey, done and done, then everybody would be happy. No wonder Sakaguchi’s “Last Story” is about human emotions because XIII is kinda devoid of it. “FF” used to be a term synonymous w/ “unforgettable adventure” where player experiences the joy, sadness, and plight of the characters. Thank god Sakaguchi is still making games.

      45 hrs in FFXIII now, and still feeling nothing…

      • This is clearly the law of equivalent exchange at work. At least Last Story is only going to cost you a few thousand yen instead of an arm and leg. ;p

        • Aoshi00

          The sad thing is they would still get more of my money w/ this sad excuse of a “game” when the DLC rolls around (say Team Nora’s base..), those bastards.. Kitase was either asleep on the job, or when he said in the interview audience would be satisfied w/ the game, he must be thinking “suckers would buy anything w/ the word FF slapped on it”. Who am I to say anything though when I’m buying two versions + OST for a game that I don’t even like. I missed the good FFs so much I just ordered the OSTs for FF IX + X from P-A last night, never bought them before. Again, Hamauzu’s musical talent wasted, while his score is amazing, I couldn’t conjure up any memorable scenes when I’m listening to the tracks. Amazing looking graphics is fine, but put some effort in the writing. It’s like James Cameron’s movie Avatar, the story might not be revolutionary, but it’s still good enough for the audience to care at least. By the end of the game, I bet all people would remember is just “fal’cie, l’cie, blah blah blah”, seriously. It’s more interesting to see the seiyuu talk in those promotional videos.

          • Is FFXIII Kitase’s first time acting as producer instead of director? That might be part of the reason, too, although, I don’t want to point any fingers without substantial evidence. Director and producer are completely different roles, and the latter is the one that decides “OK, this is good enough” with regard to the final product. If he made the jump from D to P just as they were transitioning to high-def, I can see why he wouldn’t quite have things in perspective…

          • Aoshi00

            Kitase’s been producer for a while I think, but I thought he would still set a standard and vision for the final product’s quality you know, I bet Sakaguchi would never let this fly (he at least picked an award winning novelist to pen the touching novellas in Lost Odyssey). It’s gotta be someone’s fault, I’ll put it on Toriyama, he should be taken off the FF taeam permanently lol..

          • For us that have played all FF’s(i have 1 to 13 and side ones too) before its kinda disapointing , although i say its still very preety and i kinda like it , but never before have i stopped playing a FF for weeks and with FF13 i have …… thats saying ALOT .
            BUT lets think of the new people who havent played FF yet ( i know some and they ordered FF13 in japanese and are liking it XD and dont understand why i as a fan dont like it so much ! ) also its gona be for 360 too …… i have no doubt that it will sell alot …….

          • Aoshi00

            I remember I used to stay up in the middle of the night to play the previous FFs and couldn’t stop… I was trying to not say too much avoid spoiling others who haven’t played yet, but one review sums it up pretty well, “like a tunnel w/ a pretty wallpaper in the background”, which was how I felt throughout the game, it’s so pretty but yet so boring and doesn’t evoke any feelings of awe other than being technically impressive. It would surely sell just like any other FF because of the brand recognition. It would be good if they could give the same attention to details to the story like they did the graphics. I really tried my hardest to like the characters though, but it’s not easy..Negative talks aside, I played 2 more hours last night, beat the SOB lol, and was rewarded the “fast and dizzying” cutscene you talked about, pretty cool indeed. So we’re on Chapter 12, 2nd to last, let’s “race” to see who gets to finish first, bet we can do it before March 9 :)?

  • Gestahl

    FF12 with high-res textures, 720p resolution and trophies – that’s all I want.

  • cowcow

    Yeah they mighta kicked around the idea in 2001 but that was for PS2 which is a hell of a lot easier to program for than the PS3 and it’s HD capabilities.

    • jarrodand

      PS3’s not the only option for remakes though. Wii and PSP would both make pretty good homes for them. Hell, even DS conversions would work.

      • cowcow

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  • Rufos

    I need FFVII remake. 1080p!

  • ZeroBlitz

    If the characters models are such a big deal then why not do some HD remasters of sprite-based RPGs?

    And wait, where do they get these excuses? Advent Children must have had 50+ characters surely?

    • Advent Children was only a 2+ hour long movie though, whereas FFVII was 50+ hours or even more. It would definitely take a lot more work to make a HD version of an FF game than just a movie. (And even with the Advent Children movie, apparently the reason why Red XIII hardly appeared and Cait Sith’s mog was totally left out was because the animators said the fur was too difficult to animate.

      (Although even with all that said, considering how much of a cash cow FFVII is, I’m surprised they’re still so resistant to the idea of remaking FFVII considering how it’ll definitely sell a ton of copies.)

  • kupomogli

    I don’t think FF7 for the PSP would be difficult. Just use the same graphics engine that Crisis Core had. Use the towns they’ve already created in Crisis Core and then just recreate what they haven’t had in Crisis Core into 3d with the same graphics(which is nearly about everything FF7 has to offer.)

    They obviously need the battle system to play like FF7.

    I don’t think this would be such a difficult task. One thing is that I honestly don’t care if they throw hours and hours of CG and audio in there. If that’s the case, then why not make it a two disc UMD like Falcom did. I wouldn’t mind if they just filled it with a ton of audio and completely left the CG out of it. If you check out Star Ocean 1 and 2, pretty much every story sequence has full audio and they still have their CG sequences as well. Not as lengthy as the CG sequences that Crisis Core had, but they don’t have to be.

  • Jirin

    How about this: FF7, remade with 16 bit sprite graphics, in HD? It’d have geek retro value, and best of all, you wouldn’t have to wait two minutes for the summon animations!

    And ‘Supernova’ should be renamed ‘Destroy Universe’. It would be the only thing in the game that’s 3d, it’d be half an hour long, and just like the original, impossible to skip. After slowly watching huge beams destroy the entire universe, you would see ‘3546 damage’, and be confused.

    On second thought, no. Screw remakes. Let’s see some new ideas, and if they don’t want to spend the time to make things properly HD without cutting corners, they can make more complete games in standard HD, and we could actually enjoy playing them.

  • shinyjam

    Remake FF7 for PSP with the same old graphic and music, but just put in the possibility to save Ariel = Millions of copies sold.

    • LOL Ariel XD i did name Aeris/Aerith Ariel once cause my fav disney movie is The L Mermaid XD rofl …….. but if we save her it wont be so dramatic XD , although she’s awsome in pty T__T !

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