Less Zest For The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks In Japan

By Matthew . February 8, 2010 . 4:50pm

image It’s no secret The Legend of Zelda: The Spirit Tracks, Nintendo’s latest entry in the Zelda series, had little fanfare surrounding its release. The press was far more interested in the idea of a new Wii installment. Still, the game was quite enjoyable and managed to improve upon many of the criticisms lodged against its predecessor, The Phantom Hourglass. While gross sales numbers are nothing to scoff at (2.45 million copies worldwide), it might come as a surprise to many to know that stores have already put the game in the bargain bin.


Spirit Tracks’ original retail price was around 4900 yen ($55), but it can now be had for under 2000 yen ($22) – roughly $33 off. Mid-January the game was slashed to about 3000 yen, but clearly that was to no avail as stores are still overstocked with the “Triforce Terror”.


While this might take some by surprise, it’s actually becoming more and more common with game stores in Japan, especially for Wii and DS software. And yes, those in-the-know will quickly notice Toshinden next to Zelda in the picture; another game that has been slashed to pocket change.

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  • MisterNiwa

    I somehow want that Magic Game for DS now.

  • Who be this mbenson?

    • Matt’s helping out with some on site Tokyo coverage.

  • ECM

    …especially for Wii and DS software.

    Except when they’re selling millions of copies…

  • Aoshi00

    Heard Toshiden is pretty bad since it’s a fake Toshiden anyway… Other than reading user reviews from Amazon Jpn, I find it useful to check what has a huge discount (some follow soon after release), mostly indicating the game ain’t all that great or average at best, and warrant reading further reviews to decide, case in point Blood of Bahamut for 1000 yen on Amazon Jpn now, that’s even worse than Sigma Harmonics. Sometimes it could mean PlayAsia or Yesasia would slash their price too to match market value. I find it a pretty good indication of game quality, but not always the case because I loved ASH (paid $42 before it went to bargain)

    Spirit Track has been $25 on Amazon (compared to regular MSRP $35) for a long time, so maybe the copies aren’t moving despite the Zelda brand. I bought it for $25 but haven’t touched the game yet lol.. yea, everyone just wants a new Wii Zelda..

  • lets us gamers give a good example to society! we are peacefull negotiators, even if we sell used stuff, they are mostly in nice condition, AND we recycle.

  • Vino (Tim N)

    I liked it. But didn’t love it like I do for most Zelda games. I want the handheld Zelda games to go back to they way they used to be. Minish Cap and Link’s Awakening were my faves.

    • I keep hearing Link’s Awakening was badass, but it’s one of the few I haven’t played. Still worth checking out? (My favourite portable Zelda is Oracle of Ages)

      • Yes, worth checking it, really

      • Link’s Awakening will always be worth checking out! It’s one of the most detailed “small” games I have ever played. It had quite a few cameos in it as well as small nuances that will never be forgotten (stealing, anyone?). My favorite aspect though would be the design… it’s cohesive, compact, and pure. Link’s Awakening was also one of the first games to really use a motif and symbolism to great effect.

      • Vino (Tim N)

        Yes, still worth checking out. I still remember everything about the game. And the tune the instruments make near the end, awesome.
        And like kryptonics said, the cameos are a lot of fun.

        • All right, thanks a lot guys. :)

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