Microsoft Bundles Xbox 360 With Final Fantasy XIII

By Spencer . February 10, 2010 . 1:01am

imageA Microsoft retail training site may have leaked a Final Fantasy XIII hardware bundle for North America.


The Final Fantasy XIII special edition comes with an Xbox 360, 250 GB hard drive, headset, Final Fantasy XIII, and two wireless controllers for $399. While the picture shows a white console, the description claims the console and the controllers are black. Sounds similar to the Modern Warfare 2 bundle sans a fancy console.


This package has not been formally announced by Square Enix or Microsoft so the contents are subject to change. Actually, we hope this isn’t final and something special is in the package, even if it’s as small item such as the Final Fantasy XIII faceplate Major Nelson had on his desk. Otherwise, the first Final Fantasy hardware bundle for North America will also be the dullest Final Fantasy hardware bundle in the history of the series.

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  • kashiwaba

    Good job Microsoft its the perfect game for 2 controllers :P.

    • Aoshi00

      So you would rather them give you one and you need to go buy a 2nd one?

      But man, this is a good bundle, the only problem I had w/ MW2’s was I didn’t like the paintjob. I so want the 250Gb HDD, and most of all the Lightning faceplate, looks a heck of a lot better than the pink Lightning PS3 if you ask me, that would look so good on a white 360… The only thing I need to know is if the bigger hard drive would let us transfer from the 120Gb, anyone try it?

      I hope the faceplate is not only reserved for Major Nelson.. this “might” just make me change the Magna Carta 2 one, that’s still the best FP so far.

  • thebanditking

    So much for both releases having to be equal. I don’t know if it will help, especially in this case (game has no guns, nor burly male lead, and is not in the First Person). Not that I fall into that narrow category as a 360 owner but most do (a quick check of Gamestop and Amazons top sellers for each platfrom will tell you that).

  • midgard229

    lmao cuz people wanna buy the blurry, compressed 3 disc version with possibilty of laser burns to one of the disc. haha….no wtf kinda dumb bundle is that, if ur getting ff13 on 360 its cuz u have a 360 already, otherwise u will prbly get it on ps3 since its uncompressed and single disc.

    only way is if ur a fanboy and had a rrod and decide to foolishly buy another high risk console for the game

    • Dark_Sage

      … What?

    • Pesmerga00


    • Nendoroid

      Not sure if that was English.

    • SinisterJoint

      lol — Really?? Blurry — Proof? Didnt think so. The audio is the only thing thats compressed and even then you cant tell the difference. All i hear is a bunch of lazy bums trying to say 3 discs is bad. Didnt you even play ps1? Were you lazy then?

    • midgard229

      lmao, i was just bein stupid, honestly the european box art for the bundle is sexy. i have a halo 360 already i just dont play it ;/ and about the switching disc thing, no im not lazy i used to luv that actually, unless it was like legened of dragoon where certain parts were on diff disc if u went to another area u had to switch disc, lol that was lame. awesome game tho.

      my prob with the multi disc is that its still lower quality and its on multiple discs, ontop of that 360 lazy burns disc if an accident happens and burning one disc means ur screwed.

      and its a long rpg, i normally play rpgs for HOURS and hours, and knowin that playin it on my 360 wud have me un easy because of the rrod, well that wud just be annoying :/.

      but tis fine guys, i will admit my 1st comment was pretty dumb haha

  • BlackFreefall

    Where’s the PS3 bundle. Most of us already have a 360. There are better 360 bundles than this.

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