• Code

    Badass, man this is shaping up to be my most wanted game of the year >ww<'' Asagi's story looks great!

    • LastFootnote

      Same here. I think Prinny 2 just bypassed Zettai Hero as my most-wanted game of the year. I loved the first game, and it looks like they’ve added a ton to this one.

  • Guest

    I have the first one……….. its ok i guess

  • http://ofurotaimu.dreamwidth.org shirokiryuu

    Wow! It’s looking so much better than the first one! I think the baby mode will help me a lot, because I’m really sucking at the first one -__- (maybe I’m just paranoid I’ll run out of lives…)

  • shion16

    baby mode??? never!
    if prinny 1 were easy i wouldnt play it
    it have to be hard
    howerer…..i cant wait for this game
    Nippon ichi is the king of the psp

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