Survey Says Men Like Final Fantasy V, Women Favor Original Final Fantasy

By Spencer . February 16, 2010 . 4:12pm


We’ve seen polls about favorite Final Fantasy games before, but Cobs Online did something a little different. They separated the results by gender.


906 people answered Cobs’ survey. 276 were men and the other 630 were women.


Here’s how men ranked the Final Fantasy series.

1.) Final Fantasy V (11.6%)
2.) Final Fantasy VII (11.2%)
3.) Final Fantasy VI (8.3%)
4.) Final Fantasy III (8.0%)
5.) Final Fantasy (7.6%)


A 24 year old in the advertising industry picked Final Fantasy V as his favorite because of the job ability system. Respondents said they picked Final Fantasy VII because the characters were interesting and it was the first Final Fantasy game for the PlayStation platform.


Speaking generally about what they liked about the series, a 26 year old working in IT appreciates the pretty graphics. Another responder said he enjoys the battle system and never gets tired of hearing the background music. And there’s a 29 year old loves the cute chocobos.


Here’s how women ranked the Final Fantasy series.

1.) Final Fantasy (11.1%)
2.) Final Fantasy VII (6.8%)
3.) Final Fantasy IX (3.5%)
4.) Final Fantasy X (3.5%)
5.) Final Fantasy XIII (3.0%)


A woman than picked Final Fantasy as her favorite said it was the first game she played. Final Fantasy VII took the number two spot because the was good and made a 27 year old assistant working in a school cry. One woman chose Final Fantasy XIII, the newest entry in the series, because the graphics are like a movie.


A 25 year old IT programmer likes the Final Fantasy series because it’s similar to watching a drama. Two other women praised the characters, one of them said the male characters are cool. Finally, a 25 year old who works in the travel industry thinks the chocobos and moogles are cute.

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  • Which reminds me I have to beat Final Fantasy V & VI sometime, since they’re the only Final Fantasies I haven’t finished yet from the numbered ones except for Final Fantasy II which is an abomination and Final Fantasy XIII, but I don’t own an Xbox 360 or a PlayStation 3…
    I wonder if that rumor “Game company [S] has begun a port of popular RPG [F][…]” is true?
    If it is I hope its Final Fantasy V for DS!

    • Soma

      You really do need to finish VI. It’s the best in the series. =3

  • mFrog

    Is it coincidence that FF5 ends up with the male hero being surrounded by all females in his party?

  • Code

    rar, that’s kind of unexpected, all the girls I know strongly favor Final Fantasy VI, I’m surprised it wasn’t even in the female top 5 >o>” In fact just showed some of my friends this, and even they seemed a little baffled, although most agreed on Final Fantasy VII, IX, and X, most ranked FFVI high or top. Personally even FFV as top pick on male list surprises me, and FFIII and FFI being in the top 5.

    • Yeah, I’m not a dedicated fan, but I always figured VI was THE title in the series by just about everyone in the know. It came up as #3 on the men list here, as well as VII being the most recent title on the top 5.
      It’s not a too in-depth analysis, but I’m imagine there would still be quite a difference if you stack it against a survey conducted the same way in the West.
      I know my reasons for liking a few of the games would be quite different.

      • Aoshi00

        I don’t think any games would ever top FFVI and Chrono Trigger for me, those were the pinnacle of 16bit epicness. I think if one hasn’t played VI, one hasn’t played FF. And IX’s not on Men’s list? Come on.. that was such a throw back and is the Gooch’s favorite. I finally succumbed to the PSN d/l and bought VII and VIII, figure it’s just $10 each wth, now give me IX :)

        • Code

          maann I know exactly how you feel, Chrono Trigger for me was so fundamentally perfect in all aspects, and there’s just so very few games imo that can ever compare to it >w<'' rar, the absolute pinnacle of must play classics.

          Final Fantasy IX for me was kind of bizarre, practically the entire time I played through it, I hated it, I felt it was slow and tedious and uninteresting — but it gradually grew on me slowly, and by the end of the game I kind of broke even x_x'' but then oddly enough looking back on it, I can only remember good things, lol. Love FFVII, FFVIII though wasn't my thing, too angsty and clunky feeling to me, constantly fumbling with GF, although I liked triple triad +o+!

          • Aoshi00

            I wouldn’t say IX was perfect, but thought the whole cast was pretty lovable (Steiner, Dagger, Vivi, Quina, Eiko, etc) and it had a certain innocent charm, like the old FFs, I also like Kuja as the villain. I actually hated the GF summons and magic drawing in VIII, almost game breaking for me, not to mention the story w/ the witch is kind of out there (and Faye Wong saying “Eyes on Me”..), but looking back now I don’t dislike it either, I’ll play it again after the d/l is done to see how I feel about it now, graphics probably really outdated now.. The card game in IX was pretty cool too right, forgot what it’s called. Angst? I love it back then, I was young myself :)

          • Code

            Yeah, true honestly I still think FFIX was one of the sharper looking FF’s for it’s city designs they always felt so large and expansive, even if they weren’t really that big to walk around in. Characters I generally liked, I definitely really enjoyed the art style and direction even the NPC’s oozed character. Also treasure hunting on a chocobo, badasss +o+!

            FFVIII yeahhh this would be one of my bottom FF — GF system I put up with for the play through but I don’t think I could do it again T_T constantly re-equipping and setting them upppp….

            Honestly I kind of miss the card games in FF series, Triple Triad was great, and Tetra Master was the name your looking for >w<'' Tetra Master I felt was a little more confusing, but still fun. My only problem with both was the "rules" how they could vary and sometimes, some of those rules were pretty awful x_x; Still I'd love to see another FF have a card game again, they were fun T_T''

          • It was Called Tetra master ^__^ , i still play it online with FF11 , got all IX cards and some of FFX , I as a girl Like them all (FFs) …. Even 13 XD .
            Im still on chapter 12 i think «« just beated silver Guy XD second time XD !
            And i dont really get why no one likes the draw system on FF8 XD it was sooo easy XD , i beated the game in record time , fun days of missing school to stay home and play FF awww T__T cant skip work though XD !

          • Aoshi00

            Trying to get a 5-star? I think I had a very long tug o war w/ him and got no stars.. I’m on Ch 13, I think I’m near the final boss, but I’m afraid I’m not leveled up enough to tackle him, since I haven’t played w/ modifying my weapons at all. I want to see the ending though, and see if it would make me like the story more. Lightning is my desktop wallpaper now, beautiful thigh.. lol

            BTW, I did go back to Gran Pulse to do some missions, a lot easier now than earlier when I was underpowered. I don’t think I am able to get those job trophies until I beat the game and continue playing (right now the class lvls are maxed out). There was this cutscene btwn Hope and Vanille that’s very cute too, not sure if I missed it the first time. I didn’t take days off work to play XIII, but there was a snowstorm last week and I played a lot when I was snowed in :)

          • Dark_Sage

            Chrono Trigger sucked though.

          • Code

            *picks ear* sorry, this is me not caring about what you have to say on the subject.

          • Have you played Ultima IV? It’s not perfect, but growing up that game defined RPGs for me that generation (even though I couldn’t read all that well at the time).

          • Guest

            Admittedly never played any of the Ultima series, I really only know it by name, and the fact that there’s a lot of Ultima games on a lot of systems.

        • kupomogli

          FF9 was great. I liked how they brought character diversity back to the system and added the skill system into the game with the items you equipped to gain different skills and equip them how you liked on each character while progressing through the game. Storyline was kind of eh. Wasn’t really bad, but the pacing was extremely slow.

          I thought Tetra Master sucked in comparison to Triple Triad. Where as TT had a truly set way of playing, TM had points to where even if your attack power was more than the enemy attack, it’s still possible your card would lose. I mean why add a value of luck whether your higher number will beat a number even if it’s one number lower. Higher should always win, period.

          But if you ask me about the mini game Chocobo Hot and Cold, even though really simple, it’s one of my favorite mini games in an FF game. I loved it.

          FF9 takes a back seat to FF6, 5, and 1in my opinion.

    • Soma

      Well, keep in mind that only 906 people responded to the survey. 276 being men, 630 being women.
      This can’t really be considered an entirely accurate picture of which FF games male and female gamers prefer. I would say it’s more of a rough idea.

      • Joanna

        words of wisdom. Listen to this person right here. No generalities can be taken from a survey which such a small fraction of the entire population participated in. Plus one must wonder about bias (ie, the types of men and women who go to this site and thus the answers they give).

    • Joanna

      I most certainly do not agree with those either. FFVI is THE best. FFI is nice, but it cannot hold a candle to VI. Although I do admit that I have a soft spot for VII since it was my first FF. x3

  • Soma

    These poll results certainly are interesting.
    Even though men and women differ on which Final Fantasy games they prefer, we all seem to agree that the Chocobos and Moogles are cute.

  • Jirin

    I’m glad Final Fantasy V won because it’s my favorite in the series (Because it has the quickest and most strategic combat, as well as probably the most challenge), but this sort of poll doesn’t say much.

    I mean, if you put Final Fantasy 1 head to head against other Final Fantasy games 4 and on maybe excluding 11, it’d probably lose every one. It just so happens the SNES ones divide each others’ votes, so do the job system ones, and so do the PSX Kitase/Nomura ones. Nothing divides FF1’s votes.

  • Aoshi00

    Doh, didn’t mean to hit “like”… Hm.. I kind of agree w/ the other choices on the women’s list, but not w/ 1 being on top.. and certainly not w/ XIII being in top 5. Still, did these gals play FF1 back on the NES, or just now on PSP w/ the revamped graphics? I have a feeling it’s the latter since handheld is all the rage now.

  • Ereek

    I find myself agreeing more with the male list than the female, all the way down to my favorite FF being V. I have absolutely nothing against the first Final Fantasy though, it is probably in my top 5, but my top 5 list wouldn’t have many of the other female titles.

  • Final Fantasy V is my favorite one. But that’s probably because it’s the only one in which I actively participated.

  • I guess liking both equally makes me an hermaphrodite.

    • Actually, liking any more than two would make you pansexual…

  • JeremyR

    Personally, I would go with IV (or 2 in NA on the SNES) because it’s the one I got the furthest into before getting bored and quitting.

    (Well, I did actually finish FFT, but that probably doesn’t count)

  • topdog2007

    come on there no final fantasy VIII and IX and X are not on the mens list come on! but hey i half to agree final fantasy VII was my first rpg game and loved it and then i got the other and got hooked on them now waiting on XIII can’t wait to beat that to

  • thaKingRocka

    i’ve played 1, 4, 7, 9, and 10. i tried and abandoned 3, 8, and X-2. i only really liked 9 and 1 (in that order). during the next vacation, i plan on playing through 6. 13 looks pretty much like the embodiment of everything i hated about 7, 8, 10, 11 and 12. basically, i want nomura off the design team; i want a “fantasy” setting, and i want the level of self-seriousness to drop by at least 65%.

    • Dark_Sage

      9 and 1 were terrible. If you like shit, go ahead and try 2.

  • joesz


    I manged to finish all of the FF series, and I don’t understand why they like 5 then the rest of the series.

    I mean 5 was ok,nothing to the story that makes you favor it or so.

  • Does this mean I’m a transvestite if I like IV the most?


  • 3 Best: VI -> VIII -> IV

    That’s right, 8 is one of the best! Could never understand the hate (and no, Squall is not ’emo’).

    • Right, he’s just annoying! But I agree, VIII is by far the best. :P

      Didn’t know you liked IV…too bad you’ll never play the DS remake. It’s really nice. :)

      • You’re right, I’ll never play any DS remake :)

        I’ll stick to my PS1 version! If I still had my SNES I’d prefer that, but Playstation beats DS anyday!! :p

        • Moriken

          The FFIV DS remake actually could be better than the original, in my opinion. The battles are overall a bit harder, which is a good thing in my book.
          But the additional story (the flashback) they inserted is pretty much worthless garbage…>.>

  • dgmfan

    BS. The original FF kicked ass for it’s time and is still a great introductory RPG game for beginners.

    • Dark_Sage

      Calling the original Final Fantasy a great introductory RPG simply shows that you haven’t played any RPGs since FF1.

      • dgmfan


        I’ve played a lot of RPGs of all types and genres throughout the years… Big name ones, lesser known ones as well. Regardless, I still think FF1 is a great introductory RPG.

      • kupomogli

        The original Final Fantasy is a great game. To this day it’s still one of my favorite RPG titles. Final Fantasy is my third favorite numbered Final Fantasy, right behind FF6 and FF5.

        An example of how much I like the original FF. Super Castlevania 4 and Castlevania are my two favorite platformers which I play through a few times a year, finished easily over 100 times. I can guarantee Final Fantasy is my third most completed game.

      • Kunio_kun

        Calling his comment into question simply shows that you haven’t been playing RPGs since FF1 originally came out…

  • It’s Tactics or nothing, baby!

  • asgeras


    Final Fantasy VI
    Final Fantasy IV
    Final Fantasy VII
    Final Fantasy IX
    Final Fantasy X

    Now, guess which gender I am :P

    • regreto

      a Girl?

      • asgeras

        Well, I’ll be. Pretty good guess, regreto.

  • kupomogli


  • yven

    I have played the series since the release of the first game on the NES. I rate the games on a slightly different criteria than most. When I play a FF game, I tend to prioritize Story, Exploration factor, Characters, Graphics, Music, and finally Game-play.

    Top 5 Favorites:

    1) FFVI – The crown of the series, This game – more than any others – deserves a remake.
    2) FFXI – This game has everything I love about FF in it. The world is vast and non-linear. The story and characters are memorable (Shantotto anyone?). I would love to see this game get an offline sequel so that more people could enjoy it’s immense world and epic storyline(s).
    3) FFXII – A mature and serious addition to the series with fantastic art style and incredible attention to detail. A true masterpiece.
    4) FFIX – A great throwback to the old games with lots of fanfare and a charming world.
    5) FFIV – Epic story, great characters. Worth playing through several times.

    Top 5 Least Favorite:

    1) FFII – Dull story, no leveling system, forgettable characters, meh art design etc..
    2) FFX – Nomura’s cliche’d fingerprints are all over this extremely linear game.
    3) FFV – Could never seem to get into this one.. story is a bit wonky
    4) FFVII – I’m just tired of the world and characters at this point. It has been explored to death.
    5) FFIII – Not a bad game, but the story seemed too generic for me. I prefer FFI to this one.

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