Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep May Be Fine Tuned For The West

By Spencer . February 17, 2010 . 5:11pm


Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep is done in Japan, but Square Enix may polish the game before it comes out in the West.


In a Famitsu interview transcript, Tetsuya Nomura discussed possible changes for the Western version of Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. Some bosses Nomura felt were weak could be stronger in the English release. Megaflare is too powerful and he plans to adjust the spell. Nomura also mentioned putting a “critical mode” in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep.


Square Enix USA has not announced Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep for North America. We haven’t seen anything official from Square Enix Europe either. However, if Nomura is talking about an international version, it’s safe to say it’s coming over eventually.

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  • Eddie

    Hopefully the game comes out good! Like Kingdom Hearts 1 good.

  • Critical Mode?

    You mean that one mode in KH2FM+ that never came over to the states, heck the whole game didn’t, but we got KH RE:CoM instead and only that?

    Yea I could dig that.

  • abasm

    Oh, so by “polish the game” you mean, “add a few minor tweaks and a couple extra bosses to the NA release, then re-release in Japan with several hours of new content and cutscenes on top of the NA changes. Also, throw in a portable remake of the original Kingdom Hearts that NA may or may not see until a year and a half later.”

    I understand.

    • Choppasmith

      You beat me to saying the same thing :)

    • Devonian

      Beat me to it.

  • This is the only good thing of us getting localized games, though its not good enough for all the games we’ve lost -.-

  • xavier axol

    Oh some many games coming for the psp like mgs peacewalker, p3p, ff agito 13, and god eater just announced for us. Now if we could make sega understand that localized phantasy star portable 2 along with valkyria chronicles 2 would have been a better idea stead of those others crappy games.

    • lcgreen

      phantasy star portable 2 is a ‘crappy game’.

      tho I haven’t tried Valkyrie Chronicle 2.

      • xavier axol

        Well, I know the story suck for the first one, but the gameplay was one of the best that I have seen on the psp to date.

        • lcgreen

          I’ve played the second for a bit.., I actually found the gameplay to be bad because there wasn’t enough variety in your attacks/movement. There was also absolutely no strategy, thinking….because all you do is walk up to a monster and use 1 button for attacking, switching between your 2 weapons make close to no difference on the way you play.. but this isn’t a game review lol.

          ff agito is good to localise due to its already huge fanbase that will give Enix lots of MONEY. The built up hype of Monster Hu- I mean God Eater also equates to money; but relatively obscure games like Valkyrie Chronicle 2 and PSP2 probably won’t get as much.

          Its the better idea for the companies.

          But you know what you haven’t thought about? Why can’t they choose to localise all the games you mentioned? Why is localising A a better idea than B? They could do Valkyrie and Phantasy 2 later lol. Its not like Agito is coming anytime soon XD

          oh noes I typed a speech -_-

  • thebanditking

    Im sure this game is great, much like Crisis Core before it.

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