Microsoft Celebrates Xbox 360 Shooters With Shooting Festa 2010

By Spencer . February 17, 2010 . 9:20am


The Xbox 360 has a torrent of shooters and if you’re close to Akihabara you can preview the latest lineup on February 27. Shooting Festa 2010 is just two Saturdays away.


These are the games Microsoft will lug to Bellesalle.


EspGaluda II Black Label
Ketsui: Kizuna Jigoku Tachi Extra
Senko no Ronde Duo


Games on Demand
Shooting Love 200X
Senko no Ronde Rev. X
Raiden IV


Xbox Live Arcade
Triggerheart Excelica
R-Type Dimensions
0 Day Attack on Earth
Raystorm HD
KOF Sky Stage
After Burner Climax


No major reveals unless the “other” is a placeholder for an unannounced Xbox Live Arcade game.

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  • malek86

    GOD are region locked, right?

    Oh, maybe that “other” is the announcement of Guwange for XBLA. Either that or ESPrade. I really want ESPrade.

    And again, I’m saddened at the lack of Under Defeat.

    • Worse, GOD’s tend to be IP blocked. From personal experience, Shooting Love 200X is a no go for America.

      • malek86

        Maybe one could use a proxy for that? But I’m afraid that I’ll download it and then it won’t start because of region locking.

        • I was actually trying to do that last weekend. I tried a Korean proxy, with no luck. Going to need a Japanese based proxy. In the end, though, I’m afraid you’re right, and the download won’t start because the console IP address won’t match. Digital distribution sucks sometimes.

          • malek86

            I read a story of someone who used a USA proxy to download something from the american service. It actually worked, but for some reason, it couldn’t finish the download (apparently, the console will do a check at the end, but he was downloading through the internet marketplace on his PC).

            It might be possible to do a VPN bridge so that it will be the console that is directly connected with a japanese IP… but I haven’t heard of anyone doing that yet. Who wants to be the sacrificial lamb? After all, chances are that the service will also check your console’s region coding… or worse, even if you managed to download it, maybe the game won’t start…

            Anyway, if you’re going to try with the japanese prxy, please do tell me if it works. I hate that RFA and R4 were region locked even in their US release…

          • I was using the webstore interface as well. I don’t think tricking the Xbox is possible since it has very basic networking settings (no proxy server config). It may be possible to do it, but at the end of the day, Shooting Love is really not good enough to go to all this trouble for. It’s also easier to just pay the $70 and be done with it. I decided to do neither.

  • Code

    rarr, shmups T_T” Ever since I got my 360 I’ve been picking up shmups left and right, but I’ve only recently kind of clued into this whole pain in the side of most of them being regional locked for Japan only. Seriously I’ve absolutely loved Senko no Ronde, and I really, REALLY, wanna play DUO.

    • Aoshi00

      Me too, been grabbing all the 360 shmups, really burned a hole in my wallet. I got DDP DOJ, Mushi2, Shikigami 3, Deathsmiles, but I sold Otomedius. I’m getting Ketsui LE too. It’s ironic once they announce the LE for Espgaluda 2 is region locked nobody wants it anymore..

      I liked Senko no Ronde, but I think I’d wait a bit for Duo to see if it’d be picked up w/ dual track (hopefully w/ a better cover). I think I’m spoiled by region free now by Mushi and Espgaluda.

      • Code

        rar, unfortunately got a NA 360 T_T” so a lot of the japan only/regional locked shmups, I had been hoping to nab are just out of my reach, it’s a little disappointing, although I have been collecting what shmups have been released here, and looking into non-region locked shmups.

        As far as I know so far DUO’s likely regional locked T_T’ and given how successful it was over here I can’t imagine it getting localized here. Such a bummer too, it’s one of my favorite 360 games, and watching the arcade footage online just makes me want it moreee.

  • wharcraff

    Raystorm HD. Oh My.

  • malek86

    This might be a bit late… anyway I heard some people say that they were able to download and play Dead Rising from another region’s GOD, without getting the wrong IP message. Can anybody try with the japanese store?

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